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8th Birthday Achievement and Item

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  • 8th Birthday Achievement and Item

    Do you think that there should be an item and achievement for people who have managed to keep their account for 8 years?
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    Yes, I do think there should be both an item and an achievement for having an 8-year old account. I was hoping we would get one during anniversary week, but we did not. It would be a nice way to celebrate those who have been here the longest.

    Please stop creating new threads on this topic. It is your third in less than 30 minutes. One thread is enough.
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      Yeah I'm about the post things, but I like to see what each section of forums has to say.

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      I now have 8 years and nothing yet

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    Yes absolutely, veteran players should always be rewarded for continuing to support the game. super star shades (6 years) were the last anniversary prize added right?
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      Was necessary to post the same thing 3 times? ._.
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        Indeed, need many replies in different sections of forums