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Straight Jacket and Syringe

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  • Straight Jacket and Syringe

    It would be cool if growtopia added a sort of "Crazy" update .

    With that, it would be nifty if they added a Straight Jacket as an item. It would be a shirt item and your standard punching animation turns into your growtopian yelling sound waves to break blocks. (Their face will also look crazy or mad when yelling).

    Another item that can be in this update can be a Syringe. It will give you the sleepy mod. Its a hand item and if you stand still for 2 seconds, you start to sleep.
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    That doesn't sound very child friendly.


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      I agree, its not child friendly. Growtopia is a game for children and all the items are child friendly (purple thong etc.) We do not need non child friendly items in this game!

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