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  • New Vend Color

    So here is my idea for the new vending machine text color
    As for now, the real vending machine text color is plain white and green on the item text and price text

    I've seen some people scamming using vending machine by setting up and selling the item X World lock each, while the real price of that item is X per World lock! and the other one is placing blocks or consumable which looks alike to some clothing, for example like Pet Bunny [Pet] and Cuddly Bunny [Consumable]

    With this new update for the text color it could really reduce people from scamming using vending machine, Why? Because by using different color, we can tell wether the item price is "WORLD LOCK EACH" or "PER WORLD LOCK" just by looking at the color and we can tell whether the item is block, consumables, seeds, clothing, or other!

    As for the item text color it should be the same as the item border, for example:
    - Blocks = Blue text
    - Consumables = Purple text
    - Seeds = Light green
    - Other = Grey
    - Clothing = White


    Let me know what you think!
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    Originally posted by Deterxfox View Post
    Test test
    Good thread

    Also u can paint vends soooo..



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      Originally posted by Jedaki View Post
      Good thread

      Also u can paint vends soooo..
      Sry i was editing the thread

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        Most people don't get into the detail or even know about the border coloration of items, which is basically a quick categorization by type.

        However, I like the thought, but I don't like execution. It looks way too colorful to me, and more confusing than helping tbh.

        I think the simplest solution would be just to use the World Lock Growmoji to indicate 1/multiple World Locks each.

        Dirt Vending Machine

        200 Click image for larger version

Name:	242.png
Views:	1
Size:	796 Bytes
ID:	6593807 each

        That way the World Lock Growmoji is a clear and only indicator that you might be spending some serious currency on this item.

        And just leave the other way around as it is, because you'll only pay 1 World Lock max for it anyways.

        Dirt Vending Machine

        200 per World Lock

        If you want to indicate the type, it should be also a border around the item within the vend, same like in the backpack, to keep it simple.


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          I don't want the vends to end up like the chat, but it's a good idea though.