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Nominate Your World for WOTD Here! [September - November Cycle]

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  • WOTD?

    I made a parkour world.I hope you like it.
    This world has :
    PZ jammers + firehouse + ghost charm + weather
    7 different types of parkours
    Some adventure items
    "Find the word" system
    Venus Guytrap pixel art
    Credits boardClick image for larger version

Name:	themysteriouscode.png
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Size:	392.8 KB
ID:	6593359



      You woke up today with a funny feeling that something tragic is going to happen. At midday you receive a call from the army telling you that they need you for an emergency. You arrive at their army base and they send you in this mysterious cave.
      “It is your mission to escape this cave and fight the apocalypse, GO NOW.”

      World has:
      -PZ Jammer
      -Jungle weather
      -Different themes of parkour
      -story board
      -credits board
      -medium parkour
      Fun to play

      I enjoyed spending my time building this world. If you like it jump in and try it out and give me feedback about it.
      Attached Files


      • This map includes 2 worlds: THESINISTERCASTLE & THESINISTERCASTLE3
        Click image for larger version

Name:	thesinistercastle.png
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Size:	816.3 KB
ID:	6593364

        The map was inspired by the 2D Game Genre, I tried to implement the 2D Adventure Vibes for the second world. You will be sent into the second world upon finishing the first world.

        • Songs for both worlds transcribed by MusicOfMine
        • Fully jammed worlds
        • 2 worlds to play
        • A Story
        • Parkour

        Song: The Legend of Zelda: BOTW OST - Hyrule Castle (2 Variations)

        IGN: iJumps


        • ID: 2ego
          World: Casefiles


          Inspirations and references:



          Plus Points In the most clever way I introduced people some halloween stuff, in the "evidence" room, I introduced halloween stuff as "evidence." I used a lot of gameplay blocks though, so I think people will learn a lot of things about growtopia in general while playing the world (Such as the Howler).
          Plus Points That is the strongest point of this world; the never-used blocks, backgrounds, mechanics, designs, gameplays, etc, being used here.

          Click image for larger version

Name:	casefiles.png
Views:	9
Size:	594.2 KB
ID:	6593366

          To sum up (for the instagram thing):
          - Great DETECTIVE story
          - Unique Parkour/mechanics
          - Great unique designs
          - VIP!


          Other one "TheBerserker"
          Click image for larger version

Name:	theberserker.png
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Size:	400.1 KB
ID:	6593367
          > Has both Punch and Zombie jammer
          > Firehouse to protect people from fires
          > Parkours
          > Riddles
          > Mazes
          > Adventure items and gateways
          > Over a thousand paint buckets in use
          > Small and big pixel arts
          > Secrets to explore for players
          > Gravity Well block great use
          > Pretty good scary halloween story
          > Mystery Doors
          > And more!


          • THE WICKED FLOWER for WOTD

            Backstory: This world is all about the curse inside the castle and whoever enters it cant return alive unless you can complete the quest

            This world has:
            Usage of adventure Items
            Lots of decorative blocks
            Fun and interesting Storyline
            And many more to explore

            (It looks messy in render but game-wise it is great, trust me.)

            Grow ID: Chaledean
            World: TOWERSVILLE

            Latest render:
            Click image for larger version

Name:	towersville.png
Views:	4
Size:	1.01 MB
ID:	6593368


            • DRAGONSINSOFWRATH By Rimuoi??????

              Growid: RiMuOi
              World: DRAGONSINSOFWRATH

              DRAGONSINSOFWRATH is the name for a devil who destroys a country because he sees a loved one killed by his old colleague and he sets up a group of 7 members of different races and all of his members have committed an unforgivable sin.
              (Lol i dont know is this story or no): confused:

              World has:
              ~ Punch and Zombie Jammer
              ~ Ghost Charm
              ~ Easy Parkour
              ~ a lot of Adventure items
              ~ Weather machine - Jungle
              ~ pass door game
              ~ Winner Room
              ~ Short Story
              Here is the latest rendering:
              Click image for larger version

Name:	dragonsinsofwrath.png
Views:	2
Size:	1.04 MB
ID:	6593369
              Last edited by Rimuoi; 11-18-2019, 05:41 AM.
              IGN: RimUwU i quit anime yes

              Try out mynvm

              good song



              • SANTATROPICA for WOTD

                Grow ID: MegaMilky
                World name: SANTATROPICA

                SANTATROPICA, not all places snow during Christmas, the common notion is that only places that are cold or snowing only celebrate Christmas but that’s just silly because even people in the tropics celebrate Christmas. It doesn’t even snow in CHRISTMAS ISLAND!

                World includes:
                - P & Z Jammers
                - Fire House
                - Antigravity (for an immersive player experience)
                - Weather Machine - Snowy
                - Parkour featuring unique block mechanics + Cybots
                - Mazes
                - Winterfest materials/ Villages & a Santa!
                - Facts on Christmas & more!
                - Credits Board next to the world entrance
                - VIP room with a password door after you finish the world!
                - Cute candy cane pixel art

                Shoutout to my beloved friends who helped me, it would’ve been impossible to bring you guys this experience without the help of:

                Acais & Dvours for the amazing original designs!

                Click image for larger version

Name:	BE9A9DB3-7320-4568-80F9-37F221B5B141.png
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Size:	833.0 KB
ID:	6593370


                • HAUNTEDRUBYS for WOTD

                  [B]HAUNTESRUBYS for “World Of The Day”

                  Growid : Cloirus
                  World name : HAUNTEDRUBYS

                  HAUNTEDRUBYS, is a world filled with adventure, it has an amazing story line, about 4 guys, (one including you) you have to travel all the way through the amazing built world, to steal the legendary Ruby’s, these Ruby’s are worth millions, and that is why you went for them. “It’s gonna be a hard path, but we can succeed!

