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Nominate Your World for WOTD Here! [June - August Cycle]

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  • Dragon nominating a world...

    Click image for larger version

Name:	thelastjudgements.png
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Size:	396.1 KB
ID:	6588196
    - Previous episode from Prismdimension of Elementforest WOTD, here's the continuous! -

    Synopsis : Whoosh, the dark hole teleported into red world with strange area. Suddenly, this is an actual arsonist hometown. Which this area has been taken away by his enemies.

    *) Two trickster
    *) 5 Up, Up and Away Blocks!

    In Additional.
    * Song playing : Maplestory - Temple of time
    * Punch and Zombie Jammer.
    * Stories!

    Bluragon's can go anywhere, if i will on there, don't get surprised.

    Check out of this video ^^


    • My 2nd WOTD attempt

      World Name: SCARYEYE
      Grow ID: uCode

      World Render:

      Click image for larger version

Name:	scaryeye.png
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Size:	724.2 KB
ID:	6588197

      World has Punch and Zombie Jammer

      I havent add a story but maybe I will if this didnt win in 3 days
      IGN: CodeAF (recently changed to Geovanic)
      Level: 75/125
      Road to Digger Spade: 126/200
      Road to BGL: 83dls/100dls

      "(insert an r/im14andthisisdeep quote here)"


      • Nomination for the world (STICKMENWAR) by grilledwater

        Click image for larger version

Name:	19181EA8-EF35-455A-B2B5-D4191DF24949.jpeg
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Size:	589.0 KB
ID:	6588202 Nomination for wotd. world (STICKMENWAR) by grilledwater.
        This world is one of a kind as it has a great story filled with excitement As well as an easy parkour and a password game that is easy so people from different languages can solve.
        (THE STORY)
        You were flying over the universes with your capsule when suddenly you got hit by a passing meteor. After that you fell and forgot where your capsule landed! You were on a planet that likes WAR! And all you saw were stickmen Fire and Water! Fighting!.You felt dangerous and decided to build your own bunker. The bunker turned out clean and good looking!. But felt bad because you were living here alone for the past 3 years!!. You built a device that can detect your capsule signals! You located your capsule so you decided to go for it!!!
        ((The story is written in the world))
        —-What dose this world contain?
        This world contains
        -Punch and zombie jammer
        -Epoch weather machine!
        -A full original story
        -6 stick man figures
        ——Why dose it deserve THE WOTD trophy? 🏆
        -It’s clean and fun as well as it’s all original as an idea. Adventure items are being used. Lots of paint to give the world a colourful punch!. And a Great looking pixel art .
        #growwotdjul19 #growtopia #growwotd @growtopia


        • Crazy Builders' Nomination


          By RayscarF (and the Crazy Builders)

          A nether-themed adventure world that has a story about you. You are a boy playing a game and then suddenly found a weird looking portal to the netherworld. You're wondering if this is a glitch so you explored the nether, and then tried to go back to the overworld.

          This world has:
          - Parkour
          - Maze
          - Riddles
          - Adventure items
          - Storyline
          - Credits near white door
          - P&Z Jammers, Firehouse, Weather Machine

          CURSEDNETHER (link)
          Click image for larger version

Name:	cursednether.png
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Size:	723.7 KB
ID:	6588213


          • STAFFMEMBERS for WOTD!!!

            Click image for larger version

Name:	staffmembers.png
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Size:	579.8 KB
ID:	6588214

            GrowID: 7075

            World Name: STAFFMEMBERS

            World Description: So basically, STAFFMEMBERS is similar to MODERATORS, but I actually decided to build my own new version of it, since I will be talking about all of the current Growtopia staff members wether they are a forum guardian, moderator, administrator (including all of the community managers, support specialists, programmers, designers etc). There is a lot of players in the game who do not have access to the forum for some reason and do not have any idea about what's happening behind the scenes of Growtopia. That's why I thought about building a world that includes all of these useful information where I also share a lot of awareness to our new players about all of these fake moderator applications out there, scammers etc. I also made a "FAQ" section in the world (frequently asked questions) where I answer to multiple questions such as what moderators do & who they are, about Ubisoft interns, moderator application, community managers, forum guardian etc.

