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Players messing around in BETA should be punished

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  • Players messing around in BETA should be punished

    Everytime beta comes around, its more of people messing around rather than legit testing, even with rewards (as we see in this current test)

    How about punishing players, not with a ban, more of like a curse. They can have fun in Hell! : )

    Beta isnt something that comes alot and the fact people are messing around in it rather than test (plus remember there is a limit on the amount of people) might ruin the update since rather than finding bugs, people decided to do carnival, or make clothes.

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    I think punishing is too much, either booting them off beta or like kicking them off permanently so they won't be able to do /beta again sounds a little more reasonable IMO. People do mess around, but it doesn't mean they should be punished on live. I think that would discourage people from actually going onto beta due to how scary/strict that sounds.
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      That might be the worst suggestion I have ever read.
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      losing WLs forever, that's what I do.


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        You know that Ubisoft is probably baiting them all? Well, IMO idk if Ubisoft really bait the hackers but for me, hacker's playground will become Ubisoft's learning site where they can learn the hacks and make a solution for it.


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          Originally posted by Hink View Post
          That might be the worst suggestion I have ever read.
          as i have nothing better to say but i still have to say how against it i am, i'll just second this
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