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    why are you all being nice all of the sudden
    I like my world locks like I like my plural nouns.
    IGN : SimpForJesus


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      Originally posted by SmartWaffle View Post

      first of all remove the rocks

      second of all get a weather machine

      third of all, judging by the render, it is just the same parkour with slight variations every time.

      fourth of all, you're telling us to /rate 5 to forget wl

      fifth of all, there are random trees planted around the world

      sixth of all, song trash

      seventh of all, the prize is probably a complete scam

      eighth of all, wrong subforum buddy
      so harsh but yet so true, way to go daughter.

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      Originally posted by Axzyte

      1) You haven't win it yet, Type "Can I please win WOTD"
      2)Lack of good design such a trash
      3)Rip music nobody likes it
      4)Weather machine how many times to tell you?
      5)Remove the rocks we dont care about your fossils
      6)You wont get fossils cause it's dead
      7)Nobody likes it
      8)Go get a life
      9)Try getting a unique name, God damn it.
      10)Put effort, Even a baby can do it
      11)Most WOTDs have a freaking story
      12)Get hack
      13)Get scammed
      if you're not here to help, please kindly shut up and pop a xanny cus you needa chill dude. your signature says you're tryna get a WOTD too, maybe try getting one yourself before even trying to critique?


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        Originally posted by Mc. Zane View Post
        Can you not? First time seeing someone so immature and toxic. Your 8th point is kinda hypocritical.

        r/iamdepressed and r/iamverycool

        I'm assuming this is why you're attacking him^ to look cool
        No man, Im having a hard time right now...if you look at my, About meh... thread you can see that I am always mad because of anger issues and some personal problems, because I keep problems in myself

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        Originally posted by Maroczy View Post
        This reply caused drama so...
        I mean, criticism is good and all but badmouthing someone is just plain rude. So much so that you even got Odric to check your profile :v


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          Originally posted by MrAugu View Post
          First things first, that is your opinion, no need to be rude with peoples for absolutley no reason. Truth is that the world isn't amazingest entry but with a few fixes it could be better. If you just joined forums to be a jelalous and edgy fker that want to hurt others you can go back from where u come, no need such peoples in here.
          Plus the parkour he built is much more than you could ever do in your life.
          1)My family is corrupt
          2)We lie
          3)I have parkour wurlds in PRIVATE SERVERS

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          Originally posted by Devours View Post
          so harsh but yet so true, way to go daughter.

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          if you're not here to help, please kindly shut up and pop a xanny cus you needa chill dude. your signature says you're tryna get a WOTD too, maybe try getting one yourself before even trying to critique?
          Well, it wasnt a WOTD before a tragedy happened :3


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            Originally posted by ElectroDream View Post
            I'm sorry that a guy decided tell you rude things instead of doing it nicely, surely it's not a nice welcome. I hope you take no offense from that guy.

            Well, to be fair I don't think your world has met the standards yet, but you don't have to rebuild the entire world. I think the circles look pretty nice. This is what I think you can do:
            1. Get rid of the fossil rocks (Which you may have done)
            2. Connect the space circles using space connectors so it looks less empty, or add some kind of variation outside the circles.
            3. Your use of dark blue blocks is weird, if I were you I would mix the blue and dark blue blocks (placing them in a random manner) so that they look more abstract, but the circle shapes remain.
            4. Some of the circles aren't round, but ellipse, perhaps you can change that? You can use MS Paint and make a circle, then zoom it in until you can count the pixels. Or you can google the dimensions of a pixelated circle.
            5. Add background inside the circle. In this case, I recommend Blue Star Wallpaper or Dark Blue Wallpaper.
            6. Story isn't necessary for the world, so if you have no ideas I don't actually recommend you adding them.
            7. Perhaps instead of using the old prize method, you can use that challenge timer that can dispense out prizes? So that people can see what the prizes are before starting. Plus, you can set a timer on the parkour, this way you can make the parkour more challenging.
            8. The random pinball sproingers look weird IMO, add a supporting platform below it?
            9. If you're making a border for the world (Like the straight line in the bottom of the world), be consistent; do it for the entire world.
            10. Add a weather machine? Probably warp?
            11. If you decide to not use space connectors for the circles outside, I recommend getting a background weather and setting it to bubble wraps. it'll be fun jumping around popping bubbles, if you open the outside part of the world.

            I think it has potential if you're willing to work on it. I didn't want to reply to this thread to be honest, but that guy a few replies above me really annoyed me since he barely gave out any constructive criticism. I wish you the best for WOTD!

            PS: You can PM me on the forums if you need more opinions, but I may periodically check this thread as well.
            I already remove the rocks