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Nominate Your World for WOTD Here! [March - May Cycle]

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  • I nominate my world.

    I put countless hours into building WORLDS perfectly suited for less experienced players to socialize and relax and have fun! I have a story on why I made the world in the WORLD BEACHAREA.
    My Grow ID is SimplyMikGT
    The world name is BEACHAREA
    Features of the world:
    - Zombie and punch jammers
    - Relaxation
    - Great party zone

    Here is the render
    Attached Files



      World name:HORNMAZE

      STORY PLOT: You have been summoned in the horn realm by the horn king. To go back to your earth you must defeat the horn king by a series of challenges and obstacles. Now go defeat the horn kings challenge to go back to your world.

      Punch and zombie jammer
      Night weather
      Pixel arts

      Click image for larger version

Name:	hornmaze.png
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Size:	142.0 KB
ID:	6584150


      • THETIMEJUMPERS by MrStreak

        The Time Jumpers is an adventure and parkour world. You have the ability to jump trough times and you want to unlock your full potential. After saying goodbye to your friend in Wayward Town, you decided to start your adventure by using your power. It might be fun to go back in time, but you haven't known the consequences of doing it too far.
        Find out what's next by going into the THETIMEJUMPERS.
        This world is compatible for newbies with no wings or shoes, so they can enjoy the world too.

        The story wasn't inspired by anything, it's just because of the world's name. Credit to MrConfirm that provided the night weather machine, some resources and made the song.

        This world contains:
        -PZ Jammer
        -Night and Sunny Weather Machine
        -Adventure Items
        -Sad Song

        Click image for larger version

Name:	thetimejumpers.png
Views:	4
Size:	338.1 KB
ID:	6584153
        IGN: MrStreak


        • LoveAndCheers

          May I still nominate LoveAndCheers?

          I want to share joy and behavior and perspective. One cheer shared to one and re-shared to another...and to another...and so on and so forth. This is what the entire theme wants to convey. Sharing LoveAndCheers everyday and any day that we can do with only one act of sharing that can double or triple or ...who knows how much?

          Here, parkour represents the act of sharing. It can be easy and comes naturally to some but difficult to others. But even if others may find it hard, it doesn't mean it's no longer possible.

          I personally made the happy and upbeat song from the anime www.working. I also put the neccesary jammers, fire house and weather machine. Medium to hard parkour, a simple dialogue story, some cool bits of information, and a cool overall design focusing on one theme.

          Thank you

          IGN; Silicachan

          Click image for larger version

Name:	latest lac.png
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Size:	290.8 KB
ID:	6584154




            This is a world made for people to enjoy scenery and playing parkour.
            The parkour contains new or rare parkour method, using snow block to
            slow down their jump height. And using waterfalls to block their jump while in
            the water.

            The world contains:
            - PZ Jammers
            - Epoch Weather (Floating Island only)
            I WLL MISS M1TCH, BYE !!!!

            Originally posted by M1tch
            Bye, AlyMilk ;) Best of luck and thank you for your kind words :D



              (Noxie and I currently share the same account, he’s my brother irl)
              World about a princess falling in love, it contains:
              - 2 Special different endings
              - Adventure items gameplay & Parkours


              Can you beat this almost impos-very possible maze without the renders?
              - Ghosts as obstacles
              - Maze with timers & dark cave walls


              Adventure Mini Games world, which includes:
              - Beat and timer and feed all the Gorillas
              - Find the Rope in the maze and climb to the top
              - Brazier and torches parkour
              - The mystery door game (luck)
              - Find the passwords and get into the balloon


              The psychic staring effect is a supposed phenomenon in which humans detect being stared at by extrasensory means.
              - Storyline


              Giving, have became one of your biggest fear...but why?
              - Storyline about you fighting against your fear.


              The world had come to its end, there’s no stopping, only escaping.
              - Cybots Parkour
              - Obelisk and Sungate Game
              - Story about how the world ended


              2019 is here, a new year, are you ready for the party?
              - Parkour and mini games
              - Tower of luck
              may my demise be a promise to you.


