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Nominate Your World for WOTD Here! [June - August Cycle]

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    SwitchYard for WOTD!

    World Name : SWITCHYARD
    Owner’s Name : bmirae99
    Credit Board Prepared

    I prepared a kind of unique themed world for you! The Train World!
    I guess this is the first world with trains in GT, and this is my WOTD Attempt.

    Click image for larger version

Name:	C720A5CA-173F-491F-A4DD-0CCDF6306ACE.png
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Size:	237.0 KB
ID:	6585821

    SwitchYard features 6 lanes, each with unique kind of trains.
    Lemme introduce those trains from the bottom.
    First one is called KTX, Korean Express Train in Korail Livery.
    Second one is Freigh Train that comes with Container Box Parkour. It’s also in Korail Livery.
    Third one is Korean Subway. Korail Livery, Again.
    Fourth one is Heavy Freight Train with Custom Freights. It’s in Union Pacific Livery.
    Fifth one is Everyone’s Favorite, Steam Locomotive and Event Cars. It’s the only one that have no actual counterparts. But I’m sure you will like the design.
    Last lane features Maintenance Trains. First one is Switch Tie Tamper. You will have to pass some part of this to find the password. Second one is Unimog with attached part. Last one is comprehensive maintenance train.

    In terms of Entertainment, SwitchYard Features Password game and some minigames.
    Each Lane have each one password. You will have to find 6 passwords to enter the 6th lane. Also, spleef and quiz show are there for you!

    These informations can also be found at the book next to the main gate of the station!

    Thank you for reading the thread. I hope you enjoy the time in trains!
    I’d like to get any kind of advices to improve the world.
    Thank You again, See you in Switchyard!
    IGN - bmirae99
    Guild - 2013(GL)

    Current Progress on WOTD Projects.

    GrowCruise World - WOTD in 2018.03.02!
    SwitchYard World - Done Building


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      THE1CURE For WOTD!

      I present to you my new world THE1CURE. Me and some of my friends have helped each other to built this world! It has a great story and pixel arts!

      World contains:
      -Great and Adventurous Story
      -Moderate Parkour(Contains Adventure items, Steam machines and New Blocks)
      -Pixel arts(Clouds,Cure,Castle)
      -Punch and Zombie Jammer
      -Night Weather machine

      Yiu are the loyal knight to the king. But one day the king had an illness that is uncurable! But lucky for him he can live using the 1cure it is the only cure for his uncurable illness. Now your job is to find the 1cure and return it to king hermit!

      Hope you enjoy my world!

      Click image for larger version

Name:	the1cure.png
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Size:	484.8 KB
ID:	6585823


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        Hello.. I would like to nominate my world MOTIVATI0N for WOTD


        -Zombie Jammer
        -Punch Jammer
        -Fire House
        -Weather machine - Wallpaper
        -Tangram show : "SUCCESS" and "YES YOU CAN"
        -Pixel Arts : A person climbing the ladders / two seperated stairs / Big old arrow - Up
        -The world is about the road successful persons follow
        -Climbing the stairs shows the effort levels and the dark part shows the give up level
        -The world is about MOTIVATION only and there are many quotes during parkour to motivate people , the dark part has the bad things people tell (exp : You can't do it)

        The person climbing the ladders is the only thing copied. Link :

        Click image for larger version

Name:	motivati0n (1).png
Views:	5
Size:	209.5 KB
ID:	6585824

        I hope you like it
        Best Regards


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          Nominate PERY for WOTD

          Grow ID: INSZ
          World: PERY

          Description/story: This world tells story about time travel adventure. So at first you an adventurer, but you were kidnapped by someone who hates you. Then you planned to escape, but there are 30 doors and you should choose the correct one. After you getting out from the building you found a christmas tree, it's so strange because at that time it wasn't a christmas day. So you decided to approach to the tree and found a time machine called PERY.

