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Some suggestions for the Game Generator.

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  • Some suggestions for the Game Generator.

    1. Alliances (/alliance [team colour])
    Teams can form alliances with each other. This is done through the team leader. Feature can be disabled through the Game Generator.

    How it works:
    For example, Red Rabbits want to make an alliance with Blue Bombers. The team leader of Red Rabbits types "/alliance blue" and the team leader of Blue Bombers will get a pop-up screen asking if he wants to accept the alliance or not. If the team leader of Blue Bombers accepts it, all players in the world will be notified and they will see the Red Rabbits logo with a blue outline and
    the Blue Bombers logo with a red outline. To prevent abuse, this command has a cooldown which has to be set by the world owner.

    2. Team Leaders
    As mentioned in #1, team leaders can make alliances with other teams. The leader of a team can either be the team member with the most kills (not cumulative), or randomly chosen by the system, depending on the Game Generator's settings. Can also be disabled through the Game Generator.

    3. Teamcast (/tc or /teamcast)
    Basically friendcast but to teammates in the same world.
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    thread is finally approved
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      oke idk wat 2 say but igues its a small tiny little bit of usefulness but oke
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        it can revive the pvp aspect of the game BUMP


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          require .
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            Great concept hopefully they can add this!
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