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  • New function in the menu.

    Greetings Growtopians,
    So, you all here know obviously that we have such things called "Casino's", which I don't enjoy seeing them on my world's list, makes it quite annoying.

    So, the idea is just like in the title I said, is just a simple function with different options,
    Take an example of the screenshot.
    Link: (If you don't see the screenshot below this sentence)
    Click image for larger version

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    On the screenshot, you see many named worlds of Casinos, which represent that the usual situation that when you enter it, there will be portal leading to another same portal world or the actual casino. So, I thought about the function that allows you to instead of not being able to see other's normal worlds, instead see other worlds with a function of blocking (or block visibility -of) the worlds you don't want to see. (ex. you're banned from a world for an hour, so you can for now block the world's visibility so you can join other worlds without needing to repeat - Leave, Join, Leave join until you see a new name on the world's list or just "Showing: Random Worlds" > "Random" and repeat. (loop) )

    Well, on another way of thinking, you could say that we could improve the world's menu by instead of clicking once at the worlds in the world's list (not the typing version) you can edit the selected world's visibility settings and etc.

    (Note: Maybe propably add it as a command /blockworld [name] that blocks the visibility of the world's with that word, ex. /blockworld CSN, which we can add a limit of the letters to prevent people to end up blocking every world that exist to 3 letters maximum.)
    I say that it's worth of trying the idea.

    - - - - - -

    Hey! I'm Math! Wassup.

    GrowID: MathTheNight


    Ain't people here toxic as always?