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Nominate Your World for WOTD Here! [June - August Cycle]

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  • Greece stylish adventureworld GREECESGODS

    World name:GREECESGODS

    - Punch and zombie jammer
    - Weather machine: Stuff
    - Adventure story



    • What was supposed to be a fun nigh with friends turns out to be the worst day of his life.
      Improved it big time!

      Click image for larger version

Name:	naVID.png
Views:	11
Size:	717.3 KB
ID:	6589764

      Summer themed game world!
      Click image for larger version

Name:	summer99.png
Views:	12
Size:	256.5 KB
ID:	6589765

      Part 2 of pizzatimes wotd winner in 2016.
      Crazy pizzarunner with crazy adventures coming his way!

      Click image for larger version

Name:	wotdk.png
Views:	17
Size:	225.7 KB
ID:	6589766]


        This world contains a bit of information about the growtopia! Splicing, locks, and informations such as are not in the world as it is already at the world TUTORIAL. This world states some details about the currency of growtopia, roles, and other common things! Thank you.

        Here's the latest render of the world :
        Click image for larger version

Name:	thegrowtopiabasics.png
Views:	1
Size:	847.5 KB
ID:	6589770

        IGN : Elyxial
        Last edited by Gungnirs; 08-26-2019, 09:48 PM.
        IGN : elyxiaL
        Level : 94

        Goals :
        Just expressing thyself


        • World name : STEVEN
          GrowId : Bear9
          The world has a lot of levels, some of them is easy, some is hard. You can choose the level.tryed to use old blocks, to make atmosphere of 2014!
          World has ;
          P/Z jammers
          Super easy level
          Easy level
          Medium level
          Hard level
          Super hard level
          Weather machine
          Little story
          Vip area
          Adventure puzzles
          Click image for larger version

Name:	steven.png
Views:	1
Size:	1.06 MB
ID:	6589777
          Thank you!


          • I nominate this 4 worlds for wotd!

            I nominate "THELOIDASTORY" for WOTD!

            This world is all about the girl name Loida she's very kind person and happy person. She like climbing on trees but One day he climb on the tree. She slipped on the tree and got accident. Many people help her and pray her because she's in very critical condition.

            Continue in: "THELOIDASTORY"

            Click image for larger version

Name:	theloidastory.png
Views:	8
Size:	235.5 KB
ID:	6589782

            I Nominate 4THEME for WOTD!
            This world is adventure time it has a 4 different theme it will be fun to growtopian's a lot of memories on this world!

            Click image for larger version

Name:	4theme.png
Views:	15
Size:	528.0 KB
ID:	6589783

            I Nominate THEKEPLERPLANET for WOTD!

            This world is all about the planet, Kepler Planet id the new planet but this planet more bigger than Earth so guys! Interesting? Time to travel here with your friends a lot of Adventure, Parkours so this is a great world to be a part of wotd !

            Click image for larger version

Name:	thekeplerplanet.png
Views:	13
Size:	382.5 KB
ID:	6589784

            I nominate BUYSCAMMER for WOTD!

            Note: This world is not a scam or anything in your mind! This world it will gives you a Tip's to avoid scam. This one it help's to all newbie/new player on Growtopia to avoid that scams!

            This world I made the design but I give to my friend to experience the WOTD, Actually all Growtopian's will like this world because some of people forgot the golden rule in Growtopia. Actually it's same as stopdontdrop but I made it realistic and to remember the golden rule! And more fun in this world why? Because it will test you if your answer wrong you will go to the hell but if your answer correct you will go to the heaven.
            #I hope this world will help you to avoid scamming people!
            #Do not Forget the GOLDEN RULE!

            Click image for larger version

Name:	buyscammer.png
Views:	9
Size:	268.3 KB
ID:	6589785


            • Killbots of the Rebellion (KillbotX)

              Click image for larger version

Name:	killbotx.png
Views:	8
Size:	695.4 KB
ID:	6589787

              Story : Humanity has been squeezed to a corner by it's own creation, robots named "Killbot," they're firmly too powerful to go against and they have caught 99.98% of humanity, and have taken custody of them. They're alive and safe fortunately, unfortunately if this continues humanity will lose it's freedom, and will be ruled by Killbots. Remaining humans have fled underground, deep underground-- because Killbots are unaware of that concept. YOU on the otherhand are a human, and for some reason you're NOT underground... due to the inevitable doom on the surface - you must go back underground - do it safely. That's where your journey begins! There are around 5 parts as long as this in the story, I made it rather complex: you explore the laboratory where the creation of Killbots begun, formerly Killbots were named "PX-19." The first PX-19 instantly became aware of it's surroundings, and went berserk-- causing the laboratory along with the developers to collapse. Later it turns out YOU are the scientist who had developed the FIRST PX-19 AKA Killbot, when PX-19 went berserk and the laboratory was struckt, the ceiling collapsed onto you and you were gravely injured-- causing you to lose your memories-- get amnesia. There's far more into the story, I made it exclusive.

