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  • Well, I finally opened it, and I hope for this to get WOTD.
    LYVEWYRE- the reason I'm named this, is an adventure/story world based in a post-apocolyptic world. You are in the shoes of Aaron Mawe, as you survive in a destroyed city, Chicago. This is only part 1 of the story (it's actually based upon a book I'm currently attempting to write). So check it out!
    This world has/includes:
    -Friendly jumps, for people without air robinsons, or wings
    -A well written story
    -High amount of detail
    -Just a lot to do, never a dull moment
    -Fairly easy parkour
    -Overall fun!

    This story wasn't made for Growtopia, I had been writing it on my own time. The story can be a bit challenging for younger ones, due to the vocabulary used, and certain themes they wouldn't understand very well. There is a parkour, and it is based in a ruined city, so a majority of younger children would get the idea. There is no profanity, sexual topics, or anything innapropriate included in this world.

    The story I have written in the world is a little bit...short, and doesn't feature a lot of changing scenes, due to it being part on of the story, and my world constrait. I tried to add as much ad a could, while making it look good (and of course fun to play in).
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    • *Story:

      You are playing as Tom. 12 Years old kid. At the Christmas morning you went outside to build a Snowman. You saw a house looking like a Christmas House!
      You saw a sign which says : Free presents! Don't be late! Doors won't be opened for ever!

      *About COLDGROW:

      In this Adventure map you will search for your gifts, but you will need to beat Parkour, Labyrinth and a Christmas Tree!


      Click image for larger version

Name:	10940589_774936239226708_3237682006693345731_n.jpg
Views:	3
Size:	107.4 KB
ID:	6650972

      Frozen objects:
      Click image for larger version

Name:	14306_774936192560046_5561087194649939925_n.jpg
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Size:	106.5 KB
ID:	6650973

      Christmas Tree:
      Click image for larger version

Name:	10931047_774936129226719_6660028388368438179_n.jpg
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Size:	121.5 KB
ID:	6650974

      Labyrinth 1 & 2

      Click image for larger version

Name:	10891494_774936022560063_2071202544404270706_n.jpg
Views:	3
Size:	97.7 KB
ID:	6650975 Click image for larger version

Name:	10891494_774936022560063_2071202544404270706_n.jpg
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Size:	97.7 KB
ID:	6650975


      Click image for larger version

Name:	10685529_774935802560085_2944508599990996551_n.jpg
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Size:	88.4 KB
ID:	6650976

      Present Winners Room:

      Click image for larger version

Name:	1460988_774935759226756_8742173215909389504_n.jpg
Views:	3
Size:	117.6 KB
ID:	6650977

      And alot more!

      World Reinder:

      Click image for larger version

Name:	coldgrow.png
Views:	2
Size:	286.0 KB
ID:	6650978

      See you there
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      • It's Winter and we're back!

        Welcome to the (literally) Coolest castle in growtopia!

        • Some unique mannequins with hilarious characteristics
        • P/Z Jammers for convenience
        • Cool Prizes
        • Awesome Scenery
        • A frozen castle and a huge mountain!
        • A short parkour! (Short but not easy :3)
        • A frozen village under the mountain
        • A remake of 'Let It Go' which fits the "Castle theme"
        • And even more!


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        • SchoolWeek by xAzureHKF and Alkan! (WOTD)

          There isn't been any school lately this year! :/

          So I proudly present to yah SCHOOLWEEK!

          Here's the world render picture,
          Click image for larger version

Name:	schoolweek.png
Views:	34
Size:	354.3 KB
ID:	6462537

          World Features Is :
          1. Punch / Zombie Jammed (No Punchers and Zombies)
          2. Small Parkour and Quiz Room! (Information about world and owners!)
          3. Snow Weather Machine!
          4. Usage of Adventure Items! (Key and Banana)
          5. School Bus Pixel Art!
          6. There are 8 Classrooms! (4 of the Teachers are Seth, Hamumu, Jenuine and Aimster, Teachers of Discipline and Growtopia!)
          7. Roof Park, Small Swimming Pool, GrowCafeteria and Toilets!
          8. Took me lots of time and effort to build it!

          I hope you guys enjoy this world!
          Have a great day ahead! ~ xAzureHKF

          I don't mind making this WOTD till 5-7pm tmr, I just want WOTD this world. Hope I get it! Thanks Sethmumu!
          Please fulfil my 5th WOTD! Thank you!
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          The Gungnir (Yes, xAzureHKF is me.)

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          • GrowtopiaGeneralHospital

            Hi, I want to introduce one world.
            This world is hospital world.
            This world is already known as one of best hospital worlds.

            The patients / Customors always praise us.

