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    This is 3 things that I think desperately need to be added to the guild system to avoid scams and make the overall experience better, more enjoyable, and less crazy.

    1: Firstly there NEEDS to be guild logs, I can’t express how much I hate as a guild leader when a elder goes crazy and starts kicking everyone or they do the opposite and just strait up fill up the guild with random people from START. Then the worst part is you don’t know who did it because theres no way to check and you don't want to falsely accuse someone! This is a simple update really, one i’m surprised isn't added yet. Just, like a CCTV, make it so the game logs when someone is invited or kicked and who did it, it fixes so many issues, for me at least and i’m sure for others too.

    2: There should be a in game minimum points system. Basically before a event the guild leader can go in and make the minimum points to say 500k for an event, and NO-ONE including the leader can claim their guild rewards until they reach that min. This is a feature that would stop guild leaders from having the chance to scam with deposits, and it’s just makes life easier over all.

    3: New Items.......

    I’m a person who does stuff in growtopia.
    Well my ign is yoshi8u if you haven’t guessed....
    This is getting weird, just subscribe to my youtube channel and follow me on instagram, they are both just yoshi8u also.