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Hmmm,about world grouping?

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  • Hmmm,about world grouping?

    so the current way to see all the worlds is wreaching yourself,which makes your player stats so long,its also a pain if you dont know what type of the world if you forgot (it is bfg,farm or helpbreak?)

    so what about world grouping? like organizing worlds,you just create a world group and choose what worlds you want to put on it (like group a have world a,b,c, group b have world d,e,f and so on...)

    i think it will be useful for players who have many worlds

    lvl 20+ can only hold 5 groups,supporters hold 10 groups and super hold 25 groups and each group can only hold 100 worlds

    do you think it will be useful?

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    in the world selection menu, there's the option Favorite Worlds, you can go into your worlds and just do /fav

    still a cool idea tho i don't see why not. Just pointing ^ out.