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Nominate Your World for WOTD Here! [September - November Cycle]

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    World Name: SONLAND
    Grow Name : TeaLand
    My World SONLAND Have amazing adventures to do...

    - Have Punch/Zombie Jammer
    - Have Weather
    - Adventure Items
    - Parkour

    World is about a place where protected from gorillas. Player have to get bananas and feed them to continue the trip...

    Click image for larger version

Name:	sonland.png
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Size:	992.2 KB
ID:	6593101


    • PZINC (WOTD Entry)

      World: PZINC
      Grow Id: FrostySickle
      Growtopians you are invited to be more adventurous and test your limit on this parkour. There are two fruits you need to collect to get more tougher than you are and go beyond the trial to deal with.
      It is an adventure that will make you tougher when you finish it.
      (I cant post picture here thats why its a link I think my cellphone is broken)
      Last edited by FrostySickle; 11-03-2019, 12:03 PM. Reason: I cant add the downloaded picture


      • Click image for larger version

Name:	phemus.png
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Size:	705.0 KB
ID:	6593105
        Forumers Guild: BETA GUILD


        • Hoping to win WOTD

          Click image for larger version

Name:	treasuremap.png
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Size:	913.1 KB
ID:	6593107
          World: TREASUREMAP
          Username: BLUTCH

          You found an ancient treasure map leading back to the day of the Legendary Captain Kidd. It led you to a mysterious island unknown to the map. It is said that all of his great treasures are hidden here! You embark on your journey to success and power!

          I know this isn't Halloween theme but so, there is a chance for everything. I'm hoping to win this WOTD, took me tons of time and effort
          IGN: BLUTCH
          Follow my Instagram: @blutchofficial
          Subscribe my Youtube: BLUTCH Official

          Goals in Growtopia:
          Angel of Mercy's Wings: ✔
          Dr. Title: ✖
          3 WOTDs: 2/3
          Legendary Bot: ✖
          10 BGL: ✖
          1k YT Subs: ✖


          • HalloweenJump

            GrowID: MiLYONERiM
            World Name: HALLOWEENJUMP

            Click image for larger version

Name:	halloweenjump.png
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Size:	913.6 KB
ID:	6593111


            Halloween Monsters are back!
            Crazy, hungry, bloodthirsty monster is ready to eat somone. By the way, I have some bad news... You’re in this nightmare with friendly ghost. You’ve to get to the sheltered room
            [and the Adventure Begins!]


            This World Has:
            • Story
            • Adventure Items
            • Parkour
            • Maze
            • Guardian Pineapple
            • Zombie and Punch Jammer
            • Firehouse


            • Nominating ESCAPINGVAMPIRES

              World: ESCAPINGVAMPIRES
              Grow ID: TopFamous

              This is an adventure world where you start lost in a scary forest. And then try to escape the vampires that are in it, facing various obstacles.

              World features:
              -World Story
              -Punch Jammer
              -Zombie Jammer
              -Night weather
              -5 different themed-levels
              -Nice look in world render

              Last render of the world:

              Click image for larger version

Name:	escapingvampires.png
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Size:	441.5 KB
ID:	6593112


              • Nominating DARETOADVENTURE for WOTD

                Click image for larger version

Name:	daretoadventure (1).png
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Size:	963.5 KB
ID:	6593114

                Our princess had badly sick since 2 weeks ago. The illness unknown what kind of disease is that.
                All of the medicine have been used, but nothing happened. The princess badly sick still, slowly.. dying.
                Our guardians said to drink the holy water inside the Crystal Goblet.
                But, no one dare enough to get the goblet.
                There is an abandoned dark castle that not finished build yet, even a cursed forest that no one can get back if someone enter to. And maybe another abandoned castle?
                Who knows? No one dare enough.

                You may need :
                - Double Jump
                - Slowfall/Glide
                - Night Vision
                To make adventure more easily.

                This world has :
                - Punch Jammer, Zombie Jammer, Firehouse
                - Adventure story line
                - Use some adventure items
                - Not really hard parkour/adventure (tested)
                Everything needs World Lock. But, World Lock is not everything.


