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Nominate Your World for WOTD Here! [September - November Cycle]

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  • Nominating my world for WOTD


    GrowID: SnowBlizter

    -PZ Jammers
    -Weather Machine Jungle
    -Interesting 2nd person story
    -Easy-medium parkour
    -Summer clash blocks
    -Winner's area

    You embark on another journey to discover unknown lands. Your map lead you to this place and according to some of your researches, it's very dangerous. There is a tower with the ability to transform anything to something. That something remains unknown until you discover the truth. You make your way through these woods to find what you're looking for.

    Click image for larger version

Name:	enchantedwoods.png
Views:	4
Size:	1.45 MB
ID:	6593147
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      Hello guys! I'm here to submit my Halloween world designing contest entree (got 6th place) for WOTD, as it's never too late for some cool spooks

      World Name: DEVILSUMMONING
      GrowID: Zirky

      After reading about Devil Summoning, that's the only thing going on inside your head. You can't help but to take a step further, and attempt summoning the Devil by bringing him four offerings from all corners of the world. No matter the consequences.

      Click image for larger version

Name:	devilsummoning.png
Views:	5
Size:	1.93 MB
ID:	6593148

      World Includes:

      Everyone who worked on this project is credited on a Scroll Bulletin close to spawn.

      I hope you enjoy the world as I did making it!

      Thanks for your time!
      PianoLuigi (prev. known as Zirky), Growtopian from Finland since Summerfest 2014!


      • Click image for larger version

Name:	restlessdead (4).png
Views:	6
Size:	881.1 KB
ID:	6593149

        on this faithful day, the telephone rang, usually it would have been the other way round. When you picked up the call, to your surprise it is Crazy Jim calling you. He mentions that he has a quest for you and that he will be wiring a Treasure map to you, through the phone, of course, like always! You feel a bit suspicious about Crazy Jim calling you but you decide to ignore the feeling. In return for the treasure map, all that he asks of you is to bring him a "Torn and tattered diary beyond the cave". With you being all excited about the quest, you decide to end the call early before Crazy Jim could give his last sentence of warning. All you heard was "Beware of the skele.. ton..." Rushing off, you ignore the foreboding feeling of dread, I'm sure that Crazy Jim's warning is not that important, right?
        IGN :LI0NHEART

        The combo you have all been waiting for.
        I know its beautiful, no need to thank me,you are all welcome.


        • BURNTCASTLE by bear9

          Hey, i nominating my world called BURNTCASTLE .
          A huge burnt castle! So much of fire and halloween items - i built there. The world also has scary story about Moss man and the bully.
          (GrowID : bear9)
          World has :
          P/Z jammers
          Vip area
          Adventure puzzles
          Scary song
          Scary story
          Halloween theme - blocks
          Weather machine
          Credits board
          A lot of adventures
          Pineapple guardian - to people shouldn't use consumables
          Ghost charm - to people shouldn't add ghosts because it makes harder parkour.
          Click image for larger version

Name:	burntcastle.png
Views:	5
Size:	741.5 KB
ID:	6593150
          Thank you, hoping for win.
          And also thanks to NabiKrebs for help.


          • Sodenitor for wotd

            World: Sodenitor
            -Autumn tree which its leave has fallen down because of the bad weather!!
            -Big giant ghost
            -A barn
            -Maze with questions that is about Harvest Festival
            More info about this world:You can have fun playing this world with new features and also you can learn many things about harvest festival. eg, You know the recipe of some item and the some information about harvest festival.About the maze you can test your memory with some fun questions about harvest festival.
            -Story:Prince Icky has got a mission from his ancestors to find a recipe of moon cake to save the world.But then he got freezing poison from the flood in the tree(maybe from his enemy named IcyMoJo).So he needs your help to find the recipe to save the world.Click image for larger version

Name:	sodenitor.png
Views:	1
Size:	559.0 KB
ID:	6593151


            • SONLAND For WOTD?

              World Name: SONLAND
              Grow Name : TeaLand
              My World SONLAND Have amazing adventures to do...

              - Have Punch/Zombie Jammer
              - Have Weather
              - Adventure Items
              - Parkour

              World is about a place where protected from gorillas. Player have to get bananas and feed them to continue the trip...

              Click image for larger version

Name:	sonland.png
Views:	5
Size:	992.2 KB
ID:	6593153


              • Nominating For World Of The Day!

