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A few roots ideas

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  • A few roots ideas

    Hey, since you want more people to do roots, here’s some ideas to make it more appealing:

    Root Plucker
    Tired of having to punch roots to harvest them? Just drive this machine over root-filled soil and it will yank them out for you!
    (Basically, it is a tractor/harvester for roots.)

    Farmer Role Recipes and Root Boosters
    Farmers unlock recipes requiring large amounts of root cuttings as their role level increases. Root cuttings have a fairly low value, so to counter this, you will need “Bountiful Essence”:
    Bountiful Bamboo Essence Combine 200 of any bountiful bamboo root cuttings by double tapping them in your inventory to get this. (This can’t be undone)

    When they hit a certain farmer level the player will be able to use these to craft items, like, I don’t know:

    ​​​​​​​Bountiful Bamboo Blade Combine 50 Bountiful Bamboo Essence, 50 Beat-Root Block and 50 Tiled Hospital Wall while being a certain farmer level to get this.
    Not only is this piece of bamboo honed to a sharp cutting edge, it is also enchanted with bountiful bamboo magic that grants a 1% chance to boost root development by one stage when harvesting any bountiful bamboo seed!
    You could have something like this for all bountiful families (Flowers, Deadly plants, Bamboo and Jungle)

    ​​​​​​​Ancestral Seed of Life Sidegrade: Ancestral Root of Bounty
    An alternative upgrade for the ancestral seed of life, you can turn it into the Ancestral Root of Growth! This is untradeable but gives the powerful effect of - well, anything to do with roots, I suppose. Does it give a chance to boost root growth? Does it give bonus gems/cuttings from harvesting roots? Does it make Bountiful trees grow faster than the normal seed of life would? That’s for you to decide. You can upgrade this like any other Ancestral item.

    Anyway those are the suggestions. They are just examples of what could be done to make roots more interesting.
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    Honestly - I'm impressed. The items you suggested are well thought, balanced and the thread does not look like a mess... Well done!
    ​​​​​​​But maybe use some less commonly used role drop than beat root block instead?

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      These are some dopeeeee suggestions :O I hope dev listen to this
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        Bumping this because I forgot to do it before
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          Good idea cool
          ok work if using pc to remove emoji from signature but why from phone not work.


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            Hmm bump this thread
            ok work if using pc to remove emoji from signature but why from phone not work.


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              Good suggestions
              i hope more people can see this
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                Hey anyone that has a advenced root farm(with tesseract manuplators etc.) have a guide for starters?


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