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    Thanks for your feedback!!
    IGN : RhPositive

    Have a nice day!


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      New upgradable item - Gem Aura
      What do you think?
      IGN : RhPositive

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        Bumpy cuz I don't like second page
        IGN : RhPositive

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          Bing Bong Bump
          IGN : RhPositive

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            Originally posted by Jedaki View Post
            Oh, so who owns BuyAcousticWing, BuyAcousticWings, BuyFairyForest, BuyFairyForests, BuyLilMermaid, BuyLilMermaids, BuyZomtopians, SellZomtopian, SellZomtopians, BuyZomtopianPendant, BuyShamanLock, BuyShamansLock, BuyGhostkingBlanket, BuyGhostkingsBlanket, BuyRidingLimax, BuySnailSlimes, BuyBananaOnFloor, BuyBananaOnFloors, BuyOpticalPrisms, BuyFishingGatcha, BuyFishingGatchas, BuyPufferfishMask and BuyPufferfishMasks?
            hoarding in 2020 be like
            Make your opinion heard! Make a Tier List of cosmetic IOTMs to help me gather data! Click Me


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              Originally posted by RandomGrowtopiaChicken View Post
              hoarding in 2020 be like
              Preparing for tough days!
              IGN : RhPositive

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                IGN : RhPositive

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                  Originally posted by Zuzu2001 View Post
                  Heya! Maybe I'm too late for that. That's my first suggestion thread, I would like some feedback

                  First of all, there should be more items purchasable from Locke, as this is the best way to decrease world lock's inflation right now.

                  So there are some ideas :


                  1. Sovereign's Crown

                  Description : Only the best kings deserve to wear this crown. How did you get it, peasant? Anyway, now your voice will be heard everywhere, anytime.

                  Price : 30 dls (updated as 50 dls might be too much)

                  Effects : Visual
                  Also, you can talk in worlds locked by royal lock while function "Silence, peasants" is on.

                  2. Acoustic wings

                  Description : What a harmonious sound! Does it come from these wings?

                  Price : 20 dls

                  Effects : Visual *music notes*
                  Double jump
                  Slow Fall

                  3. Lil' Mermaid

                  Description : This little cutie is a real mermaid. That's what the sailor I got it from said.

                  Price : 2 dls

                  While wearing it, you will always get crabs/items from lobster traps.

                  WEATHER MACHINES

                  1. Weather Machine - Fairy Forest

                  Description : This land has never been visited by any growtopian before. A mystical forest where fairies spend their centuries. This sensitive technology will not function while damaged.

                  Price : 10 dls

                  Visual : Purple trees, fog ...


                  1. Banana Bread

                  Description : The meal of true heroes! Just a bite and no one can stop you.

                  Price : 5 wls

                  This consumable item gives 3x exp from fighting villains for 30 minutes.



                  1. Zomtopian pendant

                  Description : Somehow it constantly emits g-virus. Is it safe, though?

                  How to get : Extremely low chance from chemsynth during pandemic. Also, purchasable for 5000 ZB

                  While wearing it you will always be a zombie, but you can't infect other players.

                  2. Shaman's Lock

                  Description : How to call yourself a doctor without having your own lock?

                  How to get : Pretty rare prize from surgery, also purchasable for 2400 caducei.

                  Less skill fails for everyone in the world.

                  3. Ghostking's Blanket

                  Description : A lot has already been stolen from GhostKing. But even his blanket? And you wear it as a cloak!?Come on..

                  How to get : Combine
                  3 x Ghostking's Glory
                  50 x Crystallized Ghost
                  1 x Transmog Crystal

                  Same effects as GhostKing's Glory, but it gives double jump too.

                  4. Silver Dagger

                  Description : Weapon made out of silver. Pretty effective against werewolfs. You should stay away from them, though.

                  How to get : Pretty rare prize from wolf worlds, also purchasable for 780 wolf tickets.

                  Effects : Visual

                  5. Riding Limax

                  Description : Lets be honest, you thought how it feels riding a limax. Now you can! Not exactly speed of light, but you will go with an impressive speed of 0.047 km/h. Warning, stay away from salt!

                  How to get : Purchasable for 200 Pet Trainer Medal.

                  Visual and moving slowly.

                  6. Pufferfish Mask

                  Description : Also known as "blowfish mask", this is so cute and dangerous at the same time.

                  How to get : Epic prize from Fishing Gatcha.

                  How it works : It inflates while being damaged. Comes back to normal in some seconds.


                  1. Fishing Gatcha

                  Description : This box looks so fishy. Something precious might be found inside.

                  How to get : Low chance by fishing using shrimps.

                  Consumable. It gives one of the following items :

                  Common - Seaweed
                  Rare - Wizmo Gizmo
                  Epic - Pufferfish Mask


                  1. Snail Slime

                  Description : So sticky! This thing is everywhere. I've heard that some people make body cream out of it. Yuck!

