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A timer for when people can SB?

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  • A timer for when people can SB?

    Okay, first before I say this... NO I DO NOT MEAN A COOLDOWN.

    Are you tired of getting blocked constantly? People leaving messages saying, "#BLOCKED" or "GET BLOCKED!".

    What if there was a short timer between SBs? For example.

    Let's use the name Nesqwik.

    Nesqwik would SB, and then if Seth wanted to SB, he would have to wait a few seconds, maybe 14 or less.

    Let me know what you think about this idea.
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    Might create a huge backup, especially during the more active times of the day.
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      This sounds like an interesting idea, but it would definitely need to be tweaked around a bit in order to make it work the way it should - and not cause rage between large groups of players.

      I can just picture someone waiting for the cool-down period to end so that they can broadcast, and having somebody else broadcast right in that moment. It would seemingly be impossible to broadcast - which wouldn't make anybody happy.

      Now, along a similar idea, perhaps we could have a broadcast queue. One broadcast in the queue would be put out every few seconds, and this would also leave room for an automatic filter, (to possibly block out all the scam broadcasts!)

      All in all though, it's an interesting suggestion in which I do think the game could benefit from.
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