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Nominate Your World for WOTD Here! [March - May Cycle]

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  • GrowGuardian for WOTD by (StarkSpark)

    A world i put alot of hard work on, i featured mods as side charecters.
    The story is about being a super hero trying to capture a villian who is stealing and hurting people, world is stocked with puzzles

    GrowID : StarkSpark
    WorldID : GrowGuardian

    -Puzzles (many of them)
    -Adventure items (also many)
    -Credit board
    -PZ jammers
    -newb friendly (wings/ shoes/ parasoll) not needed

    Special thanks to nekorei for making my day by choosing my first WOTD , hope you like this one aswell ! <3
    Also thanks for all the mods visiting WOTD winners and doing sb for them, thanks for making the game fun and full of creativity ! (Sorry if i misspelled stuff)

    Render :
    Click image for larger version

Name:	growguardian (1).png
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Size:	536.7 KB
ID:	6585756


    • RamadhanTime For WOTD

      Grow ID:IcyEndGT
      I Build This World To Respect A Holy Month Ramadan Muslim people and i wanted all People even non muslim to join together By playing this world together! This World About: You Need To Save Ramadan Month By Helping Owner Mosque To Find their Key! Find all 4 Key!
      -Song (ramadan Tiba-opick)
      -Art(arabic Word using tangram)
      -Challenging Parkour and TeamWork Required
      -A Steam Parkour
      -Contain Pz Jammer,Ghost Charm And FireHouse

      Ty For Read,Special Thanks To All My Friends And People Who Always Supporting Me And My Wotd World ;).Happy Mubarak Ramadan Al Kareem And Happy Eid Fitri.

      Click image for larger version

Name:	ramadhantime.png
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Size:	590.4 KB
ID:	6585758


      • Nomination for WOTD world przkour - by prezy2 admin:grilledwater

        Click image for larger version

Name:	15068B2D-0C0B-4783-AC8D-D3A151BD255C.png
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Size:	503.9 KB
ID:	6585757

        This world contains-

        -PZ Jammer

        -weather machine (stuff)

        -online monitoring with admins

        -semi story

        *about the world*

        This world is basically like an end sort of , this world is packed with different levels
        To discover plus it’s kids friendly as it’s cool and different I’ve tested this parkour
        More than 9 times to make sure it’s easy and with that being said it was an honor making this parkour for everyone to enjoy and have fun .

        *final words *

        I hope this world gets WOTD because I’ve never gotten a WOTD before I wanna live the
        Experience of being a winner!, thanks to everyone who read this massage and I hope
        You readers have a great day


        • SwitchYard - Train World!

          World Name : SWITCHYARD
          Owner’s Name : bmirae99
          Credit Board Prepared

          I prepared a kind of unique themed world for you! The Train World!
          I guess this is the first world with trains in GT, and this is my WOTD Attempt.

          Click image for larger version

Name:	FB2DD3F0-F450-4638-B9EF-31679D394BBE.png
Views:	3
Size:	237.0 KB
ID:	6585760

          SwitchYard features 6 lanes, each with unique kind of trains.
          Lemme introduce those trains from the bottom.
          First one is called KTX, Korean Express Train in Korail Livery.
          Second one is Freigh Train that comes with Container Box Parkour. It’s also in Korail Livery.
          Third one is Korean Subway. Korail Livery, Again.
          Fourth one is Heavy Freight Train with Custom Freights. It’s in Union Pacific Livery.
          Fifth one is Everyone’s Favorite, Steam Locomotive and Event Cars. It’s the only one that have no actual counterparts. But I’m sure you will like the design.
          Last lane features Maintenance Trains. First one is Switch Tie Tamper. You will have to pass some part of this to find the password. Second one is Unimog with attached part. Last one is comprehensive maintenance train.

          In terms of Entertainment, SwitchYard Features Password game and some minigames.
          Each Lane have each one password. You will have to find 6 passwords to enter the 6th lane. Also, spleef and quiz show are there for you!

          These informations can also be found at the book next to the main gate of the station!

          Thank you for reading the thread. I hope you enjoy the time in trains!
          I’d like to get any kind of advices to improve the world.
          Thank You again, See you in Switchyard!
          IGN - bmirae99
          Guild - 2013(GL)

          Current Progress on WOTD Projects.

