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  • Paint improvements

    Some ideas regarding paint:
    - Ability to mix paint similiar to hair dye
    - White paint
    - Ability to paint background only or block only (Paintbrush for blocks, a new item for wallpapers? Perhaps combine them like Diamond Horns and Will of the Wild? Two separate items would work fine too, but this would be sligthly more convinient.)
    - Transparent paint (Paint diluter; would make placed paints have a weaker effect, not for making blocks transparent. That's not how paint works.)
    - An item that functions like an infinite supply of paint: you could choose from all existing paints (and combinations) and paint indefinitely with it. This however would have to be quite expensive, I would say in the range of 10-20 dls as less than that would be kind of op and more simply wouldn't be affordable for most builders.

    might update this later, share your feedback
    I might be back.