                • BONNIESNIGHT

                  Hello, player! It's your first night at Freddy Fazbear's Pizza. Tonight, you'll be guarding our well-known trademark, the animatronics! Does it seem familiar? Have you been here before? We recognize you. Whatever. Goodluck on your first night, player.

                  Play as William Afton, the very owner of the pizzeria who's an amnesiac. It's kinda odd but you are chosen to be the new guard of the place. Weird. It's not the generic "escape the place to win" type but you've been haunted! They'll not follow you, don't worry. Start your night at the observatory deck, a separate room from the Monitoring Room (where the CCTVs are). You notice the place is hot. It's an error in the ventilation system. So you go through vents, and yeah. Old Bonnie is there in the party room, the first kid you've killed. He's the most vengeful of them all. Anyway, you head towards the Monitoring Room through another vent. And you start clearing the rooms to check on issues. Stations, repair room, comfort rooms. You also get to see mini-games. Yes, that's what the world is all about. These mini-games are snippets of what happened in the past. As an amnesiac, you start to remember things with Bonnie's haunting. You see hallucinations and been on dark places. And at the end, you remember where it all began! Have a good time experiencing Bonnie's haunting!

                  Click image for larger version

Name:	bonniesnight.png
Views:	1
Size:	828.0 KB
ID:	6593115

                  General information:
                  -Possible without wings
                  -Pineapple guardian added to avoid ghost jars poppin
                  -Ghosts are removed

                  FIX: Opened up the vent in towards the comfort rooms. The world is now officially open. Just tested it out with another account without access.
                  Last edited by Gungnirs; 11-05-2019, 12:25 PM.
                  IGN : ElyXiAL
                  Level : 93

                  Goals :
                  Just expressing thyself


                  • Click image for larger version

Name:	starphantom.png
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Size:	979.3 KB
ID:	6593117
                    “This place echoes regret of devotees eternally trapped,
                    This Darkness binds us to torment, our minds rapt,
                    Let us be free, accept us with arms to embrace us,
                    We offer our souls - no tricks - but with mindful trust.”
                    - Elegy for the Stars
                    This world includes:
                    • Z & P Jammer
                    • Puzzles & Parkour (moderate)
                    • Two worlds interlinked; STARPHANTOM & STARPHANTOM2
                    • Two musical pieces; "Resting Grounds (Hollow Knight OST)" & "Hallownest Entry (Hollow Knight OST)" by DynPlaysGT
                    • Original story & lore
                    • Unique play-through

                    - Techy
                    37 World of the Days won.
                    4 World Building Competitions placed in.


                    • Casefiles - The Detective Murder Mystery

                      ID: 2ego
                      World: Casefiles


                      Inspirations and references:



                      Plus Points In the most clever way I introduced people some halloween stuff, in the "evidence" room, I introduced halloween stuff as "evidence." I used a lot of gameplay blocks though, so I think people will learn a lot of things about growtopia in general while playing the world (Such as the Howler).
                      Plus Points That is the strongest point of this world; the never-used blocks, backgrounds, mechanics, designs, gameplays, etc, being used here.

                      Click image for larger version

Name:	casefiles.png
Views:	4
Size:	1.01 MB
ID:	6593119

                      To sum up (for the instagram thing):
                      - Great DETECTIVE story
                      - Unique Parkour/mechanics
                      - Great unique designs


                      • World Name: JAPANESEYOKAI
                        Grow ID: Dvours

                        Click image for larger version

Name:	BA8C8A7F-DB10-4706-809B-C164D8501DDC.png
Views:	2
Size:	730.2 KB
ID:	6593120

                        <side note: some items in the render looks completely different from the item in-game, could be a coding error since i used new items. Regal Bannister got replaced with another item when I rendered the world, or else it would've looked a lot better...>

                        Description of World:

                        This is a world about Japanese Folklore, featuring Yokai aka. Monsters, Demons, Ghouls & Mythical Creatures. There are a lot of information based on Yokai, various types of creatures, and also a mini parkour here & there. Lots of facts i'm sure everyone would enjoy reading about. Facts on Yokai are:
                        -History & Appearance of the creatures


