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    Instead of Showing a small box when wrenching a player with only
    Add Friend,Report or something buttons are there.

    Player Profiles

    -Will show if the Player has Subscription

    -Also will show if they have Supporter/Super Supporter
    (Cuz only super supporter can be clearly seen right now)

    -You can see their roles level, as in it will show all their levels
    [B](Can be private if the player doesnt want to show em in settings)

    -AFK,Busy and Online. an indicator that wGreen Circle, the player is active/online
    Yellow Circle (Triggered when the player haven't move for 10+ minutes), they're afk.
    Red Circle for Busy/Doing something.
    No Color/Dark Grey? if they are Offline
    (Red Circle/Busy can be toggled on their Profile so they can show their friends theyre busy, farming like dat)

    If they have the Doctor Title, a Golden Caduceus will appear at their profile, Same as Legendary Title and other Titles
    (Up to you where the titles will show)

    Now Skilled people can now clearly show-off their Skillful Characters
    (Not for Humiliating low skilled purposes)

    Maybe make these all Optional?

    You have tons of Pixelated Locks right? would you please Stay Humble and don't step to the others?

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    YES. We need this.
    Especially the AFK/busy/online/off thing.

    I logged in just to
    Just wandering around, hope yall have a great day!



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      yes please. i will always have this on "AFK" so no one bothers me
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      - 1x WOTD Winner
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