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Suggestion: Changes to Game Generators

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  • Suggestion: Changes to Game Generators

    Game Generators are cool and all - but theres some things that I really want to see added to the list of functions.

    - Enable Block Wrenching/Enable Block Breaking/Placing, Was really disappointed earlier today since I wasted 50k gems on an idea that I had, to create public areas where players could build to surround themselves from getting killed - unlike just being able to break Game Blocks. Guess that idea will never happen. A game generated hunger games would have been fun - Now I know why people don't do that in regular hunger games worlds.

    - Force Team Selection, Meaning that people that aren't in a Staging Platform won't join the game and spectate instead. Would be really useful for people to spectate - and again was disappointed when I couldn't do that. RIP 50k gems.

    - Show Player Health, Would be a good QOL feature to add.

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