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  • New Features On Items

    Blue Gem Lock - yields 1-5 gems per hour, claimable by wrenching the block. (even when logged out)
    Bunny Lock - Very subtle chance of a 100%+ bunny egg not to explode. (particles of bunnies hopping from the egg will appear if the chance was successful)
    Robotic Lock - Robot Wants Dubstep music is spread throughout the world, can be toggled on/off.
    Guild Lock - Less chance of an anomalizing item breaking when doing guild challenges inside the world with this lock.
    Checkpoints (any) - Wrench the checkpoint to remove your mark on the checkpoint. (when not in reach, do /checkpoint or /point to remove)
    Bulletin Board - Pinning. In a public board, an owner or admin can pin theirs or others comments, the comments that are pinned will not be overwritten by following comments. Limit of 3 pins per board.
    Word Censoring. The players who type a certain word on the board will be: a: Given a message that displays the censored word, b: Given a message that a word in your text is censored, the owner can toggle either of these choices.
    Sign - When colored, the corresponding color of the paint will also affect the color of the text box of the sign.
    Vending Machine / DigiVend Machine: Discounting. link will be added soon.
    Note Block - Wrench to toggle either old/new music.
    G-Virus - Has a chance for a player given by this to get Vicious Moldy Guts.
    Aurora - Animations please.

    adding more if I can.
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    Agree with most of them, +1.
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      I feel like some are excessive or OP - like the sign? What if I want red text on a green sign? If I had wanted a color, then I could backtick and edit it anyway. A lot of these suggestions are interesting, but not really necessary or too helpful - like gaining gems from something that already only a small number of people have + something worth a lot more than 5-10 gems lol.


      • BattleCat
        BattleCat commented
        Editing a comment
        The text will not be affected, only the text box where the text is contained. So you can control which color the text will be, while the box is colored.

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      hi i am bump, here i am when the op needs me


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        I like the Robotic Lock, Fissure and the note block one. Very kuul. Me likey
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          Bump is bump


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            I like the new function on each existing lock maybe the harmonic lock got a new function as well in addition to its current function to reduce chi for cyrstal shatter
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