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    Originally posted by NotSeedTopian View Post

    hi me spaek bed jamre8 engish but no understands you ok lemme respon based on guest gaem

    u title: u is want subforum to commit existn't for le reasons u stated
    pls no

    a. pepol here reportr spammer
    spamming is against the rules anyway we dont reportr spammers here because it's singling out and singling out is against the forum rules

    b. reportr wrodl cuz phishing sites + price manipulation
    they are illegal wdym anyway this subforum isnt for reportring these kinda stuff

    c. froum is not ubisoft idea and copy mienkraf hipexel
    never has been ubisoft's idea, and neither mienkraf and hipexel's

    d. cant wait for maintainence cuz u need to sell dl on instagram for them sweet cash
    dude selling dl is illegal do you even read the rules before playing

    e. mods dont reply/respond to in-game messages
    they are being bombarded by tons of messages, they can't read all of them

    end: do "/report ? 'delete suggestion'" in-game
    that's not how the report system works. when you type /report, you're reporting the world you're in, no matter what you type behind "/report", be it a moderator's in-game name or some mythical growtopian ghost that spawns under bedrocks at 3am. also, the report system is to report activities that go against the game rules, such as spamming, phishing, price manipulation, dl-to-cash (or vice versa) trading and casinos

    i hope you're being satirical
    I wonder the end message wasn't in jamre language
    thx for the translete


    • Phloqiston
      Phloqiston commented
      Editing a comment
      I like how he spent so much brain cells on translating super-jamre into english that he didn't have enough brain cells left to turn english into jamre

      PEPPERISTIC commented
      Editing a comment
      Phloqiston wrong one.
      He was turning super jamre to jamre not english
      So he had no mana left to turn english to jamre

    • Phloqiston
      Phloqiston commented
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      oh true. he had to go power saving mode with his answers lol

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    bummbbbbbb thank you for understand for me @NotSeedTopian


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      guys that has good suggestions
      forums: meh

      guys that has bad grammar and poopy posts
      forums: WOAHHHHH


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        stupid mods


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          watfek loelr
          *Insert interesting signature here*


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            bro have you ever watch any famous youtuber that getting message like every second?
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              Originally posted by Warfreak10 View Post
              bro have you ever watch any famous youtuber that getting message like every second?

              have you ever seen any auto break in the world when someone is super broadcast like every second?


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                please don't maintenance I like UBIDEV forever


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                  cheap 1v1 me made mods wake up from vacation in haiti and do work


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                    hey yall mods >!


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                      is this some enchantment table language im too dumb to understand


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                        I think I got cancer by reading this thread
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                          I didn’t know Jamew7 had a forums account
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                            Why is this thread back fp
                            IGN: VINNNNNNNNNNZ


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                              Originally posted by cheap View Post
                              hey yall mods >!
                              We would highly appreciate if you stop being a clown, thank you.