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Is your world good enough to be a World Of The Day?!

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  • Is your world good enough to be a World Of The Day?!

    (opening a new thread, the old one was too big and actually getting slower to navigate!)

    If you want Seth and Hamumu to add your world to the "Possible World of The Day List", just reply to this thread with the world name.

    We manually give WOTD so it's more than just achieving high rankings in /top.

    We base our decision on many factors, but roughly in this order:
    • Theme/originality (do NOT copy music!)
    • How FUN it is for a player (if it's just music or pixel art with nothing to do, that probably won't win anymore)
    • Good rankings/popularity help, as I look at all the ones in /top
    • If the owner is currently on (that way he/she can ban annoying people as it gets very crowded) - or at least has played recently
    • If the person has already won WOTD recently I'm less likely to give it (it can happen though..)
    • If half the world is undeveloped (like dirt or whatever) I'm less likely to give it
    • Worlds with controversial or possibly offensive subject matter won't win
    • Campaigning with broadcasts/forum posts does help, because it shows you're active in the game and your world is ready to be looked at. So if you have a old world that didn't get WOTD and deserves it, feel free to post about it again in the forums for a second look, it shows you'll be around to admin it if you win.
    • Slightly less likely to give it to mods as that looks sort of.. well, you know
    • Players who are currently taped/banned are not eligible to win

    What do you get when you win WOTD?
    • An awesome trophy magically appears in your inventory
    • "WOTD winner" is shown every time someone enters your world
    • You're added to the WOTD winner list in /top
    • 10 Growtokens
    • RESPECT!

    Our choices aren't perfect and we do screw up... but we do our best!

    NOTE: Worlds that use tricks to get more Growtokens (like autoruns in a different world, or mazes in a different world before you can enter) probably won't win WOTD. If it's added right after winning, the award may be removed.

    NOTE: Please don't post your world to this thread more than once in three days - it could hurt your chances to be picked!

    NOTE: Please don't "nominate" posted worlds using alt accounts

    NOTE: Don't block your world so people can't get in, it can't be wotd in that case. Worlds that have any shady practices in them won't win either. (Autoruns, sneaky warps to other worlds, selling other worlds that were name-squatted, etc)

    NOTE: Please don't make your world too hard, especially the first half - players should be able to finish it! I've had to ignore some very good worlds because they were just ridiculously hard.

    NOTE: Always test your world with an account that does NOT HAVE ACCESS - this is the only way to be sure you didn't accidently leave a door locked to the public that makes your world impossible to finish!

    Hint: Even if your world doesn't win, sometimes we leaves signs near the white door with tips on how to improve things so it will win!
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    First .

    "Be the change that you wish to see in the world"


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      Originally posted by Lionex01 View Post
      First .
      To be honest, we really don't care.
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        Rest in peace the thread with most replies.

        Other stuff:

        "If you can't control your peanut butter, you can't expect to control your life."

        -Bill Watterson


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          Ok guys, as promised, here is my WOTD attempt.Click image for larger version

Name:	ghoststeps.png
Views:	2
Size:	634.8 KB
ID:	6515337

          The world is GHOSTSTEPS.
          You are on a small camping trip with your friends. Until you seee a dim lit cavern. Curiousity overwhelms you as you walk inside to look around. You keep going deeper with your hopes high to find something cool until you here a noise. An eerie shreek pierces throught the humid cave air as you pick up your pace. Will you make it out alive?

          Your fate lies witihin your hands.
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            Thank God. I thought the devs werent doing WOTDs anymore lmao


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              WOTD in progress (i hope)

              Hey uh.. so I just had a great parkour concept regarding doors and tapping. Basically it's something fun. Click image for larger version

Name:	tapfrenzy.png
Views:	1
Size:	389.9 KB
ID:	6511967 it isnt complete, but it will be


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                Click image for larger version

Name:	sillymama.png
Views:	3
Size:	344.7 KB
ID:	6511968SILLYMAMA for Wotd
                This is my and my friends main world
                The world has a little cute parkour feinding letter game and info about us also a little hangout Area
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                      New thread, yay!


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                        This world is base on the movie "Despicable Me 2"


                        One day, the evil supervillain "El Macho" stole the potent mutagen known as "PX-41"
                        He used it to Gru's Minions and the minions turned into Evil Minion
                        In order to cure the evil minions and turn it back become
                        normal minions, you should help Gru to find the antidote that Dr Nefario made.
                        You can get the antidote from the Dr Nefario's Lab
                        But, inside of the lab there are lots of obstacles such spike.
                        Can you get the antidote and cure all the minions near the Giant Minion Statue beside the lab?

                        • P and Z Jammer so no zombies and punchers will disturb you
                        • Night Machine
                        • Giant Minion Statue
                        • A big lab with parkour inside
                        • Banana song from "Minions Movie"
                        • And lots lots more!


