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Nominate Your World for WOTD Here! [March - May Cycle]

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  • ExploreTheMars by DyzerKeyzer

    Click image for larger version

Name:	Screenshot_20190408_110110.jpeg
Views:	1
Size:	250.5 KB
ID:	6584312

    Owner : DyzerKeyzer

    World Feature :
    -Basic Jammer
    -Mars Background
    -Cybots & Trickster
    -Steampunk system
    -Adventure items
    -Credit board

    Render :
    Click image for larger version

Name:	explorethemars.png
Views:	1
Size:	361.0 KB
ID:	6584313

    I spent tons of time for made this world.hope its worth
    Thank you @NekoRei
    IGN: DyzerKeyzer

    Goals :

    1.100% Awesomeness : [100/100] [ √ ]
    2.Have Focused Eye : [100/100] [ √ ]
    3.Have 200 DLs : [32/200] [ X ]
    4.Won 10 WOTD this year : [ 3/10 ] [ X ]

    Join Growtopia Builder Discord Here!


    • the world have story of the sword its my firts wotd

      My name / growid : Itschokys
      Name world : Theswordstory
      Name onwer : Itschokys

      My Goal :
      1.Want make bfg
      2. Want buy a rayman
      3. Want to be Rich farmer

      World feature :
      - Have Story
      - Link render world
      - have parkour
      - have jammer punch jammer and zombie jammer
      - have weather
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      • GrowId : bruzty
        Hello everyone! I want to show you my new world called : TheToiletRoom , a parkour world.
        You can get inside the sink , toilet etc. The backround of that toiletroom is a big parkour , have a lot of adventures , you will not boring here!
        World has :
        P/Z jammers
        Weather machine - snowy
        Adventure puzzles
        Click image for larger version

Name:	thetoiletroom.png
Views:	1
Size:	419.4 KB
ID:	6584320
        Haha thank you!
        Have a nice day!



          GrowID: OFFERES

          Newest Render World :
          Click image for larger version

Name:	WhatsApp Image 2019-04-08 at 11.41.04.jpeg
Views:	3
Size:	165.1 KB
ID:	6584326

          A Short Story:
          I Was the Strongest, i want to Kill the STRONGESTMONSTER in this World.... A Rumor Said that in this Dungeon Lives a STRONGESTMONSTER ill think about to Hunt it. an new adventure is about to begin

          Btw, This world Have an Unique Ending, Its have 3 Ending .... its depends of your last Choise
          Pls Try This World....

          This World Contain:
          P and Z Jammer, so you cant Punch and no Zombie there
          Weather Junggel
          Parkour and Story of adventurer
          Adventure Item (Torch,Banana,Gate,and other)
          Unique Monster (SLIME) Pixel Art

          Hi Ubisoft, thanks for Your nice Update ;v
          Thanks NekoRei
          Thank you


          • MyFirst pixel art

            Nooooo ! Gravity Machine is stopped
            İ need complate the parkour and fix it.

            Click image for larger version

Name:	pllni (1).png
Views:	2
Size:	177.7 KB
ID:	6584327

            Graaavityy Paarkourrr
            You can Complate the Parkour and Get Prize

            İ Need wotd for epic quest

            World Has :
            Punch Jammer
            Zombie Jammer
            Royal Lock
            İ love you Nekorei


            • My worlds for wotd

              Click image for larger version

Name:	tigersrace.png
Views:	6
Size:	335.1 KB
ID:	6584332

              Click image for larger version

Name:	voided.png
Views:	5
Size:	305.3 KB
ID:	6584333

              AWESOME PARKOURS


              • WOTD Attempt

                Username: Wisdum.
                World name: FORGOTTENWONDERLAND.
                About world: it's an adventure/parkour map with a short story.
                Jammers: 1. Punch jammer 2. Zombie jammer 3. Ghost charm 4. Fire house 5. Pineapple guardian 6. Mini mod.
                World render:
                Click image for larger version

Name:	forgottenwonderland.png
Views:	3
Size:	1.29 MB
ID:	6584335


                • EVERYDARK by voony

                  Click image for larger version

Name:	everydark.png
Views:	2
Size:	120.3 KB
ID:	6584337

                  "Oh! No, the RAINBOW SUN is starting to get darker and darker."

                  The Black Hole is acquiring the RAINBOW SUN.

                  CHIEF! Your task is to stop the blackhole from acquiring the rainbow sun, and you need to go to the center of the rainbowlight.
                  As you go to the rainbowlights, you will encounter obstables but make sure you should be aware of your surroundings because I can't guarantee that you will be back same cause you were just given one life to save the Rainbow sun.

                  I hope you can make the RAINBOW SUN came back from its true color.

                  Why EVERYDARK?
                  Because if you fail to save the RAINBOW SUN, everyday our life will be full of darkness. So, EVERYDAY + DARK = EVERYDARK

                  World Includes:
                  Punch Jammer
                  Zombie Jammer
                  Weather Machine- Nothingness
                  Adventure Parkour
                  World Design

                  Thank you for reading!
                  LEVEL (86/90)
                  FOCUSED EYES (100/100)DONE!
                  GOLDEN PICKAXE (200/200)

                  FIRST WINNER OF WOTD TROPHY-2019 (CAVEOFWEALTH--MARCH 01, 2019)

                  FIRST WINNER OF WOTD TROPHY-2020 (WINGEDSUN--JANUARY 09, 2020)

                  IG: @voony_gt


                  • Brightest Stars From Orbit

                    GrowID: Poyoyo
                    World: Hanseatic

                    ●World has 4 categories that represent our country.
                    ●Amazing Story and Colorful Design
                    ●Facts and More to DiscoverClick image for larger version

Name:	hanseatic (1).png
Views:	1
Size:	375.4 KB
ID:	6584338

                    This world contains:
                    -Music: Despacito
                    -Punch And Zombie Jammer
                    -Ghost Charm
                    -Warp Speed Weather
                    -Colorful Design
                    -Pineapple Guardian and CCTV
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                    • GARDENSHEART by JacksHeart

                      Click image for larger version

Name:	gardensheart.png
Views:	1
Size:	598.9 KB
ID:	6584340

                      Click image for larger version

Name:	Screen Shot 2019-04-09 at 12.07.34 AM.png
Views:	1
Size:	256.3 KB
ID:	6584339

                      I'm so excited to finally present to you after 50+ hours of work, GARDENSHEART!

