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  • Wenor's PAW Suggestions

    First suggestion, Buying Limit.

    This feature is useful when buying from Vending Machines. Sometimes, players don't pay attention to the item price and get scammed. In the settings, you can now set the maximum amount of World Locks you can spend in a Vending Machine. If you exceed the buying limit, your payment will be declined.


    Second suggestion, Item Starring.

    Star your favourite or important items by pressing on the "STAR" button in your inventory. A starred item will permanently be on your first inventory slot. To unstar an item, simply repeat the first process. You can star up to 5 items!


    Third suggestion, Layers.

    You will be able to add background over music notes without ruining a single thing (the music note will remain behind the background instead of being replaced, just how layers work). This feature also comes with Layer Locking! If you lock the music note layer, you will no longer be able to break any music notes (same with the background layer). You can unlock the layer just by pressing on the "UNLOCK" button! This menu can be accessed from the World Lock.

    Picture 1

    Picture 2

    Find 40+ more suggestions on my Instagram account, @wenor_gt
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    Cuz it's wenor +1 for background and music layer
    Ign: RimUwU


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      Amazing suggestion, hope to see them go live!


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        Bump help dem these suggestions are so good I also followed you in ig wenor,Anyways follow wenor_gt also me pigplayz_gt in ig owo


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          1. I don't think it's necessary.

          2. I've seen this being suggested so many times in last few weeks and I love it, I have 400 backpack slots and it's kinda hard to find the items I need daily, marking them as an favourite would be awesome.

          3. Hamumu said that this will never be possible in his QnA's


          I've checked your IG and I am very impressed by your feature suggestions and I truly think that all of them would make the game better, I recommend checking his IG
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            As a musician and a builder, this would be such a great thing if they could implement it!
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