                        In this summer, what is the best thing you can do? You decided to go to the beach.
                        From the beach, you can swim to one island. It is "Haunted Island". In that island you can play "Undersea Area" and "Air Balloons"When you almost finished the Undersea Area, you found lots of strange substance. You feel strange about it, then you walk again and find out there is a portal. When you entered it, you go to inside of air balloon. The air balloon is not working because it is
                        just a game made there! What is the end? Is the "Haunted chemical" SAFEfor Beach and sea?
                        Or is it dangerous? Check it out here!

                        • P and Z jammer so there is no zombie or puncher
                        • Really nice song
                        • Beach blast
                        • Undersea area parkour
                        • Air balloons parkour
                        • Summerfest theme world
                        • A place to enjoy your time with your friend
                        • Shark pixel art
                        • And many others
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                          Ma world called AMUFA
                          Steam based "game" where you have to find a way trough the sectors. Has 2 parkours. One is optional and hard. Noob friendly.
                          This took a lot of my time especially designing each sector to look as different from the other ones as possible c: .
                          Here is the render Click image for larger version

Name:	amufa.png
Views:	3
Size:	445.7 KB
ID:	6511970

                          This is my 2nd attempt for a WOTD


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                            MRTHADAWEE (potential future WOTD? You be the judge)

                            Granted it's not 100% polished but if push comes to shove I reckon I can quickly get stuff done, practically the story just didn't make sense so I could just have the game pack run, it proves as a very fun arena and makes use of all the world rather creatively.

                            My world, MRTHADAWEE has been painstakingly designed and made on a rather frustratingly small budget, I decided to remodel it during the time I was a moderator, so that was back in 2015, the world had been slowly developing over that time and now I feel it's at least viable as a potential candidate for WOTD. But knowing how I'm a complete casual when it comes to projects, it was going to take some time before it looked nice enough for WOTD.

                            I've had much help from the admins, almost all of the main building was my doing but I could never have done it without my beloved admin team, they have helped me supply the many resources for the world and have helped me with advice, hosting events and just generally being very helpful all throughout, I plan to host some fun events for people with the help of my charismatic and friendly admin team.

                            I think the world itself looks very nice, I keep trying to improve it here and there and compared to some real nice WOTD winners in the past I feel it isn't the best, yet I'm putting it up here for Seth to consider as I've had the world in this state for some time and have been considering whether or not to at least offer it up as a potential candidate for some time. I know it's not perfect, I know it's not the best but I'm giving it a go nevertheless...

                            The world is practically a huge castle made in my own unique style. The winged roofs were inspired from the Gondorian city of Dol Amroth from the Lord Of The Rings trilogy, (you'll be surprised where I get my inspiration from), the Celtic cross symbols look really nice with the world, the theme is a mixture between a strong fort and a noble castle.
                            I have a real OCD for symmetry and it's proven to pay off, the world looks nice but I'm sort of worrying over the fact that it appears as only eye candy with nothing much else to do...

                            I tried making a sort of scavenger hunt which involves a lot of searching around for passwords and whatnot, but to simplify it, I am putting up the simple "find the letters" challenge, not because I'm lazy, but because I figured it would have been much to complex and vague with the initial riddles and what not. While I think it has sort of dumbed down the world somewhat, past experience with how players respond to mind boggling challenges has shown me that it's wiser to just make it nice and simple, short, fun, engaging and snappy. Also the game pack is a lot of fun and if it were WOTD I think I'd have the game pack on just to give people something to do there. We'll see how it goes. I'm not ruling out RP by any means... I have done some very interesting RP acting with players and that also goes well as a way to engage people with the world, I think the true charm of the world is the ability for me and my admins acting out rather advanced plots and having the general public join in whenever they feel like it and being part of the story too, we've had kings go mad because of evil wizards, some torture dungeon with man eating silkworms, someone emptying the entire supply of cider in the cells because rats were everywhere... At one point I think there was some sort of war too. Basically the world could also be pitched as a RP world if people will play along... If they for whatever reason decide not to, the game pack is very useful for engaging people. Battles never get old. :^)

                            Note on the naked statues:
                            the mannequins used to all have clothes on but they mysteriously disappeared (or were taken!), that alone was one of the reasons I have been holding off on submitting this world for WOTD because I splashed out on the pet update and don't have the wls to buy the items to actually clothe the mannequins again,

                            Note on the strange stuff to the left:

                            While it's not necessarily a part of the world, the top left is an admin room so I can communicate with my admins. The room above the tavern is designed to only be opened when I'm hosting an event, I know it takes some room for potential new content in the world but I felt it was necessary to build as it makes a special place for hosting events and talking to people.

                            The world was originally made in early 2013, when I got wls for resources, I made the world into something, it was a trippy mess of coloured blocks in many patterns and the rooms were full of crude humor (nothing to rude mind you!), it remained in its weird state for a while, it looked nice at the start, back when the quality of WOTDs were nothing like todays standards, the world was mine though and I loved it.

                            I then wanted to build a true world worthy of a high standard, so I got to work building the design that is around today, it took me some time until I came up with a final design, so I held off for a while, now behold! The steel castle of the White halls!

                            Picture in the spoiler container.

                            Even if this world doesn't make WOTD at this point in time, I'm posting it here for future reference.


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                              MAZECAVERNS for WOTD [

                              Yay got'em
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