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  • Needed Daily Challenge changes

    Here's a set of changes that i believe would make dc more competitive, consistent and fair.

    1. Announce daily challenges beforehand
    This'd give every participant the chance to be equally prepared.
    People that only participate in selected daily challenges won't be wasting their time/have to keep a 2h window open and practice beforehand to be disappointed.

    2. Fix the daily challenge boards
    The statistics disappear after a server restart, which makes it impossible for people with different timezones to know the outcome.
    Sometimes the dc boards are behind by large margins of time, where you can be pushing due to being displayed as first place with an impressive lead, only to end up thousands of points behind another player whos score simply didn't update for 10-30 minutes from one minute to the next.

    3. Make helpers illegal
    Daily challenges shouldn't be about who has the most/more competent helpers as this completely ruins any competition of skill.
    Any direct assistance during a running daily challenge should therefore be a bannable (3-7 days on first) offense, as it was done similarily with cooking in the past.
    This would also get rid of the monotone filtering meta we have in both surgery daily challenges and help make crystal crusher less about who has the most wls.

    4. Removing BOO Blast daily challenge
    The ghost boss daily challenge is prone to crashing the servers and due to the limitation of 1 boss per subserver really unpredictable.
    The activity is also way too easy itself.
    Along with the arguments of point 3. removing the ghost dc is just a smart thing to do.
    5. Private carnival worlds
    Right now I could just repeadetly try to find the pusher of a competing guild and make sure he loses by occupying his minigame.
    This isn't a hypothetical situation I came up with to make the devs' life worse, this is a quite common strategy/occurence that will make you lose the challenge (and even if it's just some random people wanting to do your minigame).
    The obvious way to fix this is by giving participants the ability to join private carnival worlds for the duration of the daily challenge.
    6. Adding special days for all daily challenges.
    This means also having a fishing day of the month, which'll cause the frenzy daily challenge for example.
    Adding specialy days for all dcs will balance out the distribution of dcs throughout a month.

    7. Annual events should have priority
    Annual daily challenges like Growganoth's Game should have absolute priority as they can literally only occur during one week of they year.
    I'd like to remind about last years growganoths game, which was cut in half due to monthly events like ghost day.


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