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Nominate Your World for WOTD Here! [June - August Cycle]

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    Renominating POFI (Poacher Over Pierce Ivory)

    This world consist of various information about Rhinoceros.
    and how they become endangered, The world was built to spread awareness regarding
    this lonely creature , We can , We will become Heroes in Different ways .
    Spread the love , Save Rhinos.Click image for larger version

Name:	pofi.png
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ID:	6586142


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      Im nominating my World TempleOfGoblet to a WOTD

      My in game name is: Werdox
      The world's name is: TempleofGoblet

      The story is simple, the place where everything takes place is called Zeegar and after a drastic dragon attack your goal is to retrieve the MAGICAL goblet to then undo the whole attack itself. On the way you will face different types of obstacles such as a lava cave, being inside a mountain and also going through some weird flying spikes. The island is mainly built out of FLOATING island as the gravity on this planet is way different than earths.

      basically the world contains:

      - An interesting story-line
      - A dragon that shoots fire
      - Punch Jammer
      - Zombie Jammer
      - Fire house
      - Arid weather machine
      - Different designs of villagers located on different places
      - Spectate rooms all around the map.
      - Adventure doors and also adventure items to claim to later on enter the doors.
      - Basically different themed levels (Fire cave, Mountain, Caves, a Temple)
      - A sign at the beginning giving credits to the world i got inspired from.

      Click image for larger version

Name:	templeofgoblet.png
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ID:	6586151


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        CybotPrince By CybotParkour

        My Third Thread for WOTD

        Click image for larger version

Name:	03-10-32-cybotprince.png
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Size:	397.0 KB
ID:	6586154

        I got idea to make this world, from world Parkour By ARTEMIS
        You Need 4 Adventure Items To Enter The Final Part.

        World Includes:
        >PZ Jammer
        >Fire Hose
        >Weather Valentine
        >Adventure Items
        >Steam Technology
        >And There is More Than 11 Cybot Technology "Cuz I make This World Before Updated Cybot Tech"

        And I Hope You Guys Will Like This Parkour
        IGN : TokoMom
        level : 61/100+
        WOTD Win :2

        Gt Since 2015 December
        Love Parkour


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          PineapplePen guy mistery parkour.

          Hi, my parkour is bassicaly for pineapplefest. Im late but i didnt now how this works...
          But i did it.

          My world contains:
          •PZ Jammer
          •WeatherMachine Stuff
          •Adventure Story

          I hope youre like it World name is:
          ZAYSUA made by Yolodabswag

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            new rules for the VOTW? or the current rules is already fine?

            Wanna Fight my Phoenix Duo??


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              Originally posted by SparkedEye View Post
              new rules for the VOTW? or the current rules is already fine?
              WOTD? VOTW nominations are in the Community Creations sub-forum...


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                Originally posted by Sparkie View Post
                WOTD? VOTW nominations are in the Community Creations sub-forum...
                I mean , should there be new ones for VOTW submissions too?? I like how this new thread clarified the rules for WOTD submissions. I hope NekoRei do the same for VOTW thread too.

                Wanna Fight my Phoenix Duo??


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                  Nominating for WOTD 😍😍😍

                  Grow ID: uCode
                  World name: CODEAVENGERS

                  You will play as Ant-man in this world and your mission is to become an Avenger! But you need to prove you are worthy to be part of the Avengers by using one of Ant-man's skills! You need to be a professional parkourist and do what every Avenger wants!

                  Here is the world render link sorry I dont know how to put the picture

                  The world has:
                  Punch Jammer
                  Zombie Jammer
                  Weather Background (The Darkness)


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                    *updated* RIDDLEWONDERLAND FOR WOTD

                    RIDDLEWONDERLAND BY Tagoo

                    "You're laying on your bed and as you close your eyes, suddenly.. WHOOOSH! You have been transported into a mystical place where solving riddles are a thing! In order to get back home, you need the help of a local Queen to send you back. But you can't get her to help because she's inside her castle! And to enter her castle, you need to answer a doorman's riddle! And to solve the doorman's riddle, you have to look around for clues! One thing leads to another, will you be able to go home?"

                    The world story is inspired by Alice in Wonderland because ya know, she's trying to get home as same as you!

                    UNIQUE FEATURES:
                    • Story map! Pretty interesting and fun dialogues and characters you will meet along the way!
                    RIDDLES! The main goal of the world is to solve a bunch of riddles to move from one point to another. The riddles are semi difficult (but once you know the answer, it'll be pretty obvious)
                    • This world is designed to be an open world map. You're LITERALLY going to have to look around the world for clues about the riddles you are going to solve.
                    • That one bad ending though (Don't trust the cultist!)

                    This adventure map that I made is short, especially when you familiarize yourself with the riddles. Can possibly be finished in 10-15 mins. Since it has riddles, you can consider this a short-brain teaser kinda world. Here's the world render:

                    Click image for larger version

Name:	riddlewonderland.png
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Size:	592.0 KB
ID:	6586161

                    Thank you for viewing! :]
                    IGN: Tagoo

                    I live in the Philippines. Yes, my surname "Tagoo" means hide in the PH .


