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Provider lift truck?

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  • Provider lift truck?

    Could I request a mover item like a forklift or sack trolley that would pick up a placed block like Friendly Unicorn or DNA Extractor so it could be put somewhere else?

    I regret putting providers & expensive blocks into different worlds and would love to be able to design a new one for them all!

    (Does anything like this already exist?)

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    Technically, this item is already exist. But at least 99. 9% of us Growtopians didn't have it. Its a 2018's limited Summer Clash Legendary item, if you don't know how it looks like, its basically the Infinity Gauntlet with some lil tweaks from the devs of course

    One of the features of this item is to be able to actually pick blocks and place it somewhere else. Take note, that it is in fact, the most rarest item a Growtopian ever had due to the fact that Clashes back then were expensive to actually do.

    And yea, this idea should be returned with a much more 'affordable' way
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      flashback flan might work.
      Don't feel like playing as much anymore what do

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