                      GARDENSHHEART is a parkour adventure world that utilizes adventure items.

                      GARDENSHEART takes place in the year 2068, all of Growtopia is taken over by THE GARDEN. It is your job to take out the source and save all of Growtopia. The team sent before you went to Sector 808 to elminiate a reported group of STALKERS. The entire team went missing, but one week after their deployment a member returned. She was traumatized and all she had to say was "BEWARE THE HEART!"

                      This world has many different stages:
                      -Jungle Parkour
                      -Lava Parkour
                      -Water Parkour
                      -Sun gate

                      World Has:
                      - Punch and Zombie Jammer!
                      - Song
                      - A board thanking people who helped and inspired me

                      This would also be my first WOTD!
                      Last edited by Model-285; 04-09-2019, 05:59 AM.
                      I first started playing on December 23, 2013!

                      Previous Names: Vlare, Verst, LunaHaider, JacksHeart (Current)
                      Level: 56
                      Tokens: 12/200

                      - 2/15 WOTDS [INCOMPLETE]
                      - Legendary Dragon [INCOMPLETE]


                      • Broken Gravity Parkour

                        Story :

                        Click image for larger version

Name:	WhatsApp Image 2019-04-09 at 22.20.53.jpeg
Views:	2
Size:	47.9 KB
ID:	6584351

                        Render World :

                        Click image for larger version

Name:	pllni.png
Views:	2
Size:	129.7 KB
ID:	6584352

                        Ownerr Name : Gevl

                        World Has
                        Punch And Zombie Jammer
                        Royal Lock
                        Weather Machine Background
                        Anti Gravity Generator
                        And More !!

                        İ Love You NEKOREİ : )

                        World Dont have other world doors


                        • THETIMEJUMPERS
                          The Time Jumpers is an adventure and parkour world. You have the ability to jump trough times and you want to unlock your full potential. After saying goodbye to your friend in Wayward Town, you decided to start your adventure by using your power. It might be fun to go back in time, but you haven't known the consequences of doing it too far.
                          Find out what's next by going into the THETIMEJUMPERS.
                          This world is compatible for newbies with no wings or shoes, so they can enjoy the world too.

                          The story wasn't inspired by anything, it's just because of the world's name. Credit to MrConfirm that provided the night weather machine, some resources and made the song.

                          This world contains:
                          -PZ Jammer
                          -Night and Sunny Weather Machine
                          -Adventure Items
                          -Sad Song

                          Click image for larger version

Name:	thetimejumpers.png
Views:	1
Size:	342.6 KB
ID:	6584357
                          IGN: MrStreak


                          • Comeback na nila! Ip****o nyo naman.

                            BTSINACTION FOR WOTD!

                            Owner/GrowID: MHEOW (that's me!)
                            World: BTSINACTION

                            World has:
                            P & Z Jammers, Weather- Rainy City, Fun Adventure, Story, Song (Fake Love by BTS), BTS Logo, Army Bomb Lightstick Pixel, and Medium-Hard Parkour

                            I also put a board above the white door for the credits and inspired things.

                            Theme: A fanboy/ fangirl adventure for his/her idol.

                            Army is growing rapidly. Army is the fandom of a Korean-pop group BTS. As an appreciation for this, BigHit organized a very special event for Armies. This is called... the BTS in Action Event where you will be challenged for a difficult parkour and puzzles. The winner will win a meet and greet to the 7 members at the end of the challenge. Are you ready to meet Jungkook, Taehyung, Jimin, RM, Jin, J-hope, and Suga? If yes, lets start the adventure.

                            Click image for larger version

Views:	2
Size:	108.6 KB
ID:	6584359

                            Nekorei, beke nemen o. Comeback ih hehe

                            STREAM PERSONA ON APRIL 12 KAHIT DI AQ ARMY
                            IGN: MHEOW

                            Instagram: @mheow_gt

                            "Whatever you do and say, people will judge you"


                            • Renderworld
                              Click image for larger version

Name:	ruinedtower.png
Views:	9
Size:	509.8 KB
ID:	6584360

                              A short synopsis :
                              Rainy, cold, and there's no sun shining on the forest. Two adventurer found this tower and ruined, surrounding with flying bat and hanging thread from spider. The rune says, This tower has the owner was alive in beside houses. Just saying that named Roney, what they found a message inside house.

                              This is a Plus Point!:
                              ~Gravity Well, Death Trap wall, and other Adv. Items.
                              ~Punch and Zombie Jammer
                              ~Song played : Masked heroes - Vexento
                              ~Have a storyline (They're indeed).

                              Damn, thanks for concerned the copy-paste thread.

                              Bluragon's can go anywhere, if i will on there, don't get surprised.

                              Check out of this video ^^


                              • What would be a fun night with friends, turns out to be his worst day of his life.

                                Click image for larger version

Name:	skele.png
Views:	13
Size:	277.5 KB
ID:	6584362

                                Story about a pizzarunner and his amazing adventures!

                                Click image for larger version

Name:	pizzaK.png
Views:	12
Size:	228.7 KB
ID:	6584363