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Fix for Moderators&Developers&Staff MailBoxes

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  • Fix for Moderators&Developers&Staff MailBoxes

    Forums Mailbox issues.
    I am seeing this often when Trying to send mail to mod/community manager/dev Note is Mailbox is Full.
    Turn mailbox system to different way.
    Limit conversations by sender to 5 different thread.
    Conversations would stay in server if have been read 3 days unless marked important(14 days).
    I understand issue what this would cause, i am sure u have mailbox of full and you are able to read only few of those ..
    Make Support mailbox for 2 different gaming and forum issues for Forums and Gaming to split workload to several support personel by this way.
    Add button to Retvieve older threads in mailbox on storage server would retvieve in this case and those threads would be marked on different colors.
    For message sender would be visible issues and possible retvieve issues same way, but only as edit / resolve / update issue.
    Add possible to send only 1 Important thread by each community member after by receiver reading stays 3 days unless marked to important 14 days, if marked as Solved issue - goes to storage server and resets important message to 0.
    Remove personal Mailbox in use for each Support personel so can't send private message.
    Staff can send private message to community member and could in this case to reply but if issue is marked as Solved couldn't be replied, only to update issue could be possible and this would move conversation to main Support mailbox.

    ps. Current situation is this:
    Allmost always some mods/Community managers Mailbox in forum is full , with these basic rules sets would be fixed mailbox issue so everyone could be able to send messages and important messages.
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      Forgot to add here important add for this.
      Player is automaticly saving thread what is writen to send, so its status is visible always until solved / moved to storage server.
      One staff member just to handle and direct to correct Mods / Devs / Staff each mailbox threads.
      Would make everyones day easier in end.
      1 section more Unban Requests.
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        In my point of view Benefits for this system:
        - if directing to exact correct staff member is not working in timelimit message is returned in queue.(sick, holidays or otherway absent.)
        - inappropiate messages are marked and removed , noted to member.
        - If translate or more details is required could point out to correct staff who can translate and handle before handing to correct person.
        - Due situation how much messages is got from issues can easily get more staff to solve issues.
        - Giving more time to focus on each subject before answering.
        - All get answered.