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Nominate Your World for WOTD Here! [June - August Cycle]

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    Wait, what?

    IGN: Tagoo

    I live in the Philippines. Yes, my surname "Tagoo" means hide in the PH .


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      Originally posted by magsss View Post
      Yeah weird.. It's already 9:28 and there's still no WOTD picked for 6/14/19, i feel like the bug is happening again. With the 3 days straight no change wotd on /news. Nekorei, any ideas?

      [Check out my nomination for WOTD called JOURNEYBEYOND, super interesting story. I suggest you guys check it out ]

      Instagram: @vralegt

      Instagram: @vralegt [ ]
      Main World: VRALES
      WOTD's: 1/10


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        Originally posted by magsss View Post
        Why your asking bro?? You know the rules?? SPAMMING YOUR WOTD ENTRY WONT WIN. You kept spamming like every page you have entry on it. You blocked my post bro. I wish you learn from it. Check my entry, name: PIXELFLAPPYBIRD


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          Originally posted by NekoRei View Post
          Hello, Growtopians!

          It’s time to commence the new cycle! So, we're opening a new thread and a new option to submit your WOTD entries!

          What do you get when you win WOTD?
          - An awesome trophy magically appears in your inventory
          - "WOTD Winner" is shown every time someone enters your world
          - Your world is added to the WOTD winner's list in-game: /top
          - 10 Growtokens
          - And above all! RESPECT!

          Cool right?

          But there are regulations to follow to be eligible to win the much coveted WOTD Award!

          • World name
          • Your GrowID (because we can't see them sometimes and just in-case you changed your name. )
          • A quick description of your world
          • Latest Render of the world

          **NEW!** We are now allowing players to submit their entries on INSTAGRAM. Just post your entry with the "Entry Requirements" and include this hashtag:
          • For June entries: #growwotdjun19
          • For July entries: #growwotdjul19
          • For August entries: #growwotdaug19

          RULES (June - August 2019 Cycle)
          • Owners should be the ones nominating their worlds. Nobody else is allowed to submit your entry for you.
          • A Bulletin board next to the white door giving credit to other players who helped with building/funding the world, music creator, worlds they have inspired/copied design from (If it's from the Web please mention that) and any other information should be mentioned. You can also use alternative boards, such as Guestbook.(You can choose to represent this info in a different creative way if you like but it must be near the start area of the world so we can easily see and check them)
          • You must credit pixel art sources and/or music inspiration.
          • At least basic Jammers (Punch and Zombie) must be placed within the world, unless the world does not require having one of them. Note: Promising that the jammers will be placed inside the world if it wins will not be considered.
          • Vend worlds, Storage and Pixel Art only worlds will not be considered.
          • Guild Headquarters (Worlds) are welcome! However, as the world is owned by one person, the prize will only be given to the owner. It's up to the Guild how they will make use of the WOTD prize in case the world wins.

          So you want to win eh?

          - Plus points are given to in-game event theme worlds which explain old and/or new mechanics of the in-game event to help guide new players
          - Plus points are given to worlds with new/creative ideas or unique/original mechanics
          - Plus points are given to worlds using recent items/blocks from recent or current events
          - Plus points are given to worlds placing doors/portals to worlds they have inspired/copied design, music and anything else from.
          - Negative points are given to worlds with doors linking to Vend/Shop worlds or any other worlds that are not related.
          - Owners who have been banned for more than 3 days in the last 6 months WILL NOT be considered.
          **If the punishment has been cancelled before it expires automatically, the ban is not counted and the player/world will still be eligible for the WOTD.

          What are the changes made in this cycle?
          - We added INSTAGRAM as an additional venue to submit WOTD entries, provided the post includes the "Entry Requirements" and the #GROWWOTD hashtag. To make it easier for players to submit entries and to give other players who has no access to the forum to submit theirs too.
          - We will only look at the world owner's punishment/s. We will no longer consider the admins' ban record.
          - We will not consider owners who were banned for more than 3 days in the last 6 months.
          - We are now allowing a world entry to be submitted more than once but with a 3 day gap. (PLEASE DO NOT SPAM)

          Would I be able to nominate my world in the next cycle and have a chance to be chosen as WOTD?
          - Yes, you can nominate your world every cycle but we highly encourage you to try and make improvements in the world rather than just nominating the same world as it is in the next cycle. We also encourage you to create a thread to collect feedback on how to improve your world and we might leave some comments there in some rare cases.