                  World has :
                  P-Z jammers.
                  Credit board right next to the white door.
                  Different weathers.
                  Amazing mannequin storyline.
                  Not so difficult parkour for newer players.
                  Unique blocks, and not so common blocks.
                  Seven year song. I’m
                  Great builds!

                  Shoutouts to everyone in the world!

                  Attached Files


                  • GrowID: Rovie
                    World: ORBOFWINTERSPIRIT


                    You are a spelunker searching for the Orb of Winter Spirit. Legend has it, it can be found in these very caverns below. Search for it in this happy, wintery parkour!

                    World Contains:

                    Click image for larger version

Name:	orbofwinterspirit.png
Views:	3
Size:	432.5 KB
ID:	6593376
                    IGN: Rovie
                    Discord: rovvvie#4588


                    • Nominating MOUNTAINX8 for WOTD!

                      Click image for larger version

Name:	mountainx8.png
Views:	5
Size:	682.7 KB
ID:	6593377

                      Dear all who are reading this, I have really put in my heart and soul into creating this Winter-themed world and I really hope every single one of you can enjoy the warmth and coziness of my masterpiece. Without further ado, here’s the painstakingly crafted storyline.

                      Hey there, have you ever wonder what happens on the mysterious mountain trails? One village, a society of “wolf people”, vanished in one night. All eyewitnesses claimed that they saw the villagers fleeing in terror before the entire horizon plunged them into pure darkness. Who were the “wolf people” and who or what was behind their sinister and unforgiving end? Find out more in MOUNTAINX8!
                      GrowID: Capriol
                      World has:
                      -snowy themed mountain
                      -adventure style parkour
                      -creative MYSTERY genre storyline
                      -newbie friendly obstacle courses
                      -Punch and Zombie Jammer
                      -pixel art of a beautiful house (log cabin)
                      -original design of an ancient and aesthetically elegant temple
                      -A huge variety of blocks that are related to the upcoming Winterfest (i.e winterfest foliage, snowy rocks)
                      -Warm and pleasant lobby chill out area
                      -Fireplace VIP room at the end
                      -Credits at the guestbook near the white door
                      -Greatly inspired by @Hamumu’s LEGENDARYMOUNTAIN

                      Credits are also given at a guestbook a few blocks away from then entrance of the world so anyone can easily see it.

                      #growwotdnov19 #growtopia

                      Thank you to all and hope I can win WOTD!
                      Instagram: @capriolgt



                      • THEDANGEROUSDESERT for WOTD

                        One day, while you were going to your friend’s house, you suddenly saw a desert that was fenced off. The fence is affixed with the words “DANGEROUS! DO NOT ENTER!”. Because you are curious, you climb the fence and enter the desert area. When you enter the desert, suddenly a piece of paper falls infront of you. This is the contents of the paper:
                        “You’re trapped! You can’t get out of this desert unless you look for a blue portal that can bring you back. But, remember! To find the blue portal is not as easy as you think!”

                        -Punch and Zombie jammer
                        -Weather machine - Arid
                        -Pixel art
                        -Credit board

                        Click image for larger version

Name:	thedangerousdesert.png
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Size:	868.1 KB
ID:	6593379


                        • World : FLYFOREST
                          GrowID : ThoriqYT

                          yoshi is a dino who came to world to look for laser scimitars , which are embedded in the earth ,but there are many bird that guard the scimitar , can you help yoshi?

                          -Basic Jammer Punch/Zombie
                          -Fire House
                          -Weather St. Paddy's Day
                          -Adv Item
                          -Credit Room
                          -Fact About Art/Item
                          -Door To Credited world
                          Click image for larger version

Name:	09-27-14-flyforest.png
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Size:	680.1 KB
ID:	6593381


                          • I've made a few improvements in this world and i hope you guys liked it.

                            This World Has:
                            -Cool pixel art
                            -Lots of riddles
                            -Blocks that can be confusing
                            -Storyline about sakura
                            -Usage of Adventure Items
                            -Medium difficulty parkour
                            -And many more to explore

                            Grow ID: Chaledean
                            World: SAKURAVENTURE

                            Render:Click image for larger version

Name:	sakuraventure.png
Views:	1
Size:	654.3 KB
ID:	6593385


                            • CONNECTEDTOWER by voOny

                              Click image for larger version

Name:	connectedtower.png
Views:	1
Size:	186.2 KB
ID:	6593386

                              Oh no, what will happpen to puzzle iced tower?

                              No doubt, it is one of a kind in growtopia planet.

                              You and your friends try to explore this towers and as you go on you will encounter adventure parkour!

                              World includes:
                              Punch Jammer
                              Zombie Jammer
                              Warp speed- Weather Machine
                              Adventure Parkour

                              Why the world is name as CONNECTEDTOWER?
                              Because there are towers connected to each other, simple as that

                              Thank you for your time reading my post.
                              In-game Name: vooNY

                              Instagram: @voony_gt
                              Discord: voony#2432


                              • THEOLDSITE by crushkrtprml

                                GrowID: crushkrtprml
                                World: THEOLDSITE

                                -Punch/Zombie Jammer
                                -Ghost Charm
                                -Xenonite (Double Jump allowed only)
                                -Nothingness Weather Machine
                                -Wall Climbing with rope!

                                Madeline awakes to find that several mysterious changes have occurred to her surroundings: the flames of the campfire that she lit before she went to sleep have turned green, blue lights are descending from the sky, and the text of the Celeste Memorial is now re-arranging itself at random. Madeline then leaves the Celeste Memorial and starts exploring the surrounding area.
                                Click image for larger version

Name:	theoldsite (6).png
Views:	2
Size:	697.5 KB
ID:	6593387