              A word from me, the creator (IMPORTANT) : So, this is most definitely NOT the project I've been working on for the past LONG time, oh boy the project I've been working on is going to take months more, it's so complex that it's seriously time and world lock consuming. Unlike GloomyMorning and ElementalCrisis (my previous WOTDs) the difficulty in this one is MANY times easier, this time it's seriously playable for EVERYONE, it's also very fun from what people told me. I took special time to make the parkour gameplay fun, I made the riddles exceptional and unique. So, I think I did a pretty good job on this one! What do you think? Also, I got my last WOTD a really long time ago now, so I hope this does get WOTD this time, since it did take me a really really long time to make.

              The world has many riddles, unique ones, head-scratching ones, memory ones.
              The world has many darn awesome parkours, I don't even know myself how I managed to make them so fun this time, haha.
              Of course it has both the P&Z jammer, but no ghost charm since good lord why is it so expensive...

              It doesn't look that nice on the outside, from the render, but please, believe me, when playing it's way way better. I don't specialize in overall pixel arts or such, but I can make a lot of fascinating gameplays, mechanics INSIDE the world, the design is also very very good when played INSIDE. Give it a chance please! Out of my two WOTDs, I'm most proud of this world gameplay-wise.


              • My WOTD

                WORLD NAME : summerbeachtime
                GROW ID : randomboy200

                My world is a parkour world in a beach I spent all my wls on it please just try to enjoy it


                • My first WOTD?

                  Hello, I’m MrTradah, this is my first attempt at a Click image for larger version

Name:	245EEC1D-E3FB-4D81-9A3A-5CCB2DB89B64.png
Views:	6
Size:	240.2 KB
ID:	6589806
                  RELEASEDAY is a world about the movie ''THE GROWTOPIAN'' which is getting released today! Hurry before the tickets are out and get to the saloon FAST!

                  The World contains:
                  - A story,
                  - Parkour,
                  - Punch and Zombie jammer,
                  - A lot of fun

                  I hope you enjoy it!


                  • I am nominating me(IGN: Jisam) and my friend Dragtan's world for WoTD. It is a story/parkour/pixel art world about his favourite animal, Otters! We have worked on this world for a while together and I think it is finally time to nominate it. It has all the necessary requirements, such as jammers and a board near the door, and also has some extra things to such as a cool weather machine to enhance the mood and a really cute Otter pixel art! The world contains otter facts, an underwater parkour and a quiz at the end. Here is the render world, and I hope people can have a fun time in our world!
                    Click image for larger version

Name:	otters.png
Views:	10
Size:	725.0 KB
ID:	6589812
                    IGN: Jisam
                    Discord: Jisam#9391


                    • Nominating STALKED for WOTD

                      Nominating STALKED for WOTD by Kaito and RangeNight

                      Click image for larger version

Name:	received_893849530950351.jpeg
Views:	11
Size:	222.0 KB
ID:	6589813
                      A demon never hides - therefore lurking in the beneath of the abyss, now bow down you puny little mortals!

                      IGN: Zytran
                      World: ZYTRAN
                      Instagram: @zytran_gt


                      • DRAGONVALENTINE By Draluxes

                        Click image for larger version

Name:	dragonvalentine.png
Views:	30
Size:	468.0 KB
ID:	6589820

                        Synopsis :
                        Looks like someone can't find what is true love. And you, maybe you could help a queen with drago-heart. Start your journey to find a true love and bring to our drago-heart!

                        *1 Cave Slab
                        *Adv. Items and obstacles.

                        In Additional.
                        *Punch and Zombie Jammer,
                        *Thrilling story about valentine that you should to know it,
                        *and last Dragon art belongs to ItzEagleT.

                        THELASTJUDGEMENTS by Draluxes

                        Click image for larger version

Name:	banner thelastjudgemnts wotd.png
Views:	7
Size:	608.1 KB
ID:	6589819

                        Click image for larger version

Name:	thelastjudgements.png
Views:	30
Size:	387.6 KB
ID:	6589818

                        - Previous episode from Prismdimension of Elementforest WOTD, here's the continuous! -

                        Synopsis :
                        Whoosh, the dark hole teleported into red world with strange area. Suddenly, this is an actual arsonist hometown. Which this area has been taken away by his enemies.