            World Features:
            -Punch Jammer
            -Zombie Jammer
            -Weather Machine - Stuff (with a Fire Wand in it in order to make it compatible with the world's theme)
            -Mini Mod
            -Security Camera
            -Fire House
            -Music - Black Widow by Iggy Azalea ft. Rita Ora

            P.S: The guestbook is available next to the white entrance door!
            Confidence is the key. If you do not believe in yourself, NOBODY will.


            • RESORT for WOTD

              Summerfest is already done.... But don't worry RESORT will be open 24/7 for giving a good commodation and a hangout world. Invite your friends now and have fun to the world RESORT.

              Click image for larger version

Name:	WOTD.png
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Size:	540.9 KB
ID:	6588219

              World contains:
              * Punch Jammer
              * Zombie Jammer
              * Ofcourse a 3 level types of parkour ( Easy , Hard , Insane)
              * Hangout world
              * A Kawaii Summer song
              * Summer Feels
              * Prizes

              IGN : Teruhashi
              World : RESORT
              IGN: Makarow & Zerefs ( Both are my account )
              LVL: 117
              HOURS PLAYED: 8000+Hours
              PLAYED GROWTOPIA: APRIL 13,2013
              GUILD : Otaku

              GUILD WORLD : GuildParty

              1. Sponsor an Anime Items
              2. Get all Nami's Item
              3. To sleep 8 hours a day


              • Growid: Guccikido

                Worlrname: Tiktokki

                Hi I'm Bill And I Got Cured By an Witch Please! Help Me Complete The Magic Parkour To Get Me Too The Moon To Cure me!
                Visit Tiktokki For The Other Half Of Story

                Latest Render:

                Punch Jammer
                Zombie Jammer
                Weather Machine: night


                • THEFORESTMYSTERY For WOTD?

                  Click image for larger version

Name:	theforestmystery.png
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Size:	1.08 MB
ID:	6588220

                  THEFORESTMYSTERY By BabyAllyssa

                  StoryLine : You Go Out In A Forest Where You Head That 0 Living Creatures Live Inside

                  Rumours Has It Said That Who Ever That Went Inside The Forest Did Not Come Back

                  You Are The CHOSEN ONE!
                  To Conquer The Whole Forest
                  And rule the world!

                  World Includes :
                  PZ JAMMER
                  Nub Friendly Parkour
                  Cave Parkour
                  Forest Parkour
                  Sky Parkour
                  Usage Of Adventure Items
                  Winners Room


                  • SummerBloom for wotd

                    Hi guys. Who says summer is over? Guess what, it wasnt over yet. This world has a story about how the Summer was Created
                    Quick description
                    -A story
                    -Pixel art
                    -Easy to Medium parkour
                    -And some Mazes

                    Click image for larger version

Name:	summerbloom.png
Views:	1
Size:	500.3 KB
ID:	6588221


                    • URANIUMPIT for WOTD

                      World name: Uraniumpit
                      GrowID: Joonas
                      Includes both punch and zombie jammer

                      Hey fellow players. I am here to represent you an adventure world called uraniumpit. This world is not a typical adventure/parkour world as it is a mysterious journey to the uranium caves where you work in. In order to complete your job as a miner, you need to go through all the different floors in mineshaft with two choices each floor both equally as challenging. Sadly the parkour part requires you to wear wings and boots so you better gear up before your journey into the caves. Miners work in uraniumpit is hard and it gets harder each floor you go deeper. You can access another floor by collecting the uranium in the mine and bringing it on the ground to the storage room, where you will get a password to another floor. Good luck finishing the world and I'll see you there, either in the mine or winners house.