                        -P & Z Jammer/ Anti-Gravity Machine/ Spooky Weather/ Fire House
                        -Usage of new Halloween items
                        -Usage of rare and interactive mechanics with the characters.
                        -Usage of rarely used blocks
                        -Vip Room
                        -Facts and creepy stories on Yokai/ Japanese Monsters
                        -Newly made world
                        -Original Song (Spooky Song) by. PHAETHON
                        -Original Design by. Dvours & Acais
                        -Original Idea by. MEGAMILKY
                        -Credits Board


                        • Im presenting the world HALLOWEENCHASE for World of the Day (WotD).

                          The world contains the following:
                          - Basic Jammers (Punch and Zombie Jammers)
                          - Pineapple Guardian
                          - Weather Machine - Spooky
                          - Easy Level Parkour
                          - An engaging storyline
                          - Usage of Halloween-themed blocks
                          - Usage of blocks from the recent Summer Clash
                          - Riddles!
                          - Use of adventure items
                          - Creditory Board
                          - Pixel Art of the Eye of Growganoth
                          - Useful information about halloween
                          - and of course, VIP area for those who are able to beat the world.

                          World Description:

                          The world shows a creative backstory of Growganoth, a mighty growtopian who once saved growtopia. You are going to a halloween party with your friends so better wear your best costumes! Things go well at first but unfortunately, challenges began to unfold and its in your hand to save growtopia from the ferocious monster again.

                          Here is the latest render of the world.
                          Attached Files
                          GrowID: ProdigyDawn
                          IG: @prodigydawn


                          • Jumpey3 for Wotd?

                            World: Jumpey3
                            GrowID: Fayey

                            Click image for larger version

Name:	1572146582552.png
Views:	23
Size:	589.0 KB
ID:	6593123

                            The most difficult parkour puzzles. very annoying. the hardest of the hardest. you can prove it yourself. you have to answer all the riddles. don't miss a single sign because they are very helpful for answering all the puzzles. pay attention around. use wings or parasols to get the best experience and also you can use balloons, bubble gum, and a snowball to make it easier to pass obstacles. Have a nice play. Thanks.

                            -Punch and Zombie Jammers.
                            -Treasure Blast.
                            -Credit Board.
                            -Public Board.
                            -Winner Room.
                            -Adventure Item.

                            Thanks for your support.


                            • WOTD Nomination

                              World Name: Watem
                              GrowID: Thomas207

                              Story: Yesterday, while you were sleeping, a strange old man knocked at the door. He told you a secret and want you to not tell to anyone: While he was fleeing, during the World War ll, he hid his treasure under your house. The treasure is now burried for more than 70 years and only you can find it.

                              World includes:
                              -Punch jammer
                              -Zombie jammer
                              -Credits board
                              -Adventure items
                              -Funny mechanics
                              Click image for larger version

Name:	watem.png
Views:	1
Size:	1.11 MB
ID:	6593124
                              World name: Puzzlevel
                              GrowID: Thomas207

                              You like riddles, puzzles and you like to think? Puzzlevel is made for you! In this world, there are 5 levels. Each level has a specific mechanics. You have to finish the 5 levels to win. Come and have fun in this wonderful world, and above all, don't forget to bring your brain!

                              This world may look easy and simple at the first sight, but it’s really not. Come look by

                              Difficulty: Hard

                              ~Punch and Zombie Jammer
                              ~Ghost Charm
                              ~Weather machine-Stuff
                              ~5 hard levels
                              Click image for larger version

Name:	puzzlevel.png
Views:	1
Size:	836.8 KB
ID:	6593125


                              • World nomination

                                I'm nominating this world to wotd, because it is cool parkour world with different levels, lvl 1 is the easy lvl, lvl 2 medium and the last one is the lava part with hiden portals and some misterious doors!
                                Also for more confortable gaming:
                                world has:
                                Pz jammer
                                fun facts about helloween
                                adventure items
                                misyerious portals
                                Click image for larger version

Name:	cutegrimreaper.png
Views:	2
Size:	1.01 MB
ID:	6593126
                                Ign: iigopro