            Click image for larger version

Name:	1421677713387.png
Views:	1
Size:	532.7 KB
ID:	6462539

            Thank you for reading!
            NICE TO MEET YOU!

            Time Is Gold

            Not Famous­čśľ

            Not Scammer

            Not Rich

            But, I am your friend:hat:


            • Originally posted by EasykGT View Post
              ~Hello Seth and Hamumu, I would like to nominate Chillybreeze
              Its January! That means it's winter! Let us celebrate the winter cold with the world CHILLYBREEZE!

              This world is about you agreed to do a once in a life time challenge, your challenge you have to do is hike growtopias biggest mountain ever! The mountain is like a cave-mountain and it's kind of like a maze, dont forget you also find tresure in the mounain!

              I have worked very hard on this world and the supplies was also hard to get, I have worked my very hardest on this world. I have included punch and zombie jammer and snowy machine and original music!

              So @Seth, give this wotd please!

              thank you for your time
              Nice job for your wotd
              Im MockingGuy on Growtopia


              • 1.)CANDYHUNTING
                One day, a boy lost his candy and he cried all day. But, suddenly you come and you try to ask what happen.
                Then, the boy try to tell the story and ask for your help to bring him to a candy shop.
                Then he bring you to a strange village. The village that no villagers inside of it.
                But many obstacles distrub your journey, many death spikke will disturb you.
                After you pass through the village, you must accross a snowy rock bridge. Some of the bridge was destroyed by the snow.\
                Will you survive in this snowy place?Or will you give up?

                • A big candy pixels with parkour inside
                • Candy Bridge using candy platform
                • Christmas Tree pixels
                • P and Z jammer so no zombie and puncher will disturb you
                • Candy Shop with parkour inside it
                • We wish you a merry christmas song
                • I useed 600-700 candy block here
                • Ofcourse Smowy Machine

                It is not full of parkour
                Up there, less spike placed there so you can relax sometimes

                For WOTD???

                2.) Hero Castles
                This world represent the super hero pack. The story is:
                You are a student that always bullied at school. But one day, one old super hero visit your home.He ask you to go to his castle if you want become strong.Then the next day you go to his castle and you must do some quest.The quest are: You must finished the 4 quest that the 4 hero give.If you did then you will become superhero and got a super skill.
                So, what are you waiting for? Go finish the quest

                This world contain 4 different castle with hero inside of it
                There is 20 level in this world
                Want to be a hero? Win through all castle and beat the hero :]

                Every castle have manequin with Superhero Set each of them [NEW UPDATE]
                No zombie and punchers will disturb you


                IM Hoping for my 3rd WOTD
                Subscribe my youtube Channel: ElectroGuy Gt


                • Originally posted by Joe Tan View Post
                  Hey, I'm hoping for WOTD on this world. it's name is CRAPIVAL. it's basically a carnival world but you have to do quests to get "tickets" which are used for the carnival attractions.

                  The renderworlds is as it follows:

                  For more information, you can find it here:

                  [PS: the part of "crappiest carnival ever" is just a catchphrase.So the world isn't really crappy ]
                  Good luck on wotd, it looks cool

                  - - - Updated - - -

                  Originally posted by Techy View Post
                  One day, the creation of Last Watch Island occured.. It was created by the Criliote Crystal. The most POWERFUL weapon on Earth. IT was hidden away by the darkest of spirits alive, and guarded by a dark spirit... Centuries later, Humans discovered this island, these were scientists. They were recording what was happenin here.. the supernatural is TRUE! The island is real if you believe in the supernatural but is fraud when not... the scientists disappeared.. 1 by 1... Later on, people WANTED to understand, why this island existed, WHY did it suddenly appear!? So the Last Watch Holders were created... Herox, Crixy, Captain Agron, Droses & Mook.. but the shadows took them.. so another lot were set out! YOU, May, Groak, Digger & Drake. YOUR mission is to discover the MYSTERIES of this island... TOGETHER!

                  The dark spirits arise again!

                  This world includes...
                  • Parkour... NOOB FRIENDLY!
                  • World orignally made by BrayBrick225 & Techy!
                  • Unique world, rare name!
                  • Includes password doors, adventure gates and you need a smart brain!
                  • An amazing story made by Techy!
                  • Amazing structure and design by BrayBrick225!
                  • An awesome mystery world, discover the mysteries of Last Watch Island!
                  • Letters and notes on Bulletin Boards for the story to become reality!

