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  • Add More Transmutable Items | Raccoon Leash Mod

    Have you ever wanted to transmute an item but it turns out that you can’t transmute it? To add insult to injury, it sucks even more when the item costs a lot, *cough bunny slippers *cough

    There are tons of items that are waiting to be transmuted and there isn’t any reason (that I can think of,) that some items that aren’t transmutable but should be.

    Personally, the items that I want to be transmutable are:
    Black - Silk Tie (Or basically any of the ties)
    Spiked Collar
    Bunny Slippers
    Ghost Wolf Monocle
    Hands of the Void
    Fistful of Rings (And the other rings as well)

    There’re quite a few more out there that I cannot think of at the top of my head, but I suggest looking at Nenkaai’s thread about transmutable items.

    Also, I’d like to suggest that, when transmuting the Raccoon Leash, you should be able to keep the tail on the transmuted pants. Considering that the mod for the Raccoon Leash is unique (Sneaky:High Jump Mod or something), the tail looks quite nice in my opinion and should come with the mod when equipped.

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    but I want these too:
    Claws of Barko
    Glove of giants
    Fairy wand
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      I'm all for more items being added!!! The transmutabooth is one of the coolest features in my eyes. When it was first created, the team launched it with the top 50 most used items in each slot. Of course, this doesn't count any items that don't transfer their mods properly, or just plain old don't work.

      If you've noticed, most new items that are added are transmutable. Though it isn't announced via patch notes or anything, a few other items sometimes slip through without being noticed as well!

      More info in this thread!


      ~ Odric

      PS. I use raccoon leash all the time and also wish it were transmutable. <3 plz devs
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