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I think ubisoft need start banning dls seller

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    This is the biggest motivation for auto breaker and auto fisher.
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      Originally posted by Dojobs View Post
      Hey dear moderators , i always saw many post at social media like facebook , instagram and much more . I saw tons of post selling dls / selling account . Hope guardian / mods will active on social media to ban illegal player

      Sorry for my rip english
      No they dont need to ban them. Because if they did, some of the "famous" influencer or youtuber will be banned. Some of them is actually buying DLs for real money.


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        Hey everyone,

        I've removed the names of the websites, please do not share them, as it might potentially put users at risk when they visit. Please send me the links as private message. Thanks!

        ~ Baskerville


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          the blackmarket of growtopia wont be stop unless the game will remove the trade and drop in the game.
          Also mods are banning buyer/seller of dls and account if you will just see on social media you will see alot of them are complaining and quitting coz they got ban after they receive the dls or the accounts.

          they are doing the job so no need for a thread like this.
          If you want to see the moderators progress about this try adding the buyer/seller of dls you will see they got ban most of the time.


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            Its impossible to ban people who buy dls secretly can't say this is ubisoft's fault.


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              laately ive seen lots of dl sellers complaining about getting banneed.. so I guess they Ubisoft is doing their job about this issue afterall

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                yea i mean buying dls when you just started the game or when your still a newb like whats the fun in that ? me personally i enjoy growtopia bcs i can make friends and farm and stuff , so when i got dls its bcause of my effort , not like em dls buyer/seller , we cant stop RMT ( real money trading ) but we can slow it by banning people who superbrods abt selling dls and accounts .