          GrowCruise World - WOTD in 2018.03.02!
          SwitchYard World - Done Building




            This world is based off of the 2012-2017 Nickelodeon series, "TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES (TMNT)."

            Follow the turtles in 3 missions, City Run, Stinky Sewers, and Hampton Hideout; venture into their sewer getaway to learn about other characters(the caves host guestbooks which have detailed information about characters and their profiles; there are over 20 other characters to learn about).

            Overall, the world has 3 interactive missions, 3 "ninja" parkour trials with mud puddles, one way blocks, up-up-and away blocks, a plethora of character information+ overviews of each season(1-5), and cool designs(thanks to my amazing friends).

            The world features 4 original pixel arts (the katana, Leonardo's weapon, the sai, Raphael's weapon, the nunchucks, Michelangelo's weapon, and the Bo staff, Donatello's weapon) made by me.

            Enjoy! "BOOYAKASHA," -Michelangelo

            P.S. this world won 1st place in Garade's Miscellaneous Giveaway!


            • PERY for WOTD?

              GrowID: INSZ
              World: PERY

              Description: This world tells story about time travel adventure. So at first you an adventurer, but you were kidnapped by someone who hates you. Then you planned to escape, but there are 30 door and you need to choose the correct door to getting out of the strange building. Suddenly you found a christmas tree, it looks like a normal one, but actually it's not normal because at that time it wasn't a christmas day. So you decided to approach to the tree and found a time machine called PERY.

              -Punch and Zombie jammer
              -Weather machine - comet
              -Credits near the white door
              -Four parts of stage
              -Adventure items

              Click image for larger version

Name:	pery.png
Views:	1
Size:	403.5 KB
ID:	6585774


              • My WOTD nomination

                World Name: Fossilturtorial

                LATEST RENDER:
                Click image for larger version

Name:	fossilturtorial.png
Views:	1
Size:	336.6 KB
ID:	6585773

                You are a young explorer who loves the wonders of nature.Expecially that underground. One day however, you came across an old library with very little people within it. You decided to relax and rhe library and read a book.
                You read a book about a secret enchanted cave with many wonders. Some say the cave contains massive, old and enchanted tools and items within it aswell. This cave has also rumored to contain many challages and anceint puzzles that only the best can solve.

                You decide to explore this cave and so your quest begins.

                World Layout.
                1)You start off in the old library and then go into a room explaining the full story before you can go on your adventure.

                2)You will start your main adventure ontop a giant, old an ancient fossil. Inside that parkour is a secret which you must use in the library to acess a secret passage leading to a dark, deadly maze of doors.Where only one is correct.

                3)Before acessing the gateway, you must find a pineapple hidden around the library.

                3)Once you acess the gateway, you will teleport to the middle of the massive fossil. There you will notice a gateway that will lead you to a few areas that you must complete and obtain any secret adventure items to advance further to the next stage in oder.

                4)You must complete and conquer :
                a) The secret lava bridge.
                b) The branch of the giant fossil brush.(to feed the stone gorilla)
                c)The top of the giant fossil brush.
                d) The secret tunnel.

                5)After that you will teleport to a tough parkour area at the spiral of the massive fossil.

                6)Once your quest is completed, you will be teleported to a massive rock hammer to give up your secret findings and enter the vip zone.

                Summary of world contents:
                1)Punch and zombie jammers.

                2)Night weather.

                3)credits near spawn. (even credits of world we got the song from, tittle of song and even worlds that we got a little inspiration from.)

                4)Nice, relaxing, exciting adventure like background music!

                5)gaint fossil brush, fossil, rock hammer pixel arts.
                With parkour inside em!

                6)Alot of usage of adventure items and gorillas.

                7)Giant pixel art of two stalagmites that you can go inside.

                8)A room at spawn explaining the story to players.

                9) A cybot to spice things up!

                All and all its a fun world and deserves a visit.
                IGN - MineDeath

                If life were predictable it would cease to be life, and be without flavor .

                Instagram Link!
                Discord Link!


                • Nominating for the WOTD

                  GrowID: Aeios
                  WorldName: AeiosGT

                  Early in the morning, when you are about to pee outside your house. You realize, you and your house is in the middle of a jungle. After you pee, you saw a Witch. The witch said "Do you love nature?" then you answer No.

