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Arcane Converter (New WL/Gem/Item sink!)

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  • Arcane Converter (New WL/Gem/Item sink!)

    The Arcane Converter would be a new oven like system that unlocks at lvl 20 (to push the mentor system a bit), going to the world ARCANECONVERTER will bring you to a world with a giant structure in the middle. Getting close to this structure will pop up a GUI that has 4 item slots, and a create button on the bottom.

    Everytime you craft and item in this converter it will cost you 5 WLS AND 5,000 GEMS (This is to lower the amount of WLS and Gems the best way possible, gambling!)

    The converter only has a chance to work tho, never a guaranteed. NOTE: All Untradable items BUT Soul Stones do not go into the Converter BUT you can get untradables through the converter

    Examples of possible recipes/Items to obtain:

    >Item that is need for legendary quest or quest in general, created with DL: (50 of a Role Item):SoulStone: (Item that relates to said quest ex. A sword quest u need that dragon sword from caves) If fails grants a small handful of role items instead. (This item should be tradable in my opinion so we dont have another shrinking ring issue)

    >Seasonal recipes, created with 4 seasonal items from that event, summer example (3 Atomic Fireballs:200 fireworks:Flaming Feather:1 lovebird pendent) > Mighty Blue Phoenix pendent. If fail grants random summerfest items like paper airplanes/spray tans

    Other items ideas.

    Types of items that should be used in the mystic forge and why:

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    Good idea but I really love that you included Soul Stones, I've also suggested them to do something with Soul Stones because at the moment they are so damn useless, everyone who do Guild Event actively have insane ammount of them, I personally have around 60 Soul Stones, even if I would have wanted to get all Ancestral at level 6 I would have have some leftover, they should add more purpose to Soul Stones and I definitely support your idea!
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      Bumping, please the game needs this imo after some QOL changes to things like achievements


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        Bumping up


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          Would make for a cool update


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            today i'll bump this idea