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Name:	exlclaaaaa.png
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ID:	6919148 The Dialogue Box would be a block that would allow you to generate simple dialogue with the player - similar to that of RPG NPCs. You would be able to give the player a selection of actions which when chosen, would make the block give the player an answer based on the option picked.

    Prompt: Do you like ice cream?
    Choices: Yes; No
    >player chooses yes
    Answer: That's epic, dude.
    >player chooses no
    Answer: Damn, that's kinda lame, bro

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    So an adventure door? but its a sign?


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      Originally posted by Spyroboy View Post
      So an adventure door? but its a sign?
      Kind of. While you're able to generate interaction (and dialogue) with the adventure door, it takes up quite a bit of space in the world, and is quite difficult to implement into the world design. While with the Dialogue Box, you would only need to use up a single space. Plus it wouldn't look as out of place as a door (and could be placed on top of Mannequins to make them look like actual NPCs).

      Prompt: My children are starving, could you please find us some food?
      Choices: No problem. ; Where might I find some food from? ; Sorry, I am quite famished myself. ; Why do you lack food?

      >No Problem
      Answer: Thank you, here have one of my children.

      >Where might I find some food from?
      Answer: Try asking around the village, I've heard the Topians had a bountiful harvest this year.
      Choices: See you! ; Where can I find the Topians from?

      >See you!


      anyhow, this would take a lot of doors and rooms, if you were to create a lengthy conversation with the player like that.


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        yes please ! +1


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          Better than password door
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            Cool so +1
            Smh why my signature not gif


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              YES I NEEED THIS +1
              Originally posted by Jedaki;n6926758
              suddenly when a youtuber gets hacked/scammed, the logs magically appear


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                This is good for adventure and story worlds
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                  good for riddle worlds or wotds i guess
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