                  World render: (

                  Hopefully, this will be my 10th WOTD, thanks everyone!
                  I guessed that BrayBrick designed those buildings without reading your description, his style is so unique


                  • Hey developers,
                    It's me Lego1978nerd.
                    I was wondering if my world Growertheater could win WOTD.
                    It has 2 theaters and some games. There's a little party room you can party in. When you enter you go threw the door and threw a forcefeild. If I win it would be my first time I win
                    If I win I would be breaking out into my happy dance! I hope I can win!
                    P.S. I'll add you to very important person room /V.I.P room


                    • check out my world INFIRE.Its adventure parkour
                      IGN: ProNexus

                      Visit world InFire


                      • Originally posted by ILimeGreen View Post
                        Hello guys

                        Today I would introduce my world THESIMPSONS

                        Story starts with a burger... But when it turns out burger had Time machine parts in it. You have to go to everybody's body to fix the time machine. Simpsons need YOUR help to find all time machine parts.

                        Hope for the best and happy new year!

                        Oh and renderworld

                        This World Includes Z & P Jammer

                        And A lot Fun!

                        And Again....
                        IGN: ILimeGreen

                        I LOVE AMANDA SO MUCHHH THANK YOU BABY you make me so so happy


                        • I think i can win WOTD!!!!

                          I think this world Robotwantscat could win WOTD in the future

                          Click image for larger version

Name:	robotwantscadt.png
Views:	1
Size:	302.5 KB
ID:	6462546

                          Difficulty: Is easy medium
                          Double or single jump friendly
                          tells a great story
                          inspired by hamumu
                          basically trying to match the game Robotwantskitty that world name was taken so i decided to do Robotwantscat
                          no pjammer or zjammer yet still trying to get some
                          challenging levels but yet possible
                          reward at end password to vip at start
                          and its awesome

                          If you think its WOTD worthy then it is if not its ok i tried lol


                          • QUESTIERS

                            - - - Updated - - -

                            [ QuesTiers ] nomination for World of the Day

                            Click image for larger version

Name:	questiers.png
Views:	1
Size:	529.6 KB
ID:	6462561

                            In the year 1627, in a land with many different places. You are a peasant at the end of Nookla city..
                            You wonder if there is another life for you? You pack up your things and head out to Nyllilava woods behind your home.

                            Behind your house is many things a kingdom destroyed by a mythical beast, a trickster by the bridge, mysterious elders inside the woods, and even more to discover in the medieval land.

                            Helpers: goldice222, goldenape, BrayBrick225

                            This world is an awesome and detailed world my two friends and I worked on for eight days!
                            The world has six adventurous quest to complete!
                            List- The Dragon Bounty, Into the Dungeon, Heaven's Tale, The Venus Pit, The Hungry Village, The Garden's Entrance

                            Go through each quest meeting different people and learning new stories not to mention the vast amount of detail and challenge to go through along the way!

                            This world was an awesome project to do and I would love to see it win WOTD, it is hard to get worlds popularly know if people aren't given a chance to see them you know.

                            WORLD INCLUDES:
                            -Punch jammer (never moved)
                            -Zombie jammer
                            -Song: "Hi My Freind"
                            -Six unique quests
                            -Dragon pixel art + boss fight
                            -Lots of detail
                            -Lots of story

                            Me and my friends would love to see this world as WOTD soon and I hope you check out this awesome world we made together!
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                            Hi I'm BrayBrick225 a large growtopia fan and builder!
                            10 WOTDs My prized possessions.


                            • 'FIGHT' for WOTD!

                              This world is a game pack theme. It has 4 pixel arts; 1 for each team!
                              Nothing like other worlds, I think it deserves WOTD!


                              • Beegame for WOTD?
                                Hello Seth and Hamumu.I had this world for a few mouths now and I really think its a cool take on strategical Blue Vs Red CTF.As you can tell from the name, I went with a friendly bee/nature themed world, empathising geometrical design for the scenary itself.

                                - The world is built on the idea a player would always have the possibility to chose their own route to capture the flag , do a surprise attack , etc. Each route is a mix of SAFETY and SPEED (the fastest route to the flag will easily get you killed ) As expected , its easier to defend then to attack.

                                - I will now do a short description of my favourite route to get the flag. If you fall down and jump into the hive at the bottom, you will find yourself in the central tower. Get past the obstacles and you will have acces to both your teams flag and the enemy flag via jump pads. Perfect for a surprise attack.

                                -3 towers to improve your mobility and make your escape
                                -A middle area where the flags are located with plenty of ways to get inside (or out)
                                -Friendly colour theme
                                -Unique geometrical design
                                -Closeable dragon gates
                                -Weather and Z Jammer ( all that good stuff )
                                -Plenty of routes to explore

                                THE RENDER

                                P.S The gameblocks are in the little outposts below the spawn but they didnt show up : /
                                Also , have a nice day
                                And the game goals are now 0
                                This is my pet necromancer dragon...:ninja:

                                :prophet:Any last wish...