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  • New UI for "my worlds" tab

    At last, my new trash and stupid suggestion is here! After spending too much time for this ugly, low effort editing of new UI things, using the legendary image editing tools ever created, Paint, I proudly presents to all of forumers (also Ubisoft staffs) that still survived the teribble year of 2020, the New Interface of Personal Info! Wait, I only show you the worlds tab only lol.

    Fyi, this UI is the exact copy of store UI. Reason? I like the new store UI

    This is the NEW interface when you wrench yourself. Now it has a name, personal info. It also have separate tabs instead of a stack of buttons that have same appearence and looks messy. In this thread I only show the worlds tab because it's heavily demanded and I still don't have the ideas for other tabs (work in progress though). As you can see, some of the info like current world is moved to this tab so the general tab (coming soon!) will only contain informations like level, guild, notebook, etc..

    You have owned 10 worlds!

    The my worlds tab is much better than the old and messy one! If you click any of the world name, you'll automatically teleported to that world but it requires super supporter status. If you aren't a super supporter, clicking on world name will do nothing. This is basically /warp command but you don't need to type (WOW!).

    After taking some time looking at this picture, you'll see those wrench besides the worlds name. If you click the wrench on your home world, it'll show this window:

    If you wrench the worlds that isn't the home world or you haven't set up a home world, then this window shows up:

    You have 17 worlds on favorite worlds list!

    For this one is rather new, the favorite worlds tab. You can see all of the worlds you've favorited in here. You can also remove them in this menu without need to do /unfav on a world! You can also increase the max amount of favorite worlds with gems, just like upgrading backpack.

    If you click the wrench on any worlds, it'll show this window:

    Go to home
    This button will do the same like go to guild home in guild menu. If you haven't set your home world then this button will grey-ed out and can't be clicked.

    Add to list
    Pressing this button will automatically mark the current world as favorite world. It's basically same as /fav command but you don't need to type (how cool is that!).

    PS: If this thread gains many attentions, I'll do either the goals tab or appearence tab (or both!) for the next one. Btw leave any suggestions for this so I can change something.
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    This actually a good suggestions tbh


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      Nah, I do this by stealing other people's idea. I only remake their ideas. Btw thanks!

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    I can see the hard work of doing this suggestion, like damn its actually pretty good and might increase the game's qol
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      Thank you so much!

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    you put too much attention on favorite list it isn't that big of a section plus focus making it milimalistic


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      Okay thanks! I might change it if I have better idea. My head is empty now