              • SSSW

                Click image for larger version

Name:	sssw-1.png
Views:	1
Size:	522.7 KB
ID:	6584155

                This world has:
                1, PZ Jammer, Ghost charm, Fire house, CCTV
                2. Mini parkour with mini level step
                3. Mini adventure
                4. Have funny troll traps everywhere
                5. V.I.P room after play parkour


                • Presenting AIcouples


                  im bored so i decide to nominate my world again.

                  so this world has parkour and a word search, and you are able to roam around the world if you don't feel like doing anything.

                  made for the valentine's building contest, supposedly.

                  the world has p and z jammer and a firehouse, in case someone is naughty lol.

                  anyways, have fun there if you decide to pay a visit. thanks


                  heres a render
                  Click image for larger version

Name:	aicouples2.png
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Size:	339.8 KB
ID:	6584156


                  • Scary Motel

                    My candidate for WOTD:

                    GrowID: PandaKiddo
                    World: SCARYMOTEL

                    After leaving a cave, you find yourself a Motel, you are tasked to go out of the motel. You have to go through 5 levels:
                    1. The Motel
                    2. The Dark Cave
                    3. The Cloud Cave
                    4. Hell
                    5. Underwater Cave

                    This parkour is short and only took 5-10 minutes to finish, oh, you only have 50 lives and if you lose all, you restart.
                    Facts about parkour:
                    1. Have PZ Jammer
                    2. Have Growganoth Weather
                    3. Kind of hard to finish without wings
                    4. Mouse gaps (spikes on top of 1 block holes)
                    5. Adventure Items
                    6. Designed by HuntsManX
                    Click image for larger version

Name:	scarymotel.png
Views:	1
Size:	407.1 KB
ID:	6584161

                    Hope I won WOTD, support me guys, this could be my first WOTD


                    • EasterDayScene By JYay For WOTD

                      After many days of searching for ideas to create a world. Finally, the EasterDayScene world is completed. It took ideas from Easter day event with lots of interesting details, the world is perfectly suited for everyone to have fun, entertainment. I hope everyone enjoyed it and have a great experience.

                      *World contains:

                      -Punch Jammer
                      -Zombie Jammer
                      -Weather Machine - Background
                      -Fire House

                      *World's Features:

                      - Colorful Rainbow Pixel Art.
                      -Lovely Bunny Pixel Art With Parkour Inside.
                      - Colorful Easter Egg Pixel Art With Parkour Inside.
                      - VIP Area
                      - Adventure Item
                      -You absolutely can finish parkour without wings or parasol.
                      *I don't have many unique ideas about story, so I have focused on exploiting. Easter:
                      - The meaning of Easter Day
                      -The origin of the name
                      - Meaningful popular Images during Easter Day.

                      Here's the render:
                      Click image for larger version

Name:	easterdayscene.png
Views:	1
Size:	268.4 KB
ID:	6584165
                      Thank You!


                      • Creativeareas By Jojobean

                        Introducing after months of hard work and teamwork, Creativeareas is done! This world connects dozens of peoples creations into one cohesive adventure and world! The world has parkour, stories, and Mazes, even pixel art!


                        Cohesive one world
                        Noobie friendly
                        Punch and zombie jammers
                        stuff weather machine
                        Edited for ease

                        Huge thanks to our builders who helped:


                        render:Click image for larger version

Name:	7F9E84D5-D7C5-47D1-B66B-EC222494A17A.png
Views:	5
Size:	621.1 KB
ID:	6584168
                        I like working, pizza, and also Agario!

                        Donate? Go to JOJOBEANHD!!!!!

                        Wotds: 23 And Counting!
                        Thanks for wotd seth! H4lloweenStuff 2/23/17
                        ^ First wotd!
                        Thanks to GOOGLEMYNAME for this epic art!