                    • Originally posted by SparkedEye View Post
                      new rules for the VOTW? or the current rules is already fine?
                      Yeahp, we will be implementing some new ones for VOTW for sure and will start doing cycles for it as well to make it more organized.

                      Anyway enough off-topic... let's continue sharing WOTD entries here.


                      • Pla

                        Plis nekorei lemme win

                        i begging u
                        you pro

                        plis plia plia plisas

                        World name XPARKOUR
                        Click image for larger version

Name:	XParkour-Final.PNG
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Size:	702.5 KB
ID:	6586164


                        • ESCAPETHEBALL for WOTD.

                          ESCAPETHEBALL by SukaProjek

                          "One day, you visited the Duff Lab. Mr. Duff, the owner of the lab, is also known as the best scientist in the whole country. But, not many people know that Mr. Duff is actually an evil scientist. You walked around the building and saw many crazy things! Such as Zombie Brain, Ball-shaped Cages, and many more! When you were about to leave, Mr. Duff suddenly pulled and tied your arms, then he sticked a syringe that was filled with shrink potion to you! The potion reacts and you shrinked and became small. Then he put you inside the Ball-shaped Cage that you were seeing earlier. The only way to escape is to pass and survive all the traps in each cages."
                          Will you survive or not? Find it out in the world ESCAPETHEBALL.

                          • Original and Interesting Story.
                          • Creative Designs in each stage.
                          • Medium-Hard Parkour.
                          • Winners/VIP Area.
                          • Credits above white door.
                          • Adventure Items such as Angry Gorrila, and others.
                          • PZ Jammers and Weather Machine.
                          and other cool stuff!

                          Click image for larger version

Name:	escapetheball.png
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Size:	719.3 KB
ID:	6586034

                          Thanks for the time, check it out inside the game and feel free to tell me what I need to change or something Goodbye!
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                          IGN : SukaProjek
                          a nub forumer n player
                          follow my ig:@sukaprojek_gt


                          • nomination for wotd by ZzGTGamerzZ

                            GlitchedPK is a Story/adventure Parkour about glitches.
                            Highlights: Original Idea ( i have never seen a parkour about glitches)
                            Doors that leads to other glitched worlds (to represent growtopia world's system.(i feel its a small but nice detail))
                            Cool fighting style ( Yes, we get to fight stuff. It is also a creative idea as i made it up myself)
                            It is a storyline as we play as one of the devs

                            Song used was the Growtopia restart song ( i feel it is the most relateable to glitches in growtopia SPOILER: Growtopia in that world would reboot)
                            The whole world was made by me so the design may be bad...
                            Credits to Fung for helping me make the song

                            Reviews for my world in my world were 90% positive so im quite happy with it
                            This is my best map yet (my second map )

                            Click image for larger version

Name:	glitchedpk.png
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Size:	690.7 KB
ID:	6586168

                            Mission Agent is an Adventure/Game/Story world about an agent doing missions

                            I did the whole world by myself with abit of help from grimmjr ( he helped critique world)

                            It has tons of Dark easter eggs that leads to a dark realm in the world...
                            I really hope this world gets attention from youtubers as i do not think 1 person can find the ending and deep lore hidden by himself.

                            HOW TO PLAY
                            get 50 exp from playing missions scattered around the world in a town to become the top ranking, super top secret agent
                            Maybe Plus Points?

                            It is original as there is NO SONG and the idea is mine as it is about a secret agent doing missions.
                            It is a pixel world of a town, but missions are inside the buildings
                            It has alot of easter eggs that tells a story within the game
                            It is very easy to play so it is suitable for all growtopians
                            The secrets would be fun for the community to play and solve together as the secrets is very intriguing
                            There is a story plot
                            PZ jammers and rainy city weather machine to depict town
                            Attached Files


                            • Nominating GrowGuardian For WOTD by me (StarkSpark)

                              I upgraded the world and added new paths to it, maybe it will get a better chance of winning, the world is an adventure world, about a hero (you) who is trying to capture a villian who is cursing the village

                              Word has :
                              Pineapple Guardian - PZ jammers
                              Adventure items
                              Credit bulletin
                              Newbie friendly
                              And a small village land theme

                              Hope you liked my world, thanks for your hard work !
                              Special thanks to nekorei for giving me hope to make WOTDS

                              GrowID : StarkSpark
                              WorldID : GrowGuardian

                              Render :
                              Click image for larger version

Name:	growguardian.png
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Size:	564.1 KB
ID:	6586172


                              • Summer Cruise.

                                Summer is here, catch some waves at BBOAT!
                                School is out, no worries. Just chillax.

                                Growid: dtode

                                World: BBOAT

                                Click image for larger version

Name:	bboat.png
Views:	2
Size:	250.9 KB
ID:	6586175
                                BIG FAT : MEMER.
                                My profile pic is cute.
                                IGN IS : dtode or krisxox