          My world was chosen as a WOTD before the 2018 trophy was launched, am I eligible to get the new trophy?
          - Yes, you are! Simply make sure you have the Ultra Trophy 3000 in your inventory and contact support, we will replace the Ultra Trophy 3000 with the new 2018 version.

          Can I nominate more than one world in the same cycle?
          - Yes, you can! You can nominate as many worlds in the same cycle as you like.

          Why do copied worlds get plus points? Does this mean I can just copy a world and win?
          - Most probably will have nearly ZERO chance of winning a WOTD if you choose to simply copy an old WOTD. The whole point of this rule is simply we don't mind if you end up copying a small part from a previous world (a cool looking tower, house decoration ...etc) as long as you are honest enough to clearly show that in your world (which we also hope that would give credit to the original owner and traffic to his/her world) but that will also mean your world must be different enough!

          Alrighty then! That should explain everything. Now go create your world and start submitting!

          it's said 2018 wotd version its should be 2019

          we're living in 2019 era man!
          ”Put your heart, mind, and soul into even your smallest acts. This is the Secret of Success"




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            Originally posted by AvengeThanos View Post
            Why your asking bro?? You know the rules?? SPAMMING YOUR WOTD ENTRY WONT WIN. You kept spamming like every page you have entry on it. You blocked my post bro. I wish you learn from it. Check my entry, name: PIXELFLAPPYBIRD
            Hey I'm truly sorry If you think I purposely blocked you for my own gain. I don't intentionally spam also. I just post an entry once a day on almost the same time. But after seeing what you guys meant (looking back at the previous page, I DID notice that most of the entry was mine [take note: It's all on different days not on the same day]) I decided not to post for a while hehe I'm sorry I love ya'll
            IGN: Tagoo

            I live in the Philippines. Yes, my surname "Tagoo" means hide in the PH .


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              Nominating PROMISES for WOTD

              PROMISES by Arxan and Kaito

              Click image for larger version

Name:	promises (2).png
Views:	4
Size:	606.1 KB
ID:	6586099

              A handsome prince who is in a relationship for 3 years with the princess of Hasche, willing to share his life with her forever... yet the royal parents of the princess won't allow it to happen unless the handsome prince will bring back the things that the royal parents of the princess seeks.

              Prince: I promise to come back safely and to ask fof your hand once all of these things are settled. I promise to marry you my beautiful princess.

              Princess: I will be waiting for you, fullfill you're promises and we shall be with each others arms soon.

              Items require before starting the adventure
              *Any wings
              *Any item that has a gliding effect (parasol is preferable)

              World Contains
              *Interesting and an Adventurous storyline
              *Punch Jammer, Zombie Jammer, Fire House, Ghost Charm, and Pineapple Guardian
              *Usage of Adventure Items
              *Usage of Steams
              *Password Cracker
              *Winners area
              *Private Links to each sector of the world
              *Extreme Parkour

              Added some changes to rhe world
              *CREDITORY located above right the white door
              *WORLD CREDITORY (links) located in the first tree
              Last edited by TonyChase; 06-15-2019, 09:04 AM.
              A demon never hides - therefore lurking in the beneath of the abyss, now bow down you puny little mortals!

              IGN: Zytran
              World: ZYTRAN
              Instagram: @zytran_gt


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                THECHICKENFACTORY by Johnxx

                World name: THECHICKENFACTORY
                GrowID: Johnxx
                Story: Two of the trolls are captured and abducted by an evil notorious chicken named Teryjaki. Your mission is to find your way into the Chicken Factory and finish all of the obstacles in every stage and save the trolls! You are our only hope!

                Description: This world is an Adventure/Parkour/Story/Pixel Art world which uses almost all of the adventure items such as the rope, torch, golden idol, banana, and pineapple.