                        • GravityFallGT For Wotd

                          Grow Id: IcyEndGT
                          Hey! THis time,i did Some improvements to my adventure World! Hoping You Would Love it!,if there any mistake,please tell.Ty
                          Click image for larger version

Name:	gravityfallgt.png
Views:	2
Size:	609.7 KB
ID:	6584169
                          World Contain:
                          Steam Parkour(Enjoyable With More People)
                          Cybots,GravityWell(it pulling u,so be more alert!)
                          i Use Some painting to match with the world!
                          A ART! (BILL Chiper Art From Gravity Falls)
                          Gravity Fall Song!
                          And more!,you can read Bulletin board at white DOor
                          Oh No! Dr.Destructor are team worked with Bill CHiper To taking over Gravity fall! They also Have Captured You parents! What Shall You Do!? Meanwhile Dr Destructor has planted Some traps such as Cybots and Else! Better becarefull While Adventuring! GG
                          THANK YOU FOR READ!


                          • Nominating The World PRAZED For WOTD

                            Click image for larger version

Name:	prazed (1).png
Views:	1
Size:	210.9 KB
ID:	6584171

                            This World Is A Unique Idea Using People With Fairly Rare Names, Its Purpose Is To Help People That Are Newer To The Game/Or Just To Read Stories On What And What Not To Do In Growtopia. Every Person Has Consented To Putting A Heart Monitor Down And Writing Their Story Of How They Started/Came To Be In GT. All Credit Goes To The Ones Who Have Written Their Stories. There Are Right Around 30 Participants At The Moment But Could Use More.

                            Built With 483 Small Locks
                            Has Punch And Zombie Jammers, As Well As A Security Camera And Stuff Weather Machine.
                            Iv Put All 5 Rollback Plaques In The World Representing The Struggles The Game Has Been Through, And The Struggles Us As The Players Will Keep Going Through.

                            If You Have A Decently Rare Name And Would Like To Join, DM Me.
                            I'm Also Looking For A Legend/Moderator To Sponsor The World And Write Their Story Down, So DM Me Please.

                            IGN: piz
                            Instagram: Wayne Amodio
                            This Is My First Post On Forums
                            Last edited by piz_gt; 04-02-2019, 02:46 PM.
                            IGN: piz
                            Level: 59
                            Days: 2500+
                            Instagram: Wayne Amodio
                            Job: Midman/Friend


                            • Valenhills for World Of The Day

                              Valenhills is a world I made during this year’s valentines week. It’s about you and your three friends, who decide to take a break from the stressful citylife, and have a vacation in the valenhills. You, the protagonist, hate everything about love, which is why your friends planned this since the start, they want to give you a new perspective of love and happiness by going to the valenhills. This world contains a story, some parkour, riddles, and puzzles, with many areas to explore. All this together with a fitting song.

                              Render of the world:
                              Click image for larger version

Name:	60CE3215-750E-4A6F-A788-160C3709AC1A.png
Views:	3
Size:	792.0 KB
ID:	6584179

                              I hope you’ll like the world!

                              IGN: Anton0202
                              Hey, I'm Anton0202!
                              I’m just a guy who loves to build worlds!
                              16 WOTDs and counting...
                              Creator of the Swedish Start world.


                              • TINKERBELLFAIRY by PPVStar

                                Story, The fairy in Growtopia have got his own new owner. But the owner seems to start forget his fairy after he got his new Kelpie pet. The fairy start feeling sad, and fly back to the blarney stone. The owner realized the BLARNEY is closed, what should he do to get his fairy back? Find out in the world THINKERBELLFAIRY

                                -Weather machine - Valentine
                                -Punch and Zombie jammer
                                -Story about a Fairy
                                -Death Trap walls
                                -Up, Up, and Away Block

                                Owner: PPVStar

                                Click image for larger version

Name:	Tinkerbellfairy.png
Views:	1
Size:	929.6 KB
ID:	6584180

                                thank you for all the advices and tips! And good luck!