          World has:
          -Punch and Zombie jammer
          -Weather Machine - Warp Speed
          -Parkour and Maze
          -Adventure Items
          -Christmas tree pixel art

          Last renderworld:
          Click image for larger version

Name:	pery.png
Views:	3
Size:	390.5 KB
ID:	6585825

          I always dreaming sometimes i will get my first WOTD. Really it's my hardwork for 1 year and this time i have to prove that i will. Special thanks for my brother MUDJ for helping me. Hopefully you guys can enjoy playing in my world and appreciate this world. Please don't bully me, i know i'm not really good to build a world, but i believe i have build the best world. THANK YOU FOR YOUR GOOD RESPONSE TO MY WORLD. (I'm sorry about my failed english)



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            Nominating for WOTD

            World name:journeytothecenters
            Desc:about a treasure hunter seeking for treasure in the center of the world.
            Features:P and Z jam, arid weather machine, cave themed parkour, cool story
            Click image for larger version

Name:	journeytothecenters.png
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Size:	444.2 KB
ID:	6585830
            Originally posted by Nekorei
            Hahahah I will neither deny nor confirm but now I believe that Growtopia Community have the best detectives around hahaha
            IGN: MKH1304


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              Click image for larger version

Name:	countryball.png
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Size:	328.4 KB
ID:	6585832

              also a thread where the information is stated
              IGN: MadMewMew

              Discord: Gey phemus#6243
              IG: madmewmew_gt


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                nominating MISSILETOES for wotd

                world name:missiletoes
                Hello,i like to nominate my world for WOTD

                this world has:
                -pixel art
                -a "cool" parkour
                -pz jammer
                -vip zone

                Click image for larger version

Name:	missiletoescredits.jpeg
Views:	1
Size:	331.1 KB
ID:	6585836

                Click image for larger version

Name:	missiletoes-1.jpeg
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Size:	404.2 KB
ID:	6585837
                I Hereby to Declare Felicity as My Waifu
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                  Nominating GrowGuardian for WOTD

                  A world i put alot of hard work on, i featured mods as side charecters.
                  The story is about being a super hero trying to capture a villian who is stealing and hurting people, world is stocked with puzzles

                  GrowID : StarkSpark
                  WorldID : GrowGuardian

                  -Puzzles (alot of them)
                  -Adventure items (also alot)9
                  -Credit board
                  -PZ jammers
                  -(wings/ shoes/ parasoll) not needed

                  Special thanks to nekorei for choosing my first wotd which made my day and inspired me to make more worlds !
                  Also thanks to all the mods for keeping the game safe and fun for everyone <3
                  Hope you like my world ! :3

                  Click image for larger version

Name:	growguardian.png
Views:	6
Size:	564.1 KB
ID:	6585841


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                    My world is about how your Growtopian got lost in a whole bunch of giant records, and has to escape the "evil" musician that is after him for entering his collection of records!

                    World Includes:
                    -Zombie and Punch Jammer
                    -Fun parkour

                    Grow ID: ShadowGraal
                    Click image for larger version

Name:	recordisland.png
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Size:	145.8 KB
ID:	6585846
                    IGN: ShadowGraal
                    Instagram: @ShadowGraalGT
                    Legendary Dragon+Bot Owner
                    Owner of BuyEvilBricks
                    Suggester of the Raccoon Leash


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                      You forgot to change ultra trophy 300 and 2018 trophy to 2018 and 2019 trophy
                      “Some people live more in 20 years than others do in 80. It’s not the time that matters, it’s the person.”
                      — The Doctor
                      “I was born to make mistakes, not to be perfect.”
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                        World Name:FOSSILTURTORIAL
                        Grow ID:XDEATHBOSSX.

                        Your a young man who just adores the great outdoors, adventuring and most of all, caving. One day however, you discovered an old anceint library with very few people reading books. You did'nt really think much about the place. However, you did notice a secret locked passage next to some hidden bookshelves. However you did'nt really think much of this too. You decided to grab a book. When one book got your attention. It was titled "The Massive Cave Of Secrets". On reading the book, one paragraph got you excited. It said that the cave of secrets was rumored to be deep below the same anceimt library he was currently at. At that my friend, is where your story begins.