                World Contains:
                ~ Zombie Jammer
                ~ Punch Jammer
                ~ Pineapple Guardian

                Good luck to everyone!

                Click image for larger version

Name:	thechickenfactory.png
Views:	4
Size:	798.2 KB
ID:	6586103

                Subscribe to Johnxx!
                Hello there! Johnxx here, the TROLL KING!
                Youtube: Johnxx
                Facebook: Johnxx GT
                Twitter: @johnxxgt
                Instagram: @johnxxgt


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                  Click image for larger version

Name:	easterquest (1).png
Views:	1
Size:	138.2 KB
ID:	6586148
                  GrowID: 1ORXD
                  Description: A Parkour world with a quest and a huge bunny...
                  Story: It's a person, that want to find out of a cave. Then, the same person's bunny is gone so, you are going to jump on it and down.
                  Last Render: 06-17-2019
                  Attached Files
                  Last edited by 1ORXD; 06-16-2019, 02:24 PM. Reason: I Re-rendered my world.


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                    Nominating for WOTD

                    GrowID: KyoshiSilver
                    World Name: LOSTINTRIP

                    Description/Story: It’s summer time! You’re having a trip to the beach and planning to go scuba diving. There’s this one guy you met when you were about to dive, he warned you that there’s something he can’t explain
                    under the ocean. But you didn’t mind him. And dives into the ocean having fun looking at the corals of the sea.

                    As you got further underwater, you saw a shining light and goes towards it. You touched it. You noticed you have went to a place with a lot of a variety of dangerous things. Suddenly you found this mermaid that’s telling you “The only way to go back is to take the challenge, and if you finished the challenge you will be teleported back to your tree house as you fall asleep and wake up as if nothing happened” You’re job is to finish the adventurous parkour while meeting characters along the way, finishing the challenge will earn you prizes (if there is one) at the end (the tree house).

                    Latest Render:
                    Click image for larger version

Name:	1FF448F1-CFDD-4933-91F4-7EAF720ED6C7.png
Views:	1
Size:	528.7 KB
ID:	6586169

                    World contains/features:
                    -Punch Jammer
                    -Zombie Jammer
                    -Beach Blast
                    -4 Levels of Parkour (Not hard or really easy)
                    -Fun Adventure items you need along the way.
                    -Unique story
                    -Pixelated Art
                    -Social Area (The tree house when you’re finished with parkour)
                    -Credits on bulletin board, Story on GuestBook
                    -Characters (mannequins) in different sections to inform you.
                    Last edited by KenX; 06-17-2019, 08:11 PM.


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                      RIDDLEWONDERLAND for wotd

                      RIDDLEWONDERLAND BY Tagoo

                      "You're laying on your bed and as you close your eyes, suddenly.. WHOOOSH! You have been transported into a mystical place where solving riddles are a thing! In order to get back home, you need the help of a local Queen to send you back. But you can't get her to help because she's inside her castle! And to enter her castle, you need to answer a doorman's riddle! And to solve the doorman's riddle, you have to look around for clues! One thing leads to another, will you be able to go home?"

                      The world story is inspired by Alice in Wonderland because ya know, she's trying to get home as same as you!

                      UNIQUE FEATURES:
                      • Story map! Pretty interesting and fun dialogues and characters you will meet along the way!
                      RIDDLES! The main goal of the world is to solve a bunch of riddles to move from one point to another. The riddles are semi difficult (but once you know the answer, it'll be pretty obvious)
                      • This world is designed to be an open world map. You're LITERALLY going to have to look around the world for clues about the riddles you are going to solve.
                      • That one bad ending though (Don't trust the cultist!)

                      This adventure map that I made is short, especially when you familiarize yourself with the riddles. Can possibly be finished in 10-15 mins. Since it has riddles, you can consider this a short-brain teaser kinda world. Here's the world render:

                      Click image for larger version

Name:	riddlewonderland.png
Views:	2
Size:	1.04 MB
ID:	6586132

                      Thank you for viewing! :] *btw it's been 2 days without me submitting an entry so pls don't attack me HAHAHAH
                      Last edited by magsss; 06-16-2019, 06:39 AM.
                      IGN: Tagoo

                      I live in the Philippines. Yes, my surname "Tagoo" means hide in the PH .