                      Click image for larger version

Name:	uraniumpit.png
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Size:	421.8 KB
ID:	6588222

                      Thank you people for your time


                      • OLDTECHY
                        Click image for larger version

Name:	oldtechy.png
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Size:	459.1 KB
ID:	6588230

                        Open your eyes, you're above the clouds!
                        With night sky and white that surrounds.
                        Look beyond, can't you see?
                        You're about to lose your sanity.

                        - parkour
                        - utilises adventure items
                        - riddles
                        - music by GLaNCe
                        - I built this world in 2016

                        Click image for larger version

Name:	royalfestival.png
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Size:	667.6 KB
ID:	6588231

                        Step forth into the Kingdom of Love who celebrates the coming of Adoramusas - a breed of jellyfish. These angelic creatures insinuate the love of the people for it is a time to share such joyous traits. But this year it seems fishy, why does this love feel... artificial? Does evil stir beneath this kingdom, and who is responsible?

                        - parkour
                        - riddles
                        - storyline
                        - music
                        - multiple worlds used (ROYALFESTIVAL2 & 3)
                        - world by MadameZ, TK69, LyveWyre and Techy
                        (yes, I know Valentine's is long gone, but I was discombobulated to see that this hadn't won WOTD for when it was applied)

                        Click image for larger version

Name:	pillars.png
Views:	5
Size:	176.5 KB
ID:	6588232

                        Ready yourself in a greek landscape with gods trialling your might. Are you worthy of the Gods' time?

                        - parkour
                        - music (by GLaNCe)
                        - was made in 2016
                        37 World of the Days won.
                        4 World Building Competitions placed in.


                        • ABANDONEDMANUFACTORY

                          Click image for larger version

Name:	abandonedmanufactory.png
Views:	1
Size:	700.6 KB
ID:	6588229
                          This is abandonedmanufactory made by KohverEesti
                          the inspiration for this world came from Pandemic update and also from chernobyl factory accident. You've been sent to a old abondoned factory where there have been found some radioactive at the 3rd floor, you enter the factory and start ur adventure by getting to the second floor to get a hazmat set , so you would be protected from radioactive. After you make it to the chimeny you find radioactive what will be removed and the factory is radioactive free.
                          World contains
                          Pine guardian
                          punch jammer
                          zombie jammer
                          weather machine apocalypse
                          Fire house
                          Its also noob friendly! Anyone can play it, but it will get harder
                          Im a random guy


                          • Callofchimera For wotd

                            World Name : Callofchimera
                            Owner Name: Buywinters

                            World have: Zombie jammer, Pineapple Jammer, Punch Jammer, Weather MAchine, Full Parkour And Adventure More For you Chose your story Decision, And Much More Waiting for you

                            Story : From the creators of Alladin and chimera comes a story so extraordinary that will test you out of curiosity and make you play with real critical thinking not just a parkour the story having a lot of choices it all started when Alladin receiving an unknown threat in his dream later on confronting everyone and the genie that the dream is true but it came from another dimension that is in need of help will our heroes manage to save this universe the chimera is also powerful as the genie.

                            Renderworld:Click image for larger version

Name:	callofchimera.png
Views:	3
Size:	970.5 KB
ID:	6588233


                            • Nominating for WOTD

                              GrowID: FrigidDude
                              WorldName: saviourofsummer

                              Summer is here, but there seems to be a problem. The volcano near your village is starting to erupt. You must seek the Gods help and stop the volcano.

                              -Punch Jammers
                              -Zombie Jammers
                              -Fire House
                              -Weather : Beach Blast

                              Latest render:
                              Click image for larger version

Name:	saviourofsummer.png
Views:	1
Size:	648.6 KB
ID:	6588237


                              • wotd entry


                                world name:basjojungle


                                DESCRIPTION: the world has 6 hidden letters
                                you go through obstacle courses
                                after hard courses, you get to an amazing VIP

                                the world has 2 jammers punch and zombie