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Rebalance the recipe of Glutton's Gazpacho

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  • Rebalance the recipe of Glutton's Gazpacho

    The recipe is : primordial soup, onion,tomato,lemon
    primordial soup is very expensive like 35-40wls because you need to grind 10 ooze
    and the buff just 30% longer which is like 9 mins per 30 minutes mod effect consumable CMIIW
    change it to 1 ooze to make it worth.
    Ign : Dr. VerdantGate

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    if it's down to 1 ooze then clover + gazpacho will be too op.


    • Warfreak10
      Warfreak10 commented
      Editing a comment
      Isnt worth if you consume a gazpacho with gemonade
      Gemonade price is 6wls = 30 mins which is 0.2wls/min
      Gazpacho price is 4wls = 9 mins
      Clover price is 25wls = 30 mins which is 0.83wls/min
      And 9mins for clover is 7.47wls
      1 gazpacho consumed = 3wls profit
      And then the price of ooze will rise because of the demand
      Or make it Grind 2 ooze for 1 primordial soup