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Permabanning players from your worlds suggestion

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    Originally posted by Lokean View Post

    1st ban = 1hr, 2nd ban = 3 hrs, 3rd ban = 6 hrs, 4th ban = 12 hrs, 5th ban = 1 day

    These are actually good ^^^^

    Except for this one "6th ban = permaban"

    > This 6th feature you are suggesting is quite abusable and I'm completely against it
    I know it's pretty abusable but I feel like permaban is necessary for repeated spammers out there in BUYworlds that always comes to the same world to spam. Having 1 day, 2 day, 3 day ban isn't enough to keep them away, it just won't.

    However, I'll think of another additions to this idea since you guys already like the "time-stacking" bans


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      This is a good idea


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        - 1 I've requested this in my early days in the forum and thinking about it right now is kinda cringe. It just sounds so petty and selfish.
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          aaaaaa bro ScammePlse why u so stressed on getting perma ban
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            They will come with other account or even worse, other device
            it won't solve spamming problems but will create problems

            imagine if someone's right to trd in BUYGHC are lost because he getting 6th ban only because of not soup guild
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              no perma ban. But I do agree with "if you ban a player they should stay banned for 3h instead of 1h"
              This game feels like a job.
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                Originally posted by BLuetootH View Post
                aaaaaa bro ScammePlse why u so stressed on getting perma ban
                Sounds like a good idea


                • Lokean
                  Lokean commented
                  Editing a comment
                  That's a question, it's not an idea 🤣

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                That's a -1 for me.
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