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  • Edgy item for halloween

    Whatsupp gamers,

    we all know halloween is right around the corner and i know this suggestion is probably a bit late but.. you know what does growtopians like beside world locks and somehow being toxic? Well the answer is

    B L A C K

    i’ve seen a lot of set that is based around the color B L A C K, so what if we gave them more EDGY CLOTHING ITEMS?!

    here some items i had in mind :
    1. Black Hoodie
    pretty much a black hoodie with some red and white lines which resembles a thorn and blood

    can be made by sacrificing red/blue/green/purple hoodie

    2. Fallen Angel Wings
    a more broken and dark twisted version of the angel of mercy’s wings

    can be earned by sacrificing “yourself” to the maw while wearing the angel of mercy’s wings a message will appear saying “you betrayed us all” (basically tapping the wing to the maw)

    can be reverted by doing 200 surgeries

    3. Crown of Thorns
    self explanatory

    Uncommon prize from the tomb of growganoth

    4. The Devil’s Trick
    a black horn with a halo

    rare prize from the tomb of growganoth

    5. The Weeping Child
    A block which resembles a child crying, the sound of his crying can be heard softly but he can only be seen with a spectral goggles

    sacrificing rarities

    6. Devil’s Sigil
    upside down pentagram which makes your character dark (kinda like the cultist hood) its like the loving halo but instead of a heart its an upside down pentagram

    sacrificing the loving halo

    7. Chained Collar
    A collar with a chain dangling

    from sacrificing rarities

    8. Priest suit
    self explanatory

    rarities as well

    9. Nasty Grin
    a face item, makes your eyes and nose dissapear leaving your mouth in a grotesque grin with sharp teeth

    10. The Unholy Self
    a back item that made you float just like the spirit guide, shaped like a cape with 2 hands holding on to your shoulder, it has a spirit like form

    when someone sees it with a spectral goggles it reveals a grotesque form that is the personification of human pain and suffering the true cause of despair, he who answer human with twisted desire, he who posseses the one who strays from the heaven’s light

    Super rare prize from the tomb of growganoth
    IGN : Polyphia

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    black hoodie very edgy

    Secret Santa 2020


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      Bumping because edge
      IGN : Polyphia


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        I would like to see some blocks that can be only seen with spectral goggles
        DM: Ezekiel GT


        • Jedaki
          Jedaki commented
          Editing a comment
          That could definely lead to some.scams unless the block is walk-through

        • Ezekiel GT
          Ezekiel GT commented
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          Ofcourse its not bruh its like the dimensional block

        • Ecrivain
          Ecrivain commented
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          Without the goggles you can only see like a spirit ball or somethin with the goggles you can see the actual child itself!

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        Dang so edgy bro

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        - Eleanor Roosevelt


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          edge 100
          BOTTOM TEXT


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            oh yeah i made this post, BUMP
            IGN : Polyphia