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  • (FIXED) Dark Auction

    FIX: I mentioned a certain aspect that a lot of people were probably not happy about. This thread is a fix of the previous thread, and the previous thread will be removed.

    So I read Misthios' response to the BUY+ world scandal debacle, and he stated that "87 BGLs managed to get into the economy, but it's only a minuscule amount so the economy is fine." That kind of statement just makes me kinda sad, realizing that WLs are so overinflated, that what was once an insane amount of wealth is now a mundane number. So I started trying to come up with an idea to combat this. There were some okay suggestion from a certain Discord server, such as taxing rich people or taxing Vending Machines, but I knew players would do anything to avoid them. To combat this, we need to remove the WLs from circulation without players even noticing it.

    The simplest form of this would be sinks, things that take money away from the economy in exchange for items. For example, there's Locke, Carnival, Black Friday, and monthly events can be considered sinks. However, what makes these sinks so bad is that they're too widespread and cheap. There's no limit, no specialty, just simple cheap items that's available to everyone. If we want to make a proper sink, a black hole of wealth, we need to change these aspects. We need to make these items limited, special, and untradeable. Limited and special items attracts far more audience than generic ones. For example, if you're given the option to get a generic dog pet that does nothing or a rare golden drone that shoots rockets, of course people would choose the way cooler rocket-shooting golden drone! And by making it untradeable, we can prevent them from leaking into the economy again, massively reducing its economic value and incentive value. If there's an item you can only get once, people would do everything to get it.

    By combining these aspects, we can make a sink so effective that it'll suck up WLs faster than anything else, and that sink is a Dark auction.

    Dark auctions are different than normal auctions in that they give a special vibe of "illegality", offering items so special and so rare, that it's almost like they're not intended to be in the game. This aura has two major effects; one, it attracts far more people that any old auctions would, and two, fierce competition over super rare and "almost illegal" items can drive up the price to magnitude times higher. With these two effects in play, dark auctions can remove hundreds and thousands of WLs from the economy very effectively, especially from rich players, where a significant number of wealth and competition lies.

    Here's how a "Dark Auction" would theoretically work :

    For example, GT creates an item called the "Diamond Tactical Drone", similar to the IOTM drones but big, shiny, diamond, and shoots out tactical nukes, basically it looks cool enough to even surpass legendary coolness. It actually only gives the pickaxe effect, but the extremely cool looks and effects are incentive enough to get one. GT announces that only 5 exists in the entire game, and all 5 are going to be given out in these Dark Auction, which only happens once every few days (in different time zones, of course). Players will go crazy over them, a super cool item with only 5 in existence? They'd kill for it.

    GT would announce when and where the auction takes place. The world (lets imagine that the world they chose is DARKAUCTION.) sits in an isolated subserver, meaning that no other world exists in that subserver except for DARKAUCTION. The player count in that world is increased to a high number (let's say 200), enabling more players to flock in than 75. GT also charges an entry fee to that world, let's say 3 DLs just to enter the world, being a sink on its own. This amount is trivial for rich players, especially when they're going for a super limited item, and drives away poorer players, spectators, and trolls to interrupt the event and act as bottlenecks, only letting in serious players.

    The world itself is themed dark and "spooky", giving a vibe of illegality. A cage in the middle contains a Display Block and a Mannequin or an empty tile to display the auctioned item. Inside the world, a Royal Lock prevents anyone from talking. Mods inside stream the event onto YouTube, further decreasing the need for spectators. Once the time is reached, the auction would begin. First, a mod would explain to everyone inside how the auction works :

    The events consists of several items being auctioned one-by-one. Items that are being auctioned are all rare, special, and untradeable items, such as Focused Eyes, Carnival rings, Meow Hair, etc., with the last item being the new Diamond Tactical Drone. Since these are all untradeable, there's no formal value for them, driving up prices easily. For each item, players have 60 seconds to place their bid and compete against each other for the highest bid. They can bid by typing "/bid" or punching the Display Block or the Mannequin/auctioned item. Since we want as many competitions as possible, this bidding process must be as streamline as possible. For this, a new UI presents the player with three things, a live bidding time counter, a live current bid amount (in BGLs, DLs, and WLs), and three sliders representing their BGLs, DLs, and WLs, going from 0 to however much they have (they can also change the value by clicking the number and changing it manually). This makes bidding easier to do.

    Once the time is up, the winner is announced with their bid. However, GT gives an extra 15 seconds for anyone else to step up and bid higher. If anyone does bid higher, then the original winner and the new player must compete to take the highest bid. Note that only one person is allowed to step in, any subsequent bids from other players would be declined. Once 15 seconds is up, a new winner is chosen and they're awarded the item and the locks are taken from their inventory. Then there's another 15 seconds for everyone to cool down.

    By doing this for each round, each dark auction event can suck up massive amounts of money. The only downside to this is that GT must constantly come up with post-legendary tier items to keep the demand up, otherwise no one would play the dark auction. Another possible downside is that players would flex their special items too much that they feel like royalty. This certainly is bad for individuals, but actually little people care about their flex that it won't impact the social status that much. Also the dark auction takes away riches to the point that the flexers are only left with their items and no money whatsoever, which can counter their item flex quite effectively (an aspect in GT culture is that people care far more about pure wealth than "disguised"/itemed wealth)
    I like my world locks like I like my plural nouns.
    IGN : SimpForJesus

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    I like my world locks like I like my plural nouns.
    IGN : SimpForJesus