                World: HEAVENINHELL
                GrowID: Cufex

                The story is about a mother trying to make it clear to the child that not everything in life needs to go well for her child who is sad because everything always goes wrong. She explains that every bad thing comes with the good, but we don't always notice it.. we always have both Satan and the angel on shoulder. if Satan does evil then the angel will try to save you from it...whether the child understood what his mother wanted to say him? find out in world.

                - Basic jammers,weather
                - VIP area
                - Pixel art
                - Adventure items
                - Storyline
                - Credits board
                - Surf parkour and basic parkour
                - Easy-medium parkour

                Attached Files


                • TinyTrip for WOTD ! :3

                  an adventure + parkour + puzzle played by a tiny alien (you) in a human world
                  story of you trying to find the cure for your ill father...

                  World Contains :
                  -P-Z jammers
                  -Pineapple guardian
                  -Ghost charm
                  -Beach blast background
                  -Puzzles ( Math / Riddles )
                  -Sun gate + Obelisks
                  -Adventure items
                  -Vip Area
                  -Spectate rooms
                  -Simple pixel art
                  -Public bulletin
                  -Credits bulletin
                  And much more stuff

                  As always thanks for the amazing job on keeping gt clean and fun !
                  hope you like my world :3

                  GrowID : StarkSpark
                  WorldID : TinyTrip

                  Click image for larger version

Name:	tinytrip.png
Views:	3
Size:	596.4 KB
ID:	6593155


                  • Jumpey3 for Wotd?

                    World: Jumpey3
                    GrowID: Fayey

                    Click image for larger version

Name:	1572146582552.png
Views:	23
Size:	589.0 KB
ID:	6593160

                    The most difficult parkour puzzles. very annoying. the hardest of the hardest. you can prove it yourself. you have to answer all the riddles. don't miss a single sign because they are very helpful for answering all the puzzles. pay attention around. use wings or parasols to get the best experience and also you can use balloons, bubble gum, and a snowball to make it easier to pass obstacles. Have a nice play. Thanks.

                    -Punch and Zombie Jammers.
                    -Treasure Blast.
                    -Credit Board.
                    -Public Board.
                    -Winner Room.
                    -Adventure Item.

                    Thanks for your support.


                    • WyneHallows for WOTD

                      I would like to nominate my newly-made world WyneHallows for WOTD.

                      ABOUT WORLD:
                      - With original designs I initially made using paper and pencil (refer to picture 1)
                      - With my own Growtopia version of the music from Touhou entitled "Nightmare Diary"
                      (I offer free copy of other anime music in my world SilicaMusic)
                      - With original story and character I made up for this world


                      Ms. Wyne Hallows is a writer whose favorite topics are ghosts, vampires, and other non-human creatures.
                      She told you one of her stories.

                      In the year 20XX, the fear for the supernaturals is gone.
                      Technology and mankind are able to create alternative food for them so that they will give up harming humans.
                      In the future, vampires and ghosts wander around like normal people do and co-exist with each other.
                      But how long will this harmonious relationship lasts?
                      You, as player, will conclude how the story will end as I provide two choices for you.

                      -punch/zombie jammers, pineaple guardian, firehouse, nothingness weather machine
                      -medium difficulty parkour
                      -song, story and pixel arts
                      -overall good design revolving around single theme

                      *I love anime and I love to draw and it's my trademark
                      I hope you enjoy the render as well as the gameplay inside the world. Do visit and read the full story.

                      WORLD NAME: WyneHallows
                      IGN: SilicaChan
                      Attached Files


                      • WINDSTATION

                        The (highly requested) sequel to CONFUSED, a puzzle map, WINDSTATION follows in its predecessor’s footsteps by providing lots of unique gameplay and interactions.

                        Focused mostly on logic and very slightly on parkour, WINDSTATION is a map with just one requirement - a clever mind. Your goal is to reactivate a power station, preventing the local villagers from suffering due to a lack of power. Think you can do it? Let’s see.

                        Original song (I made)
                        PZ Jammers

                        Click image for larger version

Name:	F2A3F057-D2D4-40DF-9266-5DCDE7167C26.jpeg
Views:	2
Size:	471.9 KB
ID:	6592860


                        I honestly urge you to try it out and then say it’s not good

                        A world really unlike any other. Tournaments is essentially an AI fighting simulator, where you have the option to pick your skill set and make countless moves against your opponents.

                        You can pick from 4 elements to master, and fight your opponents with. If you succeed, you are into the next round, where you have the choice of 2 elements to mix together- a total of 12 unique combinations. Tournaments may not have many opponents, but there are I think 64+ different ways to play. Craving some AI fighting? Hop along to tournaments.

