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Suggested this a long time ago but ima bring it up again THE SHOP

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  • Suggested this a long time ago but ima bring it up again THE SHOP

    Update the shop and its packs n stuff. So many things are not worth buying in the shop, it's actually incredible. Almost noone goes to the store and says "yeah, ima go buy the dungeon pack because THAT'S WORTH MY TIME n gems" I'm not saying, update all packs to make all of them profitable and ezzzz wls. I'm saying atleast add some new stuff to them. They have done this alr but many packs just like the dungeon packs have remained the SAME for yeeeears. For instance, the dungeon pack hasn't gotten a single change in 6-7 years, as far as I'm aware.

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    Nearly every pack already has a "Rare"[It is litterally refered to as rare by gt] item in nearly every pack. I agree no doubt revamp on these packs would be nice, but every pack's rare item makes the pack about an equivalent exchange in value. Due to this, I really honestly do agree, these packs need more items like how the sports pack or school pack was updated, but it is not necessary.

    If they made an update for this, I also feel people will get bored of it REALLY quickly simply because there will be no challenge in obtaining the item, just spending gems on packs.

    This would be great as a single-day's worth of updates during P.A.W.
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