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Seil's Magic Orbs revamp

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  • Seil's Magic Orbs revamp

    So i've been owning Seil's Magic Orbs for some time now but there's something that i still dont understand. Why is there no respawn animation for them?

    Like i get that the original ones that Seil had didn't have one either but when you spend 200 gtokens on an item which is almost identical to an item that costs 5wls you sort of expect them to be an upgrade, not a massive downgrade.

    I'd atleast like for them to get the same respawn animation that the normal orbs have or even better, get something similar to what TK69's board have.

    I'd appreciate if other people who owned Seil's orbs gave their opinion on this matter but ofc all feedback and thoughts are welcome

    Hoping to get some form of answer from the developers but i guess its better to set my expectations low and my hopes high.

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    Not a massive fan of special death animations in general and am a fan of keeping true to the originals, but it is a weird inconsistency.
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      They're a mod item, they shouldn't change it. Orbs of Elixer were a sponsor item, that came out, i think 2 years later? While I don't have them, they were the mod item i was going for first after i get spade. overall would feel disrespectful to change them.


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        Yeah i totally see your point but if we're going in on the topic of not changing the mod items properties then what about the frost hair? The original frost hair changed the world's weather to snowy but this feature was removed from the ones that are in the store now. I also feel like it would be better to change the items a little bit to make the ex-mods which originally had those items the only ones with just that specific item, just like with the frosty hair.

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      Too late for them to change it also people are buying it so I don't think they really care