                        Original pixel art (made by MadameZ)
                        PZ jammers
                        Tons of gateways lol

                        Click image for larger version

Name:	2C465AB0-B57F-4219-A139-1746CE81CDB7.jpeg
Views:	2
Size:	417.3 KB
ID:	6592859

                        Want to see some Event related Goals and Daily Quests?
                        Click here!


                        • TheOssuary
                          by (IGN) ZyWick

                          It is the wicked season of the fearsome Growganoth and the wandering lost souls.
                          Unfortunately, you, a coward without a name, have stumbled upon a death-defying quest.

                          Click image for larger version

Name:	theossuary.png
Views:	1
Size:	647.8 KB
ID:	6593165
                          IGN: ZyWick

                          Every Betrayal
                          Every Alliance
                          Every Risk
                          Every Sacrifice
                          Every Oath
                          Every Death

                          is all #ForTheThrone


                          • Nominating ESCAPINGVAMPIRES

                            World: ESCAPINGVAMPIRES
                            Grow ID: TopFamous

                            This is an adventure world where you start lost in a scary forest. And then try to escape the vampires that are in it, facing various obstacles.

                            World features:
                            -World Story
                            -Punch Jammer
                            -Zombie Jammer
                            -Night weather
                            -5 different themed-levels
                            -Nice look in world render

                            Last render of the world:

                            Click image for larger version

Name:	escapingvampires.png
Views:	7
Size:	441.5 KB
ID:	6593173

                            Thanks for bear9 for helping me in building


                            • WOTD Nomination

                              ** I made some modifications**

                              World Name: Watem
                              GrowID: Thomas207

                              Story: Yesterday, while you were sleeping, a strange old man knocked at the door. He told you a secret and want you to not tell to anyone: While he was fleeing, during the World War ll, he hid his treasure under your house. The treasure is now burried for more than 70 years and only you can find it.

                              World includes:
                              ~Punch jammer
                              ~Zombie jammer
                              ~Credits board
                              ~Adventure items
                              ~Funny mechanics
                              ~Vip area

                              Click image for larger version

Name:	DFACD400-40CD-4398-87C6-7171E08D1E61.png
Views:	3
Size:	694.2 KB
ID:	6593175

                              World name: Puzzlevel
                              GrowID: Thomas207

                              You like riddles, puzzles and you like to think? Puzzlevel is made for you! In this world, there are 5 levels. Each level has a specific mechanics. You have to finish the 5 levels to win. Come and have fun in this wonderful world, and above all, don't forget to bring your brain!

                              This world may look easy and simple at the first sight, but it’s really not. Come look by

                              Difficulty: Hard

                              ~Punch and Zombie Jammer
                              ~Ghost Charm
                              ~Weather machine-Stuff
                              ~5 hard levels
                              ~Vip area
                              ~Mystery block pixel art

                              Click image for larger version

Name:	E48345EF-2C3D-4E1C-BFD3-DC5BF8321EAE.png
Views:	5
Size:	837.0 KB
ID:	6593176


                              • "Casefiles" and "TheBerserker"

                                ID: 2ego
                                World: Casefiles


                                Inspirations and references:



                                Plus Points In the most clever way I introduced people some halloween stuff, in the "evidence" room, I introduced halloween stuff as "evidence." I used a lot of gameplay blocks though, so I think people will learn a lot of things about growtopia in general while playing the world (Such as the Howler).
                                Plus Points That is the strongest point of this world; the never-used blocks, backgrounds, mechanics, designs, gameplays, etc, being used here.

                                Click image for larger version

Name:	casefiles.png
Views:	4
Size:	1.01 MB
ID:	6593177

                                To sum up (for the instagram thing):
                                - Great DETECTIVE story
                                - Unique Parkour/mechanics
                                - Great unique designs
                                - VIP!


                                Other one "TheBerserker"
                                Click image for larger version

Name:	theberserker.png
Views:	13
Size:	400.1 KB
ID:	6593178
                                > Has both Punch and Zombie jammer
                                > Firehouse to protect people from fires
                                > Parkours
                                > Riddles
                                > Mazes
                                > Adventure items and gateways
                                > Over a thousand paint buckets in use
                                > Small and big pixel arts
                                > Secrets to explore for players
                                > Gravity Well block great use
                                > Pretty good scary halloween story
                                > Mystery Doors
                                > And more!