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    Originally posted by Freak View Post
    I always wanted to make messy brown hair white.
    The letter block seems like a good idea but there are players out there who could use them to write inappropriate things,
    not that players do not do that already but still, giving them an easier way to do that is a little off putting.
    It is a cool idea though and I would love to see more letter/number and even different tangram blocks in the game.
    What if the letters blocks were wrenchable

    For example if you want to write a word that has 6 letters, you need to put 6 letter blocks next to each other, wrench one of them and write a 6 letter word.

    If any inappropriate things are written, a message that says "write something else" appears
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      Very good suggestions, indeed! I especially liked the Board of Billboards. Good job and I hope these ideas would be implemented.
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        Bumping again~

        Maximum Purchase personal setting

        Suggestion box with many items


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          Added Goggles of Viewing

          Maximum Purchase personal setting

          Suggestion box with many items


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            I liked the weather machines & the lock of fun.
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              White dye, yes please!

              Also the maximum price thing, maybe just a warning if it goes over a dl? Like "this purchase comes to over 1 dl are you sure you want to proceed" sort of thing.

              So many scams right now with people selling fireworks 25wl each, mistakes are so easily made. OR a better way to report vend scams so we can warn others faster
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                Originally posted by Corrects View Post
                Decided to compile my old and new suggestions together and made it an entire thread.. Here we go


                Poll machine
                Place this machine to start a poll! Insert options (Up to 10) and let them vote away!

                White Hair Dye
                Pour this gunk on your head if you want your hair to be white! It may require multiple applications to achieve the desired color, or mixing with other dyes. The dye interacts with your natural hair color, so some colors may simply be impossible to achieve.

                Glowing Liquid
                This mysterious liquid looks dangerous.. But who cares? Pour this random gunk on your head if you want your hair to glow in mysterious colors! The dye interacts with your natural hair color and other colored dyes so have some fun with this dye and allow it to glow in any color your want!

                Paint Bucket - Monochrome
                Brush this monochromatic shade onto blocks with a paintbrush to customise your world's appearance!

                Letter Block - A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J, K, L, M, N, O, P, Q, R, S, T, U, V, W, X, Y, Z
                It's a letter on a block. YAY!

                Prismatic Crown
                This luminous crown shines an amazing rainbow behind you! Glitter everywhere you go, now with this amazing crown!

                Weather Machine - Starfall
                It's raining stars! Make a wish, or two, or many!

                Lock of Fun
                This fun filled lock has been crafted by the rare species of fun elfs! The amount of fun cannot be packed into one tiny lock, so it bursts with party energy, causing world events to happen twice as often!

                Weather Machine - Infinity
                Tired of the same weather machines over and over? Choose up to 3 Weather Machines to this upgraded one for a never-ending cycle of different weathers!

                Ring of Success
                This special ring allows you to have a 10% reduction of skill-fails in either Surgery or Startopia!

                Ancestral Altar of Saving
                Amazing forces of recycling and savings has been forged together into this cool Altar! Don this altar as you can now start using consumables with a good feeling that you'll save some from recycling..

                Goggles of Viewing
                Wear these goggles with style, and it'll also give you a bigger view!

                Growth Scythe
                This magical scythe summons nature to do your bidding! Punching blocks has never been easier.

                Board of Billboards
                Place this down for players to wrench on! It shows what every player (with a billboard) has to sell and their price in the world.

                When wrenched, the board will show items that players have on their billboards for their prices, under it will be a button which when clicked, will alert the seller that there is someone who wants to buy their items.
                There, players can negotiate for their price, this also obviously only works on worlds

                Smoog on your back
                Smoog the dragon takes a rest on your back! Worry not, he's friendly.. He assists in jumping and breaking blocks!

                Roller Skates
                Whee! It's a pair of roller skates, made using super strong materials, these boots will let you have a fun time skating around worlds quickly and with ease!

                Magical space thruster
                Use this magical space thruster to bring you back to action in the galaxy!

                Celestial Hair
                This magical hair possesses the power of magic! Its magical mountain climbing ability somehow helps you to double jump, and climb onto walls. Just like a professional mountain climber can!

                Floating Crystal
                This magical crystal, stuck underground for millions of years is now yours to wear! It floats around you elegantly. Giving you the powers of its past owner! (who was once a powerful mage)

                Abilities : Long range and enhanced breaking. Throws mini pink gems when punching

                Riding Cloud
                Glide around with this awesome cotton candy-infused cloud! (Do not attempt to eat)
                (Speedy and Glide)


                Custom Key binds
                Custom keys that players can adjust to fit their gameplay style..

                Edited by GENSEAF, thanks Seaf!

                More Achievements

                Purchase Billboard Tab
                A New option when you wrench players with a billboard item, it will have a new button that writes "Check Billboard"
                There, you can see the item(s) they are selling and the player holding the billboard will have a notification saying that you want to buy the item from them

                Locke's Very Secret Auction


                Player covers their mouth for 3 seconds with both hands

                Vending Machine Change
                - Put specific amount of items in Vending Machine option

                Event Daily Challenges - For everyone to play
                Instead of the next DC starting in 25 hours, Make it 27 so other people from different time-zones can play

                New clothing slot : Glove
                Allows you to wear hand items with gloves or rings! (This could also add in many gloves with different colours to fit in set needs)

                Special set perks
                Wearing all clothes of a full set (Bunny set, Spring Flinger Frog Set, Hazmat Set) will grand special perks.
                EG : Bunny set grants high jump and Spring Flinger Frog Set grants double jump.
                Inspired by this thread :

                Builder's Lock warning
                Upon entering an area locked by a builder's lock, a warning will appear for players that is inside the locked radius

                Maximum Purchase Amount
                A new personal setting that allows the player to set a cap amount of world locks they can spend in a vending machine. If cap is reached, the vending machine will warn the player

                An Example :

                Locke's auction should happen in the world LOCKE.


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                  +1 for the dyes and smoog on your back (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*.✧
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                    Bumping up

                    Maximum Purchase personal setting

                    Suggestion box with many items


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                      Yes yes yes
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                        Bumping up

                        Maximum Purchase personal setting

                        Suggestion box with many items


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                          Bumping thread

                          Maximum Purchase personal setting

                          Suggestion box with many items


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                            Hey, the maxium inventory space is 396 + 4 trade becose of the tradem...
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                              Bumpin' again!

                              Maximum Purchase personal setting

                              Suggestion box with many items


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                                I dont really get the ancestral altar of saving and the growth scythe... can you please explain?
                                also the riding cloud is basically the cloud from dragon balls haha

                                good suggestions and I definitely want to see them in game