                        *) Trickster is working on Tower and cloud part.
                        *) Up, Up and Away Blocks!

                        In Additional.
                        * Song playing : Maplestory - Temple of time
                        * Punch and Zombie Jammer.
                        * Readable story-telling.

                        Bluragon's can go anywhere, if i will on there, don't get surprised.

                        Check out of this video ^^


                        • THEIDOLOFGOLD for WOTD

                          Render of the world:

                          Click image for larger version

Name:	theidolofgold.png
Views:	2
Size:	2.00 MB
ID:	6589824

                          World name: TheIdolOfGold

                          You are in the Jungle of Seth near the Groweia falls. After hearing that in the jungle there is the Temple of Hamumu and it holds The Idol Of Gold, you and your collegues decide to steal the Idol and sell it for a lot of Diamond Locks, but to do that, you need to beat the obstacles and riddles!

                          In-game name: IamWood

                          This world contains:

                          •Link to world that inspired me
                          •Bulletin board with credits.

                          •Little story, where you play the main character
                          •Easy, but fun parkour, so more people can complete it.
                          •Riddles - not too hard, promotes sign reading.
                          •P&Z Jammers, Firehouse.
                          •Recent blocks from ROOTS update.
                          •Usage of paint.
                          •All adventure items, and unique uses for them (rope python, idol pedestal, brazier...)
                          I am proud Hufflepuff, passionate world builder and a chill guy.

                          Before I leave growtopia I want to:

                          • Win 5 WOTD: 3/5
                          • Own a legendary item 0/1


                          • Nominating for WOTD

                            This is my first attempt for WOTD.
                            Click image for larger version

Name:	lostscepter.png
Views:	7
Size:	1.75 MB
ID:	6589850
                            Nominating LOSTSCEPTER for WOTD.
                            Grow ID : ADEFU

                            The world has ;
                            -Fun parkour
                            -Fun Area
                            -New added blocks (bountiful etc.)

                            Features ;
                            -Punch and Zombie Jammers
                            -Weather Machine -Jungle

                            Story :
                            The Sceptre of Dagobert was part of France’s crown jewels. Dating from the 7th century (it was created for King Dagobert for his coronation) and made of solid gold, it was stored in the Basilica of St Denis until 1795, when it disappeared, never to be seen again. It’s believed to have been stolen, and its whereabouts remain a mystery to this day.


                            • PITFALL for WOTD

                              I have out a twist on the game Pitfall from 1982
                              This world took me a couple years to think about what I exactly wanted to do.
                              As an Endless Runner, the levels are the same except for the final Pit.
                              In keeping with the true nature of the game, I have put a challenge timer.
                              Players have 20 minutes (Like Original Game) to complete the challenge.
                              Since the timer is pre-Loaded with prizes, I have set a Wl per completetion.
                              I hope you enjoy this world, as much as I had making it.

                              Punch and Zombie Jammers
                              Ghost Charm
                              VIP Finale room with Clash Themed items
                              Entry room describes the original game!

                              Don’t forget to start timer and have fun!
                              I had to make timer 5 minutes, as 80% of the players were completing in 3:30-4:30 minutes. Sorry for the change, but still a lot of wls to be won!!
                              Check it out !
                              Click image for larger version

Name:	pitfall.png
Views:	1
Size:	1.92 MB
ID:	6589856
                              Last edited by Fuel; 08-27-2019, 04:07 PM.


                              • Click image for larger version

Name:	14-28-48-arcadevillage.png
Views:	3
Size:	730.5 KB
ID:	6589857

                                World Include :
                                • Punch Jammer
                                • Zombie Jammer
                                • Pineapple Guardian
                                • Weather Machine - Snowy Night

                                Special Things :
                                • Parkours
                                • Maze
                                • Pixel Art of Donkey Kong
                                • Pixel Art of Pacman

                                HOPE I WIN 🤗

                                - - - Updated - - -

                                Click image for larger version

Name:	14-28-48-arcadevillage.png
Views:	3
Size:	730.5 KB
ID:	6589858

                                World Include :
                                • Punch Jammer
                                • Zombie Jammer
                                • Pineapple Guardian
                                • Weather Machine - Snowy Night

                                Special Things :
                                • Parkours
                                • Maze
                                • Pixel Art of Donkey Kong
                                • Pixel Art of Pacman