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  • Anti Auto farm / Bots

    So I was thinking of ways to stop bots / auto farmers to keep what doing what they do and here's what I have come up with.

    Players should be kicked after not moving for 5 minutes. Of course there will be a warning before the 5 minutes, like after the 3 minute mark every 30 seconds it will say you have a limited time or else you will be kicked.

    Another idea I thought of could be limiting the amount of blocks a player can break in 24 hours. For example you may only break 10k-20k blocks in 24 hours, and then after the 24 hours have passed you can start to break more blocks.
    Now you might be starting to think that this will stop people who really grind on a daily basis, however there might be a way to help this. I was thinking that every 25 levels you earn, the more blocks you are able to break within 24 hours. So for example if you're level 1 you can only break 5k blocks daily, but once you reach level 25 you can break 10k or something like that.

    People can just create multiple accounts to counter this. Accounts that have no grow-id will be limited. They may only break 1-3k blocks every 24 hours, but they would still be able to break more blocks once they reach level 25,50,75,100,125
    And when you make the grow-id account you will be able to break the default 5k blocks everyday, ofcourse when you reach level 25,50,75,100,125 you will be able to break more.
    (Idk if this is already a thing but I didn't have to do it so I assume it isn't yet)Also when you make a grow-id account there will be an email confirmation that would be sent to your email

    I hope this may help, please comment of what you think about this!