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Online Shop (PAW Suggestion, By Gloudy)

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  • Online Shop (PAW Suggestion, By Gloudy)

    Online Shop Update

    Before i start, i want to tell you I HAVE BAD GRAMMAR, so yeah im sorry if it hurts u mentally (lol).

    Ok so this is my suggestion for growtopia, i suggest growtopia to make an item like vending machine but works online, so lets just says its online shop machine. Works the same as online shop, people can buy item from other world in any world with this machine!

    Sounds cool? Wait i have not done yet! Developer can use this machine to decrease the world locks inflation (due to so many autofarmers) by asking tax for the machine by 1% or wathever, developer decide the (%). For example, if you want to sell cosmic cape for 100 wls, there will be tax 1% so the seller will lost its 1 wl from its backpack, same thing happend to buyer too, when it buy 100 wls item it pay 101 wls (1% tax). So in this case, developer has succesfully decreased the amount of world lock existence in the game by 2!

    Again, im not done yet! Developer can also make a system like subscription (if they want to), so people need to pay before using the machine. For example, Jeremiah wants to use the machine, then Jeremiah need to pay for permanent subcription (5 dls) or monthly subscription (50 wls), it was just an example, developer can set the price as much as it want. Developer can also make 2 options, pay 5 dls or pay 5 dollars (just an example).

    Wait wait! There is still one more reason why developer needs to make this machine. So as we know, so many people are secretly selling dls, and im pretty sure some of the seller are famous profitable worlds owner. So if you (developer) make this machine, it can (maybe) decrease the profit of profitable world, wich mean less illegal wls for sale, wich also mean Ubisoft can gain more moneys haha.

    But wait, dont be mad, this machine wont 100% kill profitable world because as i said, developer can set a "tax" and "subcription system" for the machine, so those people who wont lost wls for tax/subscription will still go to the buy+ world.

    And lastly, if yoy are lazy to read all those words up there, ima just write the conclusion here :

    Suggestion : Make a machine that works like online shop (can be with tax/subcription)

    Benefits (for developer) :
    - Decrease world locks inflation.
    - Lesser illegal world locks seller.
    - Give more money to you (developer).

    Benefits (for players) :
    - Easier to sell stuff.
    - Easier to find/buy stuff.

    Ok, that was all of my suggestion i guess, thanks for reading, love you all <3.

    Best regards,

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    I agree with this idea but how about the buy+ world owner I do not own any buy+ worlds but for me it seems unfair for them they will lose world locks
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      ​​​​​​No, or make it usable for only people with an active premium subscription, so it wouldn't hurt the "trading" part of growtopia as dangerously as it would.
      Also, greatly increase the tax from 1% to atleast 5% as the item is simply op.
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        No it will destroy the economy like Toram online economy
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