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Compilation of ideas to reduce WL's in game (WL sink)

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  • Compilation of ideas to reduce WL's in game (WL sink)

    Legendary changes

    Dragon of legend : Quest 16, Change or add a second option of delivering a diamond dragon instead of WOTD trophy only.

    Legendary bot : Mint julep at 200-300dls at locke. Let's be honest we're currently lacking supply for juleps (they are 200-300dls now and rising), and no one should win a 200+dl item from races hosted by mods.

    New consumables for trolling (bought from either locke or lock bot)

    Titan injection : Makes your character freakishly big for 30mins (20wls from locke)

    Rat cheese : Makes your character small for 30 mins, same effects as ring of shrinking (10wls from locke)

    Vanishing cream : Makes your character invisible for 30 mins, same effect as the one ring (15wls from locke)

    Consumables like fireworks that gets a party going

    Fountain : places a fountain firework on the ground that lasts 1min (1wl)

    Sparklers : player holds a sparkler for 1 min (5 pieces for 1wl)

    Colorful sky lantern : same as our normal sky lantern but there are variety of colors (20 pieces for 1wl)

    Chat outline border and background

    Red : 500wl
    Yellow : 500wl
    Blue : 500wl (default is blue)

    Orange : 1000wl
    Green : 1000wl
    Purple : 1000wl

    All purchasable from locke

    I will be adding more overtime.

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    I dont agree on 1 because then wotd will be worthless if people buy Diamond dragon cheaper or i didnt understand u idk
    goal:GET WOTD


    • spotch
      spotch commented
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      Wotd were worthless before, we just got accustomed to it being 100-200dl. Trophies were meant to be mementos anyway.

    • CzeGamer
      CzeGamer commented
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      I agree with spotch, WOTDs shouldn't be required in any step.

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      How is the first suggestion supposed to be a WL sink? It's effects are the opposite.



      • spotch
        spotch commented
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        I'm tired explaining this to wotd builders who don't want the price of trophy to be affected. It might not have much of an impact but if it lessens something in game that costs wls then i consider it a sink in a way.

      • Jedaki
        Jedaki commented
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        *I take back this reply cause I didn't remember there is one each day.

        I thought of it as if diamond dragon is added as an alternative, then a way to get rid of a BGL or so due to needing a WOTD Trophy would disappear

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      Best way is to make Untradeable item,but as you know player choose not to obtain them but get with illegal way instead
      IGN : Tious


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        Great suggestion, can't wait to see some "mAsTeR sOrCeReR" to object this and talk bad about it.


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          they can also investigate and ban buy+ owners since 90% of those are illegal players at the moment


          • spotch
            spotch commented
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            Yea then unban them after getting hate from fanboys LOL