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Prestige! (level 125)

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  • Prestige! (level 125)

    Sacrifice all your levels for a untradeable token item. Puppy, digger's spade, and digger's trident excluded.

    Why not tokens as is? Cause it can be abused by autofarmers.

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    ok if im level 50 what item i get
    goal:GET WOTD


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      Or make new features for every prestige. You'll get a new skin styles and colors, new jumping styles and sfx, new trail when moving, new emote, or new name banner. If prestige give gtoken items, then spending dls for those items is useless and it'll encourage people to use auto because leveling up is free


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        auto farmers ballin rn


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          I like this idea, I've always been against (low) level cap, I do understand that it is hard for them to make rewards for let's say every 25 levels, but who asked for that to be honest.

          If there wasn't level 100 cap and then level 125 cap, I would've been level 200+ already, I do not even want rewards for it, I would just like to show off that I am an hardcore farmer, that's why I think that level cap should be increased, possibly to 200/500/1000.

          But your "prestige" idea is also very good alternative way of "fixing" this, +1.
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