                        The cave is rumored to have anceint guards and massive tools thousands of times of their actual size. They say this cave containd many secret, tough and epic challages which only the brave and mighty can conquer. Theres also an old rumor of a giant fossil of a creature so magical and long forgotten in that same cave.

                        You must explore, conquer mazes, defeat tough parkours in massive tools, collect adventure items, feed gorrillas unlock secret passageways and even swim in the cave lake of forgotten waters.
                        Can you do it?

                        Click image for larger version

Name:	fossilturtorial.png
Views:	1
Size:	375.5 KB
ID:	6585853

                        This world contains:

                        1)Credits of everything near doors. (even worlds we got inspiration from)
                        2)punch and zombie jammers.
                        3)night weather
                        4)Giant pixel arts of fossil brush, stalactites, rock hammer and fossil with tough parkour within them.
                        6)Usage of all adventure items even the gorilla.
                        7)Cave lakes
                        8)A cool, exciting background music.
                        9)A long underground cave branch.

                        All and all, its a fun world to visit. Be sure to check it out XD.
                        IGN - MineDeath

                        If life were predictable it would cease to be life, and be without flavor .

                        Instagram Link!
                        Discord Link!


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                          My world for Wotd

                          Click image for larger version

Name:	oxygn.png
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Size:	559.6 KB
ID:	6585858

                          -World Has



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                            World: DeceasedChurch

                            Includes: Zombie and Punch jammers, weather machine, Advanced adventure door system, Fun adventure items, Puzzles, Parkour and a quest line [AND GIVES CREDIT BESIDE DOOR]

                            The world is about you, the player who has been cursed by an old cultists, will you be able to free the curse?

                            World: CringeKingdom

                            Includes: Zombie and Punch Jammers, Weather machine, Advanced adventure door system, Cave parkour, Fun story line, secrets to be uncovered [GIVES CREDIT 'N STUFF BESIDE DOOR]

                            This world takes place in an old ruined castle which used to be inhabited by Lord Cringe, you have to tackle the harsh caves and terrain in order to become King and revive the kingdom.

                            World: DeceasedIsland

                            Includes: Zombie and Punch Jammers, Weather Machine, Detailed Story and questline, Parkour, Advanced Adventure System, Puzzles [GIVES CREDIT BESIDE THE DOOR]

                            Your an adventurer, travelling land and sea.. When you suddenly encounter an uncharted island. You decide to investigate and uncover the horrifying story of the chaos caused to the island - will you uncover the mystery on the destruction caused to the island?

                            Certified Balloon Wars pro (3x MVP in 2 wars)
                            ALSO IGN: CringeAF (PC/MOBILE)
                            IGN: MrMine8 (XBOX)

                            discord: WillyWongChoi#5501


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                              I am nominating my world TheFlooding for my first ever WOTD. It has a great theme consisting of being trapped in a sewer and having to find your way out. It's a mix of a maze and a parkour and it's a good mix as it's not the fastest to complete. The parkour can be tricky at times as it uses adventure items and you have to go back and forth throughout the map. The world contains punch and zombie jammers, along with rainy city weather machine.

                              Click image for larger version

Name:	theflooding.png
Views:	2
Size:	373.8 KB
ID:	6585862

                              IGN: Deserted
                              IGN: Contagion


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                                World Nominee for WOTD

                                WEASEL for WOTD!!

                                Click image for larger version

Name:	weasel.png
Views:	3
Size:	638.6 KB
ID:	6585863
                                Screenshot of Storyline
                                Click image for larger version

Name:	Screenshot (56).png
Views:	3
Size:	203.6 KB
ID:	6585864
                                You are a well known and great adventure sent to retrieve a powerful totem called THE WEASELS TOTEM. The CLOUD SPIRIT challenges you to pass their three trails: Nature, Tree, and Sky. No one is more suited for this job than YOU!


                                ~ P and Z Jammer
                                ~ Pixel Art Mixed with Parkour ; )
                                ~ Really hard parkour
                                ~ Awesome story
                                ~ Credits at Beginning
                                ~ My first WOTD Submission!