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                        Originally posted by magsss View Post
                        NO NEW WORLD OF THE DAY?
                        Apologies, it was my weekend (Friday and Saturday) thus I was not aware that there was no WOTD on those days. I normally select the winners on my weekdays (Sunday to Thursday). Perhaps the person covering the WOTD selection on weekends was busy, probably had no time to select WOTD. Rest assured that we will be selecting a winner today.


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                          IMANIMAL for WOTD?

                          There is an animal kingdom led by King Imanimal. In the past, the first king of the kingdom had moved the treasure key on the top of the pineapple mountain. Then King Imanimal ordered his troops to tell the people that who could find the key would become part of the kingdom.
                          Your mission is to find the key and give it to the king.

                          -Weather machine - Jungle
                          -Punch and Zombie Jammer
                          -Key and pineapple pixel art
                          Click image for larger version

Name:	imanimal.png
Views:	3
Size:	1,003.1 KB
ID:	6586131
                          Thank you


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                            Nomination by ZzGTGAMERzZ

                            Click image for larger version

Name:	missionagent.png
Views:	3
Size:	852.1 KB
ID:	6585937

                            This is my best map yet (my second map )

                            it is an Adventure/Game/Story world about an agent doing missions

                            I did the whole world by myself with abit of help from grimmjr ( he helped critique world)

                            It has tons of Dark easter eggs that leads to a dark realm in the world...
                            I really hope this world gets attention from youtubers as i do not think 1 person can find the ending and deep lore hidden by himself.

                            HOW TO PLAY
                            get 50 exp from playing missions scattered around the world in a town to become the top ranking, super top secret agent
                            Maybe Plus Points?

                            It is original as there is NO SONG and the idea is mine as it is about a secret agent doing missions.
                            It is a pixel world of a town, but missions are inside the buildings
                            It has alot of easter eggs that tells a story within the game
                            It is very easy to play so it is suitable for all growtopians
                            The secrets would be fun for the community to play and solve together as the secrets is very intriguing
                            There is a story plot
                            PZ jammers and rainy city weather machine to depict town

                            - - - Updated - - -

                            Click image for larger version

Name:	glitchedpk.png
Views:	4
Size:	690.7 KB
ID:	6585938

                            GlitchedPK is a Story/adventure Parkour about glitches.
                            Highlights: Original Idea ( i have never seen a parkour about glitches)
                            Doors that leads to other glitched worlds (to represent growtopia world's system.(i feel its a small but nice detail))
                            Cool fighting style ( Yes, we get to fight stuff. It is also a creative idea as i made it up myself)
                            It is a storyline as we play as one of the devs

                            Song used was the Growtopia restart song ( i feel it is the most relateable to glitches in growtopia SPOILER: Growtopia in that world would reboot)
                            The whole world was made by me so the design may be bad...
                            Credits to Fung for helping me make the song

                            Reviews for my world in my world were 90% positive so im quite happy with it


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                              Hello everybody! GROWID : Bear9 , WORLD : beautifultree
                              A HUGE TREE! a lot of different decorations and blocks.
                              Outside you can see 2 butterflies , 2 loving snails , 2 mushrooms , mini wooden houses , a lot of flowers , a beehive with a lot of bees.
                              World has :
                              P/Z jammers
                              Credit board
                              Adventure puzzles
                              VIP area
                              ~ render world ~
                              Click image for larger version

Name:	beautifultree (6).png
Views:	4
Size:	418.6 KB
ID:	6586139
                              Thank you for attention!


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                                Ickycastle for WOTD

                                Click image for larger version

Name:	ickycastle.png
Views:	1
Size:	695.2 KB
ID:	6586140
                                GrowID: IckyMoJo
                                World features:
                                -Pixel(Icy dragon no copy)
                                -Characters:King of spring(Icky) Prince Mojo,Master Bunny,Witch,Aliens,Wizard,IcyMan
                                And solders.