                  You are about to go inside your house but the door suddenly lock by itself. Then you see a password door saying "You need to find the 10 letters hidden in the jungle". As you begin your journey to the woods, you will find the importance and beauty of the nature. Goodluck on your journey.

                  Latest render:
                  Click image for larger version

Name:	aeiosgt.png
Views:	2
Size:	1.37 MB
ID:	6585777

                  -Punch Jammers
                  -Zombie Jammers
                  -Fire House
                  -Weather Machine: Jungle

                  I'm so GLAM,
                  I sweat GLITTER.


                  • Nominating GrowGuardian for WOTD &lt;3

                    A world i put alot of hard work on, i featured mods as side charecters.
                    The story is about being a super hero trying to capture a villian who is stealing and hurting people, world is stocked with puzzles

                    GrowID : StarkSpark
                    WorldID : GrowGuardian

                    -Puzzles (alot of them)
                    -Adventure items (also alot of them)
                    -Credit board
                    -PZ jammers
                    -newbie friendly (wings/ shoes/ parasoll) not needed

                    Special thanks to nekorei who choose my first wotd and gave me hope to make anther !
                    And thanks to all the mods for keeping growtopia fun and safe <3
                    Hope you like my world xP

                    Render :
                    Click image for larger version

Name:	growguardian (2).png
Views:	1
Size:	544.9 KB
ID:	6585778


                    • MOTIVATI0N FOR WOTD?

                      Hello.. I would like to nominate my world MOTIVATI0N for WOTD


                      -Zombie Jammer
                      -Punch Jammer
                      -Fire House
                      -Weather machine - Wallpaper
                      -Tangram show : "SUCCESS" and "YES YOU CAN"
                      -Pixel Arts : A person climbing the ladders / two seperated stairs / Big old arrow - Up
                      -The world is about the road successful persons follow
                      -Climbing the stairs shows the effort levels and the dark part shows the give up level
                      -The world is about MOTIVATION only and there are many quotes during parkour to motivate people , the dark part has the bad things people tell (exp : You can't do it)

                      The person climbing the ladders is the only thing copied. Link :


                      Click image for larger version

Name:	motivati0n (1).png
Views:	5
Size:	209.5 KB
ID:	6585780

                      I hope you like it
                      Best regards


                      • Nominating CAVEOFORIGINS for WOTD

                        CAVEOFORIGINS by Kaito and Edwels

                        Click image for larger version

Name:	received_2021110251332542.jpeg
Views:	4
Size:	157.8 KB
ID:	6585782

                        Click image for larger version

Name:	Screenshot_2019-06-04-16-17-01-1.png
Views:	2
Size:	5.0 KB
ID:	6585783

                        A whole new world awaits to be explored, but yet the past must be learned before doing such actions. A young kid, innocent and fragile. A whisper in the air hustled through his ears saying... deep into a cave, origins have been sealed, find them to unravel the present, to change the future.

                        Items required before starting the adventure
                        *Any wings
                        *Any item that has a gliding effect (parasol is preferable)
                        *Any source of light for the dark maze cave (flashlight is preferable or... Spelunker's Headlamp, Night Vision Googles, or Hand Torch.

                        World Contains
                        *Punch Jammer, Zombie Jammer, Fire House, Ghost Charm and Mini - Mod
                        *Usage of Adventure Items
                        *Password Cracker
                        *Sungate Gameplay
                        *Extreme Parkour (all is tested, possible)
                        *Facts and Origins about the world
                        *Different sectors of Cave Parkours
                        *Winners and VIP Area
                        *Private Links to each cave
                        *Dark Maze Cave (hard)

                        Added some changes to the world
                        *CREDITORY located above right the white door
                        *WORLD CREDITORY (links) located above the tree
                        A demon never hides - therefore lurking in the beneath of the abyss, now bow down you puny little mortals!

                        IGN: Zytran
                        World: ZYTRAN
                        Instagram: @zytran_gt


                        • Closing this thread now to start the next cycle for June - August!

                          Start posting your entries here or on INSTAGRAM with the ENTRY REQUIREMENTS and this hashtag: #growwotdjun19