                  How to get : Common prize from fishing

                  Moving Slowly.

                  2. Banana on floor

                  Description : This banana peel is much more evil than you think. Stay away from it!

                  How to get : Common prize from villains


                  3. Optical Prism

                  Description : One punch and all the colors of the rainbow will come out of this strangeness. Is it magic? No, it's science!

                  How to get : From startopia missions.

                  Visual effects.

                  NEW UPGRADABLE ITEM

                  I came up with this idea while thinking about a solution for gems inflation and a new use for Soul Stones (As we have so many of them lol)

                  GEM AURA (Inspired by Lens of Riches visual effect)

                  Description : Woah, shiny gems! It takes a lot of time to master these beasts. Not many have succeeded so far.

                  This item is untradable and can be upgraded 4 times.

                  There are five types of gems in growtopia (yellow, blue, red, green and purple). So, there are 5 types of gem auras.

                  In order to upgrade them, you need Locke.

                  1. Yellow Gem Aura

                  How to get : Purchasable from store for 100,000 gems (you can buy it only one time)

                  2. Blue Gem Aura

                  How to get : Upgrade Yellow Gem Aura

                  Upgrade Requirements :
                  200,000 gems
                  1 Soul Stone

                  3. Red Gem Aura

                  How to get : Upgrade Blue Gem Aura

                  Upgrade Requirements :
                  300,000 gems
                  3 Soul Stones

                  4. Green Gem Aura

                  How to get : Upgrade Red Gem Aura

                  Upgrade Requirements :
                  400,000 gems
                  5 Soul Stones

                  5. Purple Gem Aura

                  How to get : Upgrade Green Gem Aura

                  Upgrade Requirements :
                  500,000 gems
                  10 Soul Stones


                  1."Chef" Title

                  I would really love a "Chef" title, as titles are kinda trendy right now. But how to get it?

                  In order to get it, you gotta complete 2 achievements.

                  1.Bon appetit! (achievement)

                  Earned by cooking every single dish in the game.

                  Prize : Golden Spatula (untradable)

                  2.Gourmet (achievement)

                  Earned by cooking 5000 90%+ meals while wearing Golden Spatula (might need some balancing)

                  Golden Spatula should have visual effects.

                  "Chef" title could be pink.

                  2. Starship upgrades' uses

                  When i heard about startopia 2.0 i was happy that there will finally be something to do with starship upgrades, but nothing changed. It's a piece of cake to resolve that problem. There are two different ways.

                  A. Being able to exchange 3 items of a kind for 1 of the next tier.

                  For example,
                  3x imperial helm mk.1 -> 1x imperial helm mk.2
                  3x greezak reactor mk.3 -> 1x hypertech reactor mk.1

                  This might be a little hard for dev team to implement so there's another way, which requires less effort.

                  B. We should get gems if we recycle them. I'm not talking about an enormous amount of gems, because gems inflation is already a bad thing. The higher the tier, the higher the amount of gems. Easy, right?

                  For example,

                  mk1 - 50 gems
                  mk2 - 75 gems
                  mk3 - 100 gems

                  mk1 - 150 gems
                  mk2 - 175 gems
                  mk3- 200 gems

                  mk1 - 250 gems
                  mk2 - 275 gems
                  mk3 - 300 gems

                  mk1 - 500 gems
                  mk2 - 1000 gems
                  mk3 - 1500 gems

                  Great Freaking Idea
                  Though IDK how much will the devs implement
                  IGN : Valknar
                  World : BYTOURS

                  Come for a cup of tea anytime you want to chat
                  Have an incredible day

                  Art by : Thiel4us


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                    BuMp bUmP
                    IGN : RhPositive

                    Have a nice day!


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                      Fairy weather, YES PLEASE!
                      A very old growtopian.
                      Level 125
                      Legendary Completed: Title and Drag
                      Still a noob
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                      I like pink!


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                        hey i make the Sovereign's Crown sorry if it looks bad because im bad at this xDClick image for larger version

Name:	hd_royal_crown.png
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                          Sovereign's crown will destroy royal lock's price.


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                            Originally posted by itisbeez View Post
                            hey i make the Sovereign's Crown sorry if it looks bad because im bad at this xD[ATTACH=CONFIG]243519[/ATTACH]
                            That's actually pretty good!
                            Last edited by Zuzu2001; 07-12-2020, 10:28 AM.
                            IGN : RhPositive

                            Have a nice day!


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                              Originally posted by Zuzu2001 View Post
                              That's actually pretty good!
                              thanks! Sorry if it has bad texture xD


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                                For The Zomtopian pendant, I Think That It Should Also Not Make You Slow
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